#qi-hardware IRC log for Tuesday, 2014-08-05

whitequarklol this printer: http://hackaday.com/2014/08/05/thp-entry-a-holonomic-drive-3d-printer/11:11
whitequarkit's probably shit as a printer, but the ingenuity is admirable11:11
kyaki didn't get the optical mice part11:30
kyakhow do you get information from optical mice sensor?11:30
kyakis it "freely" available?11:30
whitequarkI suppose by plugging it into a computer11:30
whitequarkan optical mouse sensor is just a very high-performance low-res CCD11:31
whitequarkit wouldn't be hard to drive it11:31
whitequarknow I kinda want to hack one11:31
kyakwithout a pc, how would you know how to drive the mouse and read the information back? Would you have to implement some kind of USB HID driver?11:32
whitequarkjust use the sensor directly11:34
kyakor maybe he wanted to cut off the mouse logic and use the sensor directly.. but then what's need for pc?11:34
whitequarkI think he wants to use a PC11:35
kyakwhat kind of information do you get from that CCD sensor? 11:35
kyakis it some position, or speed, or distance?11:36
whitequarkCCD ~ digital camera11:36
kyakas usual, "already done"..11:38
whitequarkany chance any of you sent me a small package from Germany?16:23
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