#qi-hardware IRC log for Thursday, 2014-07-03

kyakit's alive!07:48
larscis there a stat about the top words used?11:52
larscI guess that is not working11:52
larscquallcomm DMCAed their own github repo https://github.com/qca/qcamain_open_hal_public16:05
ysionneauhumm Qualcomm has its own hosting, not github AFAIK16:06
ysionneauhttps://www.codeaurora.org/projects/all ?16:07
ysionneauwas "qca" something meant to be official ?16:09
ysionneauah ok indeed they took down their own repo16:12
ysionneauit seems it's maintained by someone from qualcomm16:12
ysionneaufunny =)16:12
larscI was told by a reliable source that github.com/qca is indeed qualcomm16:33
sb0"QStuff" ?16:47
larscwhy not?16:55
kyakthey probably just grep'ed the whole Internet for "copyright qualcomm" and sent takedown notices without investigation17:15
wpwrakfor $a (0..255) { for $b (0..255) { for $c (0..255) { for $d (0..255) { `mail -s 'takedown notice' {root,admin,postmaster,contact}@$a.$b.$c.$d <all-your-intertube-belong-to-us.txt`; } } } }17:29
apeletelarsc: are you there ?20:12
DocScrutinizer05wpwrak: ARE belong to us23:56
--- Fri Jul 4 201400:00

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