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qi-bot[commit] Maarten ter Huurne: Revert "Removed support for multi-line text drawing" (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/gmenu2x/d4344c700:47
mthit turns out it was used after all ;)01:06
mthglad I kept to optimized version01:06
wpwrakyou just cheated yourself out of the opportunity of a fresh start to make an even better optimized version :)01:16
Action: Textmode huggles sb0 :307:17
mthwpwrak: as often with gmenu2x, I would prefer to rip the entire subsystem out and replace it, but it's such a time sync that it doesn't happen08:35
mthat least not yet, maybe zear will want to do it; we discussed how to properly make messages fit and hardcoded newlines isn't going to work very well in the presence of user-selectable fonts and translations08:37
zearmth, and resolutions08:41
zeartechnically the only two supported platforms right now are gcw0 and nanonote, both 320x24008:42
zearbut I wouldn't like to hardcode anything to that resolution if possible08:42
kyakdid anyone try gmenu2x with x86 desktop? :)08:45
zearI once tried to make a joystick controlled menu for TV gaming08:46
zearand used gmenu2x for this purpose08:46
kyakwas it bad?08:47
zearnot really, but the games I launched usually wouldn't control the joystick in the menus08:47
zearso I still had to resort to mouse/keyboard08:47
zearso I scrapped the entire idea08:47
zearmth, out of curiosity, I wonder if ScanlinesBlue theme fonts are readable on the nanonote08:48
zearwe were talking about removing the current default theme08:52
zearas it's too big for gcw008:52
zearbut maybe it will be necessary for the nanonote08:52
mthI don't want to remove the default theme, but we could have a different initial theme on the Zero08:53
mth"default" is a bit overloaded in this context: there is the initial theme and there is the fallback theme08:53
mthinitial being what users see if they start their device the first time08:54
zearmth, it's literally called "default" in the theme settings ;)08:54
mthand fallback being the theme that elements are used from which are not redefined in the active theme08:54
mthyes, it's also the name of the theme, so that's 3 different meanings of "default"08:54
larscI think my new favourite excuse is "bitstream is still building", it's just so believable10:33
kyakyou can always say "tests are still running" even if you not into FPGA10:46
wpwrakand you can use it with only the slightest variations for days at a time ;-)10:46
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