#qi-hardware IRC log for Monday, 2014-06-30

larscapelete: should be possible04:32
apeletelarsc: I'm going to cleanup current version (without parallelism) and submit it upstream while I work on performance improvement07:46
apeletelarsc: does that sound reasonable ?07:46
nicksydneyhello :)15:15
eintopfehlo :-)15:28
apeletelarsc: I'm going to rebase jz-3.13 onto v3.15 when I get back from work15:43
apeletecould you tell me which patches have gone upstream and we can drop from qi-kernel when you have some time ?15:43
apelete(some should appear "git obvious", others not)15:43
larscthey will be automatically dropped when you rebase16:02
apeletethis one is automatically dropped indeed:16:14
apelete- pwm: jz4740: Pass device to clk_get16:14
apeletewhile these ones have some conflicts:16:14
apelete- NAND: Add support for subpage reads for NAND_ECC_HW_OOB_FIRST16:14
apelete- RTC: JZ4740: Init the "regulator" register on startup.16:14
apelete- MIPS: JZ4740: SLCD framebufer driver16:14
apelete- drivers/rtc/rtc-jz4740.c: Use managed resources16:14
apelete- ASoC: jz4740: Use the generic dmaengine PCM driver16:14
apelete(only talking about the patches I didn't work on)16:15
zcrcI have a patch for the RTC driver as well (for jz4770 support)16:15
apeletelarsc: I think the ASoC one is upstream, not sure though16:16
larscrtc should also be upstream16:23
larscthey moved all the fb drivers from drivers/video/ to drivers/video/fbdev thats why the slcd driver has a conflict16:40
larscnot sure about the "Init the regulator register on startup" but probably the conflict should be trivial to resolve17:22
apeletelarsc: to sum up, I'm going going to drop PWM + ASoC + "RTC managed resources" patches from qi-kernel19:49
apeleteand resolve conflicts for all the others (already resolved the fb drivers conflict as you said)19:50
apeletelarsc: I'll need the following patch of yours for mmc-dma to work I think:21:11
apeletedma: jz4740: Dequeue descriptor from active list before completing it21:11
apeletecan I send it upstream along with the mmc-dma patch if you haven't already done so ?21:12
apeleteit would be a single patchset: your dma-fx patch + mmc-dma enabling patch21:13
kristianpaulhmm what alternatives  are on the market for the TI CC3000/3100?22:43
nicksydneywpwrak: http://www.anandtech.com/show/8228/inside-the-first-android-wear-devices-lg-g-watch-samsung-gear-live-teardown?sf27964594=122:47
kristianpaulThats huge22:53
wpwrakactually quite small :) and fairly uncrowded23:17
kristianpaulhmm, i bet you wont wear one of those or... 23:19
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