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apeleteHi there07:45
apeletelarsc: pushed out jz-3.15 last night07:47
apeletethanks for the patch you pointed at, it fixed the issue indeed07:47
apeleteI haven't sent the mmc-dma patches yet: device does not boot when rebased onto 3.16-rc307:49
apelete3.15 is fine, don't know if the regression is in jz4740 musb driver or in the musb core07:50
larscprobably a bit of both07:59
apeletelarsc: it seems you haven't sent this one upstream yet, can I sent it on your behalf in the mmc-dma patchset ?08:04
larscI'll try to send it this week, together with some other things for the jz4740-dma driver08:07
apeleteok, thanks08:28
larscwpwrak: you as the local lowpan export, how does routing work with this, should I be able to set routes to tell the kernel which interface to use for which ip addr?13:00
Luke-Jrlarsc: you know where to acquire lowpan hwH13:41
larscanalog.com ;)13:44
larscpcercuei is fighting with contiki13:47
pcercueifighting, that's the word13:48
whitequarkshould burn it instead and use something written by competent people13:48
pcercueioh, you worked on it? :)13:49
whitequarkI found it and looked at the source in great detail13:50
whitequarkthen I decided that I'm not going to ever touch *that*13:51
astrserguestions for keywords for finding a tiny speaker amp module thing that has features like power saving auto standby when it's not getting a signal and stereo input to mono speaker ?14:49
astror do I use the nano note audio amp circuity buts it's a pain to solder surface mount14:52
astrmy aim is a small loud speaker for my diy pocket handheld computer14:53
wpwraklarsc: the resident expert would actually be eintopf :-) i haven't tried multiple interfaces, but i'd expect anything you can usually do with IPv6 to work.15:25
larscyea, got it working15:26
wpwraklarsc: note however that routing inside the WPAN cloud is below IP and has its own routing protocol15:26
wpwrakwhitequark: and i agree - contiki is not nearly as nice as it may look at first glance15:27
larscI was confused by that you need to specify the interface for link local addresses15:30
larscand can not set up a route for one interface and a link local address15:30
larscipv6 beginner mistake15:30
larsc + a bug in firefox that breaks support for specificing the interface15:31
larscwpwrak: and our adf7242 driver is going upstream soon, lets hope it survives the review ;)15:38
wpwrakwhee ! :)15:56
pcercueidoes it support suspend/resume? :p16:00
wpwrakfirst rule about suspend/resume: you don't talk about suspend/resume :)16:02
kyakhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dcsOf3_rL8 (offtopic)17:10
larscjust a bit17:17
wpwrakvuvuzela ! :)17:26
kyaki liked the part with a chair17:27
wpwrakand at the end, they're going for a beer :)17:27
wpwrakor maybe someone cut out the "snack" scene :)17:28
kyak..and some she-bear!17:28
astrseguestions for power saving amp when not in use? gpio to switch amp on and off or some compments that switch it on when it's getting a single? this is for a diy pocket handheld computer. thanks for all your help23:24
astrsuggestions 23:24
astrspeaker amp23:24
whitequarkDocScrutinizer05: http://www.bbc.com/news/business-2813058123:38
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