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wpwrakhmm, OLS is still in trouble :-( https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ottawa-linux-symposium17:19
larscno blinking LEDs, no money17:21
wpwrakso it seems. an OAL (Ottawa Arduino Symposium) would probably drown in money from charitable helpers17:22
larscor the Ottawa Potatosalad Symposium17:26
eintopfdf shows:17:39
eintopfoverflow            1024      1024         0  100% /tmp17:39
apeletelarsc mth: I'm having the following issue while trying to build dma-jz4740.c as a module -> http://paste.debian.net/120085/19:23
apeleteany idea why the dma driver is considered GPL-incompatible here ?19:24
larscno MODULE_LICENSE("GPL")?19:24
apeleteyes there is19:25
larsctry to cherry-pick commit e2f9922ad4526e747f9727a5481979727db56ec619:25
apeletefixes it, thanks19:30
apeletemth larsc: trouble again. loading the module with "insmod /media/system/virt-dma.ko && insmod /media/system/dma-jz4740.ko" reboots the kernel without kgdb kicking in20:17
apeletewas expecting it to panic and let kgdb take over. any idea ?20:17
larscreally bad bug ;)20:20
larscmaybe you lockup some internal bus and the watchdog triggers the reboot20:20
apeletethat's a nice way of saying I'm screwed :)20:31
apeletelarsc: what is the virt-dma module used for anyway ?20:32
mthI have seen total system hangs when accessing the LCD controller too soon after its clock is started21:19
mthmaybe more peripherals have problem when accessed when the clock is off or not running long enough21:19
mth"long enough" for the LCD controller was a very short wait, in fact the bug only occurred if the enable and the write were within the same cache line21:20
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