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DocScrutinizer51hehe http://maemo.cloud-7.de/share-service/20140809_011.jpg00:23
DocScrutinizer51cheap tel00:23
whitequarkhm, so, my hairdryer died on me yesterday (poor isolation + heat = catastrophic failure), so now I have some nichrome wire11:02
whitequarkI want to make a heater for etching, but not sure what to use for the aggressive environment11:03
whitequarkso, I put it into a silicone rubber tube and sealed it with silicone13:06
whitequarkmy calculations suggest that at 40° outer temp and 100° inner temp (silicone rubber can surely withstand that), there would be about 300-350W of power transfer per meter of tube13:07
whitequarkwhich should be plenty13:07
wpwrakgrmbl. chromium seems to have learned how to crash the nouveau driver (and take the rest of the system with it). work-around: NoAccel True :-(13:54
wpwraklovely scrolling in xchat now ...13:55
sb0just use the proprietary driver (-:C13:59
sb0and yeah, chromium doesn't play nice with buggy GPUs14:00
whitequarkooo, I just had an idea about exposing resist with film negatives14:19
whitequarkspecifically how to closely press the negatives to the PCB surface14:19
whitequarkmake a vacuum table!14:19
wpwraksb0: with noaccel, chromium is actually pretty good. but all the rest sucks :(14:39
sb0whitequark, what about air bubbles trapped between the pcb and the film?14:58
whitequarksb0: since the film is not sticky--it's just a PET film for laser printer, not the photoresistive one--there will be no bubbles15:02
whitequarkif direct laser imaging fails, that's what I will use15:02
whitequarkthat reminds me, I need some scrap printer15:03
eintopfeveryone wants a atusb18:12
wpwraka few do ... alas, not enough to motivate someone to make a production run, it seems18:33
eintopfmhh. okay.19:17
eintopfwpwrak: now I have more motivation to improve the linux implementation19:18
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