#qi-hardware IRC log for Tuesday, 2014-06-17

nicksydneyhmm....why everybody is quiet ? is it because of world cup ?08:08
kyakdunno if you've seen it14:59
kyakgood :)15:26
wpwraknicksydney: (BLE) yeah, brings out the true cost of bureaucracy nicely :) what's interesting is that FCC doesn't also cover canada. i didn't know that.17:32
wpwrakkyak: (patents) now it's no longer only us hairy freaks who say patents are bad. this could be very useful :)17:33
larscbut also the short haired freaks?18:07
wpwrakindeed. it's now safe to get a haircut :)18:11
larscso, how much for a root exploit these days?18:30
wpwrakall of a sudden the team of NSA project NUTCRACKER jumps to activity, reviews the logs of the equipment monitoring larsc's every move18:34
larscah, that's why the LED on the webcam started flashing18:39
larscborder control probably takes a bit longet next week18:44
apeletelarsc: ben finally seems to boot just fine with dma enabled in mmc driver -> http://paste.debian.net/105528/20:04
apeleteboot time is unusually long though, 121 seconds to display the gui does not seem normal20:08
enribdhi all20:30
enribdcould someone give me advice about RAM hardware?20:31
whitequarkRAM hardware?20:40
astrram drive?21:01
wpwrakwe all use softram :)   for those who don't know the story: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SoftRAM21:02
astris it possible to get a ramdrive sd card or a tiny laptop HD or smaller size of ramdrive?21:03
astrfor something to put swap on21:03
astrsomething thats more robust21:03
whitequarkwtf is ramdrive?21:07
astrwhitequark: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ram_drive21:31
whitequarkah, this one21:31
apeletelarsc: boot time with mmc dma mode + debug logs = 120s -> http://paste.debian.net/105528/22:36
apeletelarsc: boot time with mmc dma mode = 70s -> http://paste.debian.net/105545/22:36
apeletelarsc boot time with mmc pio mode = 34s -> http://paste.debian.net/105548/22:36
whitequarkwow, pio faster than dma22:37
apeletelarsc: it takes twice as long to boot with dma enabled, shouldn't dma be faster than pio ?22:37
apeletewhitequark: so I'm not the only one to find it strange22:41
wpwrakpio isn't necessarily faster than dma. what it does is that it lets the cpu do other things. e.g., try "zcat file >/dev/null" with PIO vs. DMA.22:42
wpwrakbut the neat factor 2 suggests the possibility for a better  DMA configuration 22:42
apeletethanks wpwrak, maybe I can get better result with a different DMA configuration indeed22:45
apeleteanyway, it can wait until tomorrow, time to go to bed :)22:46
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