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TextmodeAm I blind, or does the wite not say how much RAM the NN has?02:50
xiangfuTextmode: 32MB.02:53
Textmodeah, thanks.02:53
nicksydneywpwrak: exciting times http://www.cyberdyne.jp/english/ :)08:29
wpwrakand so it begins ;)08:34
larschm, that name sounds familar08:36
wpwrakeintopf: i'm sure that's what they said, too, before the killing began :)08:50
larscyou mean before the bombs08:52
wpwrakmy predictive memories are hazy ... did they start with bombs or more direct fire ?08:53
larscI think it was atomic bombs launched onto the US or something08:55
eintopfokay... just to be sure myself. We talking about terminator and skynet?08:57
wpwrakooh, right. now i totally recall08:57
eintopfwpwrak: total recall is an another movie08:57
wpwrakare you speaking the truth or it is lies ? :)09:01
eintopftrues lies?09:16
eintopfmhh that remember me09:16
eintopfthe website was moviesascode.net but this site doesn't exist anymore09:22
eintopfit looks like http://www.ufunk.net/en/humour/movies-as-code/09:22
eintopfah :-)09:23
eintopfarchive.org is evil09:28
eintopfthey have fear if google catch some pictures... but nobody is afraid if they are on archive.org09:30
wpwraksomeone should write a differential google anyway. search -> query google in a few countries, when compare the results. point out which ones have been censored in your region.10:02
wpwrakwhoa ! that's a nice Perl error i just got: Bizarre copy of ARRAY in last ...10:37
larscisn't everything in perl bizzare?10:45
wpwrakperl for safer "trips" ;-)11:29
larschm what is (struct foobar){ 1, 2, 3, ... } called again. It's not a anonymous struct12:17
wpwrakcompound literal ?12:22
larscI knew that it was new in C99, but none of the C99 overviews mention it12:26
wpwrakit's a rather nice and long overdue addition12:29
larsclike 15 years overdue ;)12:31
larscits a shame that microsofts C compiler still does not support it12:32
larscit =  C9912:32
pcercuei_yes >.>12:35
nicksydneyi think there are better things to do than reading through text books to 'understand' data structure and algorithm http://www.quora.com/Computer-Science/How-do-I-strengthen-my-knowledge-of-data-structures-and-algorithms ? :)12:41
wpwraki suppose trial and error works, too, if you have the time ... :)12:45
nicksydneynah too long 12:45
nicksydneybetter do soldering :)12:45
larsctrial and error from first principles12:55
ysionneauhttp://www.ieee-security.org/TC/SP2013/papers/4977a191.pdf  < interesting!14:10
ysionneau(bypassing kernel ASLR)14:10
larscalways these leaky abstraction layers14:12
DocScrutinizer05wpwrak: we maybe should start such diff site, could make big money from it20:34
whitequarkgoogle will be after you20:36
wpwrakgreat foes bring great glory :)20:39
larscand quick death20:42
wpwraklife is fleeting but glory is eternal :)20:48
whitequark1) industrial diamonds are $210/kg http://www.aliexpress.com/item/High-quality-synthetic-diamond-crystal/289604138.html20:51
whitequark2) oxygen is like... $1/L20:51
whitequark3) cooking on diamonds... priceless20:52
eintopfgoogle has captchas20:56
eintopfhow is the easiest way to see if my kernel supports kexec (a method which would always work, I don't have a /proc/config.gz...)21:17
wpwrakkexec -u ?21:25
eintopf-sh: kexec: command not found21:38
eintopfthen I need to compile something21:38
eintopfwpwrak: okay I don't need that22:04
eintopfI need to solder something22:04
eintopfi am a really stupid person...22:50
eintopfcutting wrong side of the cable and then soldering22:51
eintopfand I need a solder glasses, my eyes hurts...23:07
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