#qi-hardware IRC log for Friday, 2014-08-29

qi-bot[commit] Alexandre Vicenzi: Added Brazilian Portuguese translation (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/gmenu2x/289d0e700:15
eintopfsumdidum :-)06:35
eintopfdid everybody test a FRAM or MRAM? some non volatile memory? Now I realized - the future is now. :/06:36
larscyesterdays future is now ;)07:26
larscyesterday's future is now ;)07:26
ysionneauthis and V-Nand :)07:29
wpwraklarsc: and we're already living in tomorrow's past :)07:38
pater_mortishello everybody19:22
pater_mortisshould i purchase i7 4790t or xeon e3-1231?19:23
paterMohello can someone give me advice pls? should i purchase i7 4790t or xeon e3 1231? cant find anything on the internet about the haswell T versions...19:34
JPoltergeistCan anyone help me with my laptop heat issue21:24
JPoltergeisti need some advice21:24
pcercueiyou should rename the channel to #qi ...21:38
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