#qi-hardware IRC log for Monday, 2014-07-28

wpwrakwolfspraul: thanks ! ;-)05:40
wolfspraulI need to move to a new physical machine though05:40
wolfspraulIt's only stable for minutes now - enough...05:41
wpwrakwolfspraul: btw, /srv/www/downloads.qi-hardware.com seem to fail mounting quite regularly. i wonder if setting it to bg may help05:41
wpwrakoh, so the hw is dying05:41
whitequarkno, only has host-side PCI19:21
whitequarkwell, I'll just hope that either UART debug output gives some hints, or it's something simple like a shared memory buffer19:32
whitequarkactuall, yes, it will be something like that, since PCI-e is more or less system bus extension19:36
whitequarkso invariably, when I look at the BAR on the host, I view some kind of shared memory with the device19:37
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