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kyakhm.. i'm about to try that, but perhaps someone already knows10:29
kyaki have a function with empty body in C. Would it appear in object code?10:29
kyakdoes it depend on optimization options? which options?10:29
kyakif this function is not referenced, is it up the linker maybe to remove this function? And what if it is referenced?10:31
larscif it is externally visible it will not be removed10:39
larscif it is a static function will most likely be removed10:39
larscif you turn off optimization it will still stay, I guess10:39
larscthe linker may or may not remove it10:40
larscif it is for example a shared lib it must not remove it10:40
larscif it is a application it might remove it10:41
larscif it is a static library linked into a application it also might remove it10:41
kyakokay ,thanks for the hints - i will have to experiment with my specific compiler and linker to make sure10:43
kyakthis seems to be called as "cross-module optimization" for linker. "When enabled, unreferenced functions will be removed."10:48
larscaka LTO10:50
kyakthat would be & ?10:51
larscthat's what gcc calls it10:52
wpwrakaah ! someone wrote a forum system that has the concept of heise.de. finally ! https://code.google.com/p/freech/16:21
whitequarkyou could also avoid LTO (it's costly) by using -ffunction-sections in gcc16:23
whitequarkthat's how libc allows for tiny static builds16:23
eintopf`hi :-)16:28
larscwpwrak: I think the heise system is horrible16:57
wpwrakyou prefer those fora that show you pages upon pages with articles ?17:02
wpwrakeverything linear, no branches in threads. or if they exist they're nearly invisible17:02
whitequarkbranches don't work17:03
whitequarkwell, not as traditionally done17:03
wpwrakhave you looked at heise.de ? there the structure is very clear17:08
eintopfhi :-)17:12
eintopfwpwrak: the heise forums contents are...17:12
wpwrakthe content ? naw, there's often good stuff there17:17
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