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apeletegood morning07:00
apeletelarsc: deactivated the dma completion callback last night to see if dma transfer fares better07:06
apeletedid some boot time and zcat tests, results look much better -> http://paste.debian.net/106478/07:09
apelete 07:09
apeletelarsc: do you think dma can be tweaked further ?07:11
apeletethinking about struct dma_slave_config values, I'm not sure about .dst_addr_width and .dst_maxburst07:13
larscthe largest the max burst values the better13:23
larscbut they depend on the fifo size of the mmc controller13:23
apeletelarsc: yes, you told me before, but how do you compute .dst_addr_width and .dst_maxburst from the fifo size of the mmc controller ?13:27
larscdest_addr_width sould be 413:33
larscand maxburst is in number of samples13:33
pcercueilarsc: good evening ;)13:44
apeletelarsc: do you mean I should keep .dst_addr_width = DMA_SLAVE_BUSWIDTH_4_BYTES and try a higher value for .dst_maxburst ?13:57
larscDMA_SLAVE_BUSWIDTH_4_BYTES makes no sense for maxburst14:01
apeleteok, so that's what you meant by "maxburst is in number of samples"14:08
apeletelarsc: I guess I'll have to compute a number of samples myself based on the fifo size of the mmc controller then14:09
apeleteI'll take a look at other drivers to see how it's done, and work something out from there14:10
Textmodehow can I check what version of the os I have running on my nanonote?14:13
apeleteTextmode: if you're looking for kernel version then it's 'uname -a'14:16
Textmodeapelete: whats the current one, for comparison? I'm getting #1 PREEMPT Tue Jun 15 17:53:33 CEST 201014:17
Textmode(which i'm guessing isn't the latest)14:17
apeleteTextmode: last known kernel is 3.3.8 -> http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/OpenWrt_Software_Image#Image_2012-07-1114:20
apeleteas you can see there latest actual OS release is Image_2012-10-2414:21
TextmodeHmm, not as bad as I expected. but still.14:21
Textmodeoh well, I guess thats my task for tomorrow.14:22
apeleteI'm running a 3.12 kernel btw, but I built it myself for development purpose14:22
kyakTextmode: there should also be a /etc/VERSION or something14:36
kyakforgot exact name14:36
ysionneauhttp://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.os.netbsd.ports/596 :)16:16
wpwrakhere one can see what to do if your cars starts to go "meow" when in russia. note the safety equipment visible around 04:0020:43
astrwhat sort of leds do smartphone camera flashes use?21:17
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