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wpwrakneat. designed for russian winters :)00:03
wpwrakso that's your latest version ?00:18
wpwraki like that message "excess flood", too much of too much00:19
whitequarkyes, it's the latest version.00:20
whitequarkit reduces the spills to pretty much a few drops (and even that is rare)00:20
whitequarkit exhibits a strange siphon-like behavior; first it accumulates some volume of water, then dumps it entirely00:20
whitequarkodd, given that nothing in the construction is quite supposed to do so; I think it's due to surface tension in the hydrophobic silicone hose00:21
wpwrakpersonal hydroelectric plant :)00:21
wpwraknow you just have to upgrade it to vodka00:21
whitequarknow I need to compensate for my greater water evacuation abilities with a larger pump and larger input tank00:22
whitequark(vodka) I think people will look at me dirty if I just come in and buy a case of vodka00:22
whitequarkand they will probably beat me up if I tell them *how* I'm going to actually use it00:23
nicksydneyi think we need to have one of this handy - Original Nokia 3310 Unlocked GSM Mobile Phone Refurbished AU $14.37 Delivered Aliexpress - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/14611300:32
whitequarkooooh cool00:32
wpwrakdirty looks ... for vodka ? where are you ? in russian utah ? :)00:32
whitequarkwpwrak: well00:32
whitequarkwell maybe not!00:32
whitequarkbut that just makes it worse00:32
whitequarkalso, I suppose you score some internet points for comparing a country with an USA state while being related to neither00:33
wpwrakthe less you know, the smoother the comparisons :)00:35
Action: rz2k opens up a bag of popcorn for new truecrypt drama00:36
whitequark<3 nokia 331000:36
whitequarkordered, though: Order Processing Time: 37 Days00:37
whitequarkwell, it's better than buying a nearly dead one on russian flea market (I once bought three...)00:37
whitequarkhahahaha, the categories on aliexpress are priceless00:38
whitequark"FEATURE PHONES00:38
whitequarkSINGLE CORE PHONES00:38
whitequarkDUAL CORE PHONES00:38
whitequarkQUAD CORE PHONES00:38
whitequarkI PHONE OS"00:38
rz2kwhitequark: from 3310 page: CPU Manufacturer: Qualcomm00:46
rz2kwat? didnt they use something like egold from infineon? :p00:47
whitequarkrz2k: no clue actually00:47
whitequarkmaybe they used several?00:47
nicksydneyIf I Were 22  https://www.linkedin.com/channels/10000306?trk=prod-inf-ifiwere-0520-cutline01:52
nicksydneytoo late for  me now :) but in case if anyone is still < 22 or 22 > n < 25 :)01:53
nicksydneywpwrak: New Sub-Dollar STM32 F3 Cortex-M4 - http://www.st.com/st-web-ui/active/en/catalog/mmc/FM141/SC1169/SS157611:04
eintopfsub-dollar means the cost are under one dollar?11:07
nicksydneyeintopf: yup...the NUCLEO-F302R8 dev board based on this chip cost $10.33 http://www.digikey.com/product-search/en?WT.z_cid=sp_497_0928_buynow&Enterprise=44&lang=en&Vendor=497&mpart=NUCLEO-F302R811:11
nicksydney'Hardware is the new Software' ... just saying :)12:38
nicksydneywpwrak: this talk suits anelok https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LC64wjODhaM :)12:51
nicksydneyinteresting language http://www.squirrel-lang.org/ .. seems like this company https://electricimp.com/ embedded wifi devices run an OS that uses this languagae13:25
nicksydneywpwrak: need this kind of shade to attract people http://macetech.com/blog/node/127  :)13:30
wpwraknicksydney: looks like a fun thing to wear at a club :)13:33
nicksydneyyeah no talk just watch ... visual speaks power :)13:34
wpwrak(f3) looks nice. so STM have noticed the kinetis competition :)13:34
nicksydneyyeah....but i noticed that the IC itself is still not valid from distributor only the dev kits are available now13:44
wpwrakit's still one size grade below kinetis. e.g., 32-QFN is only up to 64 kB, while freescale do 128 kB. but it's good if they feel a but of competition :)13:49
nicksydneyi believe in the product list they also have 128K 13:55
wpwraknot in 32qfn, as far as i can tell14:16
wpwrakonly in QFP, which is *huge*14:17
wpwrakbut give them time14:17
nicksydneyahh yes not QFN package14:42
nicksydneywpwrak: what you think is this made up of http://www.tinydeal.com/35mm-xiaomi-miclick-quick-button-dustproof-plug-jack-plug-p-129015.html ... that's its able to communicate via audio jack ?14:50
wpwrakmay just short the microphone contacts or such14:56
nicksydneyif i create an algorithm to time the tapping as password 14:59
nicksydneyinteresting hack14:59
DocScrutinizer05whitequark: https://www.flickr.com/photos/macetech/14091064819 awesome!17:00
whitequarkyes, very clever17:02
whitequarkDocScrutinizer05: ssoooo17:11
whitequarkwhat BIN+IBAN do I give to Nik so he forwards donations to Neo900 UG?17:11
DocScrutinizer05whitequark: please see complete info in http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?p=142692917:13
DocScrutinizer05at bootom there's the /donation link with details on account and instructions17:13
DocScrutinizer05please don't miss to instruct GDC to add your email addr to payment details, and please send a mail to UG17:14
wpwrakwhitequark: "I instruct an unconditional transfer to Neo900 UG account" seems to have worked for me17:14
wpwrak(in the "add note" field)17:14
whitequarkwpwrak: that sounds... assertive17:15
DocScrutinizer05dos1 is about to prepare a newsletter special issue to cover all the details17:15
DocScrutinizer05also you might want to read http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?p=1427240 and before17:17
DocScrutinizer05I received 2 such mails so far: http://privatepaste.com/28c69fabef17:18
DocScrutinizer05donor has to send that mail17:18
wpwrakwhitequark: yeah, german-style ;-)17:21
wpwrakhow did it go ... "speak english to your business associated, french to your lover, and german to your dog" :)17:36
whitequarkso at least *some* part of RoHS is useful23:18
wpwrakFlame retardant doesn't only retard flames :)23:32
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