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whitequarkDocScrutinizer51: and I thought you were being pessimistic...11:52
DocScrutinizer51I *am*, alas usually I'm nevertheless right11:54
whitequarke.g. http://edition.cnn.com/2014/08/06/world/europe/russia-ukraine-crisis/11:54
DocScrutinizer51could u tell in lt 20 words what it's about? romaing and not going to check URLs11:55
whitequarkban on food imports from USA, EU, etc11:55
DocScrutinizer51that been obvious11:56
DocScrutinizer51I expect putin to come up with more shit11:56
DocScrutinizer51the shit not even reached level of fan yet11:58
DocScrutinizer51time to pack your suitcase soonish12:02
whitequarkit's unfolding far quicker than I thought12:02
sb0where are you going?12:05
DocScrutinizer51I'm here right now http://maemo.cloud-7.de/share-service/20140807_002.jpg but this place has no jobs and frekkin poor internet12:07
whitequarksb0: me?12:07
whitequarkI've a few offers, most promising are in FR and UK12:08
whitequarkUK is a bitch with visas, so that may sadly fall through...12:08
ysionneauwhich company in FR?12:08
whitequarkUniversity Paris Diderot12:09
ysionneauah :)12:09
ysionneauI guess we will be able to meet then12:09
whitequarkysionneau: I'll be in FR in late Aug12:09
Action: ysionneau lives in Paris12:09
whitequarkvisiting Electrolab12:10
ysionneauah cool12:10
ysionneauI must visit it too12:10
DocScrutinizer51mm? sth everybody must visit?12:10
whitequarkit's a huge hackerspace and I've met with some of the folks at EHSM12:11
whitequarkspecifically someone who is interested in DIY electroplated and 4-layer PCBs :p12:11
ysionneaufor now the site is under construction (and sometimes flooded)12:12
DocScrutinizer51well, might be possible for me to drop by12:12
ysionneaubut it is very promising, the area is very big and they have tons of crazy machines12:12
sb0mmm visas12:12
sb0the hong kong immigration tower is a bar of pure shit12:13
whitequarkyep, I suppose I could visit more often with an UK visa12:13
whitequarksb0: I actually have an option to work in HK (apart from UK) if I accept one of the offers12:13
whitequarkis that worth it?12:13
DocScrutinizer51usually not12:14
DocScrutinizer51usually they pay everybody like chinese12:15
whitequarkno, that will not be the case12:15
sb0well, we could hack on cool stuff then ;)12:16
DocScrutinizer51and HK is a SHIT place to live12:16
sb0DocScrutinizer05, why?12:16
whitequarkyes, interested in it too12:16
DocScrutinizer51I heard you pay a fortune for a locker to sleep in12:17
sb0yeah, rents in the center are expensive... but it seems whitequark has a well paid job offer.12:18
DocScrutinizer51in HK there is one thing the DO NOT HAVE: space12:18
sb0space in HK is still much cheaper than in fucking SF, though12:18
sb0oh yes12:18
whitequarkwow, I heard SF was crazy expensive12:19
whitequarkbut this much?!12:19
DocScrutinizer51maybe I mix it up with some other of those boom towns12:19
DocScrutinizer51where do you sleep in a room of 2m*1m*0.8m?12:20
DocScrutinizer51and pay $$$$ for that12:20
DocScrutinizer51per month12:20
sb0I have a 55m2 flat, about 1500¬/month12:22
sb0so yeah, it's expensive12:22
whitequarkwhoa, okay, no HK12:23
DocScrutinizer51no, that's pretty cheap12:23
DocScrutinizer51I heard reports where you pay twice as much for 2m^312:24
sb0nah, it's not *that* bad. not even SF...12:25
DocScrutinizer51but maybe thet been some other town12:25
sb0other things in HK like food, transport and electronics are surprisingly cheap12:26
DocScrutinizer51shanghai, singapore, dunno12:26
DocScrutinizer51is it HK where they build a 2nd floor all over whole town now?12:27
DocScrutinizer51or shanghai?12:28
sb0whitequark, try bothering your prospective employer accordingly about your salary ;)12:28
sb0most buildings in HK are over 15 stories high. people consider it a waste of land otherwise.12:28
whitequarksb0: well, given same salary, I would rather live in a cheaper place12:29
DocScrutinizer51but in some town they simply build a 2nd flor *over all that* now12:29
whitequarkalso I suspect flights in/out of HK are a pain12:29
sb0DocScrutinizer05, there was the kowloon walled city... but they demolished iot12:29
sb0whitequark, from EU/US, yeah, they hurt12:30
sb0but there are a ton of them12:30
sb0there are lots of short-haul flight to all over Asia, too12:30
DocScrutinizer51some1square km size12:30
DocScrutinizer51you never heard of that flying city?12:32
DocScrutinizer51mad batshit but they really wanna do it12:32
DocScrutinizer51sorry internet too shitty here to google that stuff12:33
DocScrutinizer51it's prolly the most crazy huge constreuction project ever12:34
DocScrutinizer51even the planned 1000m tower gets dwarfed by that madness12:35
DocScrutinizer51damn, either my N900 overheated or it starts acting 'funny'12:47
DocScrutinizer51prolly simple overheating12:50
DocScrutinizer51it shut down out of nowhere12:50
paul_boddieQuiet channel recently?15:23
mthnot really, there was quite some discussion only three hours ago15:25
paul_boddieMaybe the qi-hardware.com IRC archives have stopped.15:28
mththe projects server was replaced, maybe something got lost in the migration15:38
wolfspraulyeah, let's check15:38
mthwhitequark's logs are up-to-date, in any case15:38
wolfspraulI saw qi-bot in the channel, I thought that means the archives work but I didn't verify that15:38
paul_boddieNice to see you back, wolfspraul!15:38
DocScrutinizer51whitequark chanlog works though15:56
paul_boddieAh, they're back on qi-hardware.com now.15:57
wolfspraulwas a problem with a cronjob, let's see whether it's fixed now. thanks for reporting!16:02
kyakwolfspraul: it's really great so see you being more active than usual :)16:42
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