#qi-hardware IRC log for Tuesday, 2014-05-20

nicksydneyvery quiet !11:36
nicksydneynot even a soul showing 11:36
nicksydneywonder what people are doing11:36
nicksydneyping !11:36
wpwrakindeed, eerily quiet11:38
larschaven't you heard?11:38
nicksydneywhat haven't i heard ? someone open sourced Mali ? :)11:38
larscthis channel is bugged11:46
larscyou have to type very quiet11:46
nicksydneyshhhhh....no noise...just tip toe-ing11:48
wpwraknsalogger is everywhere11:48
nicksydneygoogling AT91SAM7 on the image section comes out with LOTS of schematic interesting11:48
nicksydneyseems like it's a very widely used IC11:48
wpwrakperhaps a bit more obso than leet these days ?11:49
nicksydneybut seems very powerful than what are available eh ?11:50
nicksydneycompared to arduino or m0 or m3 or m411:51
wpwrakpowerful ? compared to m4 ?11:56
wpwrakeven a lowly f3 should run circles around it11:57
nicksydneyhow come ? in what way ? thought it the AT91SAM7 is 32 bit and have more power ?11:57
CYB3R_ngAs far as i can remember AT91SAM7 is very old ARM12:00
nicksydneyso in terms of code execution (in layman terms) it is slow compared to the new architecture ?12:02
ysionneaubecause it's an old ARM7 core12:02
wpwrakm0/m3/m4 ... are 32 bit as well :)12:02
ysionneauusing armv3 instruction set12:03
wpwrakit should win the competition against an arduino, though. i mean, what doesn't ? even an abacus should beat it12:04
nicksydney"using armv3 instruction set"....ahhh i've read somewhere if not mistaken the new architecture like Cortex-A5,A8,A9 uses armv7 12:04
nicksydney"even an abacus should beat it" .... now now....:)12:04
ysionneaunicksydney: the thing is not to mix up arm instruction set and the arm core numbering12:06
nicksydneynow this is something that all of us can do with all the PCBs we have lying around http://www.seeedstudio.com/blog/2014/05/20/pcb-death-rebirth/ :)12:06
ysionneauARM7 != armv712:06
ysionneauARM7 is armv3 and it's quite old12:06
nicksydneyysionneau: oh ok12:06
ysionneauCortex A/R/M are armv7(A/R/M) 12:07
ysionneauwhich is much recent12:07
wpwrakalso just in terms of clock speed. a mean, even the rather bottom-end M0+ i use does 48 MHz. e.g., STM32F3 (M3) would be 120 MHz, F4 160 MHz (or maybe a few more, don't remember)12:08
ysionneau(except Cortex-A5x which are armv8a 64bits)12:08
wpwrak#s/a mean/i mean/12:08
ysionneauah sorry ARM7 is armv3 but the AT91SAM7 is using ARM7TDMI which is armv4T12:09
ysionneaubut still it's old and the clock is something like 70 MHz max12:09
nicksydneythe price of Cortex-A5 is expensive compared to A8/A912:11
nicksydneywhere A8/A9 is more powerful than A5 no ?12:12
ysionneaubut A5 is "low power"12:30
ysionneauand I guess it takes less die surface12:30
nicksydneysupposedly they came out with A5 for low power devices compared to A8/A912:31
ysionneauit's the new "low power application processor armv7" for low end "smart phone"12:31
ysionneauthey will try to reach the $25 boundary for smart phones with that12:31
pcercueiI'd love a MIPS chip with those specs12:32
ysionneauMIPS is trying to come in the Android / smartphone run as well12:38
ysionneauthey have a port of Android12:38
ysionneauI think there are a few android devices under MIPS12:38
ysionneauMIPS Warrior series 5 CPUs I think12:39
CYB3R_ngMost of Android based smart-watch use JZ4775, Xburst MIPS12:46
ysionneauah ok I didn't know that Android was already running on old MIPS cores12:46
CYB3R_ngingenic provided android images for all of it's recent socs12:47
nicksydneyysionneau: yes few Android based MIPS phones has been released12:47
CYB3R_ngand few tablets as well12:48
ysionneaunicksydney: do you have the phone names ?12:48
ysionneauI am interested :)12:48
ysionneauCYB3R_ng: cool!12:48
CYB3R_ngextremely cheap: http://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?SearchText=mips+tablet12:49
pcercuei< ysionneau> I am interested :)12:52
pcercueime too, actually12:52
CYB3R_ngSo, related SoCs are: ATM7013, ATM7019, JZ4760, JZ4770, JZ4775, JZ478012:52
pcercueiunfortunately they are far from being able to compete with the latest ARM chips12:52
ysionneaubut very good for low end tablets/phones12:53
ysionneauand if it runs Android, you could port Firefox OS as well12:53
ysionneauThe JIT engine of SpiderMonkey also has a MIPS backend12:53
nicksydneyCYB3R_ng: yeah the ARM based low end chinese tablet and dongle now uses ACTION chip12:55
nicksydneythe problem is they don't release the kernel code for some model if not mistaken12:55
CYB3R_ngbut ingenic does12:55
CYB3R_ngSo JZ47XX are prefered12:56
nicksydneyCYB3R_ng: are they up to date with the Android version ?12:56
CYB3R_ngnot sure, let me check12:56
CYB3R_ngis Android-JB(4.3) actual version?12:57
nicksydneyyup that's the last jelly bean version after than is Kit Kat12:57
pcercueiwe have a 3.12 kernel for jz477012:57
nicksydneypcercuei: have you ever tested the video performance for jz4770 ?12:58
nicksydneywonder how these chip performed for video/audio 12:58
pcercueiI guess they do pretty well, they have dedicated hardware for video decoding12:59
CYB3R_ngIt has Vivante GC860 graphics, so I guess it's very good.12:59
CYB3R_ngAnd vivante driver is opensource, if i'm not mistaken.12:59
ysionneauoh really? nice13:00
nicksydneywill be interesting to use jz4770 for dev board for Android13:00
nicksydneyfor learning purpose13:00
pcercueiCYB3R_ng: but it's not the GPU which does the video decoding13:00
CYB3R_ngpcercuei: really? i thought it should13:01
CYB3R_ngoh, I see13:02
CYB3R_ng> 1080p video decoding unit for H.264, VC-1 and VP8 (a secondary 500 MHz MIPS processor with SIMD extension)13:02
pcercueithe SoC has a second mips core that runs at 500 MHz, with its own memory mapping; it is used to access the hardware decoding blocks13:03
pcercueithere is code for that already: https://github.com/IngenicSemiconductor/XBDEMUX13:03
CYB3R_ngthere should be no problem with video decoding then13:05
pcercueiin theory13:08
pcercueinobody tried that code :)13:08
CYB3R_ngWell, I had hard time trying to start my own jz47 board. I hope, some day I may switch to jz4770 and try.13:11
DocScrutinizer05kyak: hmm? http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=93197&page=714:06
whitequarka wild DocScrutinizer05 appears!14:07
wpwrakand speaks in riddles :)14:14
DocScrutinizer05which riddles?14:17
DocScrutinizer05kyak seems to have claimed no announcement or update since days14:18
wpwrakaah ! that was the connection14:18
DocScrutinizer05I suspected he simply missed the thread14:18
wpwrakhow did the meeting with the tax advisor go ?14:19
DocScrutinizer05it's in 50 min14:20
DocScrutinizer05I'll just ask him how to avoid the mistakes we did with last fundraiser wording14:21
wpwrakah, highlight of the day still ahead :) good luck then, may the clarity be with you !14:21
wpwrakyes :)14:21
DocScrutinizer05promising a fixed defined rebate instantly creates a contract. We need to find better wording14:21
wpwrakapropos ... you once mentioned that the tax guys said it's not possible to make "donations" to a company14:22
DocScrutinizer05yes, only "schenkungen"14:22
DocScrutinizer05"spende" only applies to charity and church14:22
wpwraki wonder if this is true. i poked around a bit and couldn't see any obstacle for donations14:22
DocScrutinizer05it's again a wording wanking in law14:23
wpwrakONLY for donations that also have tax benefits. but if you don't claim such benefits, it ought to be fine14:23
wpwrakalas, it's very common to confuse "donation" with "tax-deductible donation"14:23
DocScrutinizer05well, whatever. There's no such thing like "Spende" - unless tax-deducable14:23
DocScrutinizer05a non tax-deducable spende is a schenkung14:24
wpwrakapparently not. schenkung implies no expectation. spende implies that it's for a certain purpose.14:24
DocScrutinizer05and a schenkung may not get any "payback" or goods or promises in return, or it becomes a contract14:25
wpwrake.g., a donation to Neo900 UG would have the motive of furthering the development of that platform.14:25
DocScrutinizer05whatever, that's a question for my tax adviser14:25
wpwrakyes. that's why i'm bringing this up14:26
DocScrutinizer05whatever it is, we can't promise a rebate for it14:26
wpwraki get the impression that there may be a middle ground between a gift (schenkung, no strings attached) and a contract14:26
wpwrakno, a rebate would go too far14:27
wpwrakbut something alone the lines "we want to design the Neo900 platform and are asking for support" may work14:27
DocScrutinizer05I might be allowed to promise membership in a "club" that offers premium service and discount offers to the members14:27
wpwrakthat's also an option. or a cooperative. etc. there are many ways14:28
DocScrutinizer05cooperative is way too much organizational overhead14:28
DocScrutinizer05and a cooperative would again imply contracts14:29
DocScrutinizer05afk, busy with tax adviser14:29
wpwraka club may have the problem that if can't accumulate revenue, though14:30
wpwrakor, rather: if can accumulate but it can't pay it out14:30
DocScrutinizer05a club isn't a defined term of any kind14:30
wpwrakwell, "verein"14:31
DocScrutinizer05as long as not "eingetragen" a verein doesn't exist14:31
DocScrutinizer05and ADAC is an e.V14:31
DocScrutinizer05I'm not going e.V. for this, too much overhead14:32
wpwrakis a non-e V a juridical person ? if not, you'd have full liability14:32
DocScrutinizer05I'll blatantly go "you'll have to trust me"14:32
wpwrakit's not about anyone trusting you but you trusting everyone else14:33
wpwrakeveryone, including all the trolls of the world14:33
wpwrakwith limited liability your personal belongings (and those of any other members) are safe14:33
DocScrutinizer05we currently got enough funds (when we manage to transfer tem)14:34
DocScrutinizer05and those transfers are to UG, not me14:34
wpwrakand the UG has limited liability ?14:34
DocScrutinizer05and they won't create any new contract or liability14:34
DocScrutinizer05UG *is* limited liability14:35
wpwrakokay, good14:35
wpwrakwell, let's see what your advisor has to say14:35
DocScrutinizer05when I manage to show up there14:36
wpwrakyeah, i'll stop bothering you until you're back ;)14:36
wpwrakah, one more thing: i found this nice comparison chart. from austria but i supposed things should be similar across the border: http://koop.bjb.at/bilder/AnhangRechtsformvergleich.pdf14:38
wpwrak(that's from an organization that tries to promote cooperatives)14:39
kyakDocScrutinizer05: yeah, i definitely missed that one14:40
DocScrutinizer51hmm, tax adviser recommends lawyer15:53
wpwrakhanding over the hot potato :)15:53
wpwrakwhat that all (s)he said ?15:54
DocScrutinizer51basicallyh yes15:55
wpwrakwow :)15:55
wpwrakand, got anyone you can ask ?15:55
DocScrutinizer51I may publish UG account and receive payments15:56
wpwrakthat's already a good step forward15:56
DocScrutinizer51he recxommended a lawyer15:56
wpwrakwith what specialization ?15:57
DocScrutinizer51for any "promises" (aka fineprint) that comes with the UG account webpage, I need a lawyer15:58
DocScrutinizer51dunno specialization of Mr Hoffman15:58
DocScrutinizer51he mentioned "tantieme" and "dividende" but I need to ask the lawyer about details16:02
wpwrakah, he told you where to go. perfect.16:04
wpwrakthe terminology sounds good. do you have a concrete plan for how you want the project to run in the long term, business-wise ? i.e., do you want to operate on crowdfunding alone, possibly seek investors, ... ? also, do you want the "donations" to be considered gifts/donations/some form of contract ? maybe have the option to choose among multiple choices ?16:07
wpwrakthen, what do you plan to create revenue with ? selling things ? selling services ? selling "intellectual property" ?16:08
wpwrakand then, where does the revenue go ? will you have partners, shareholders, or similar ? will you have a big pile of money just in the organization, to be used in there (e.g., for advance the project or to finance similar future activities) ?16:09
DocScrutinizer51no, the plan is to get a production-ready Neo900 from the funds we already have, then open normal order (webshop) site and start MP (with ensurance) from the order payments that come in16:10
wpwrakso revenue will come from "donations" and selling devices16:11
DocScrutinizer51revenue? which revenue?16:11
wpwrakwhat you get from selling devices. unless you plan to sell "at cost" ;-)16:12
DocScrutinizer51nah, I planned for a maybe 10% revenue16:13
wpwrakbtw, just as an aside, also anything "not profit-oriented" doesn't exclude lush compensations for those doing it16:14
wpwrak10% for you at the end of the day ?16:14
DocScrutinizer51UG is subcontracting basically eeverything16:15
wpwrakso no sprawling "joerg industrial park" on google maps anytime soon16:16
DocScrutinizer51depending on how stuff pans out, those might be 3 or even 0 percent in the end16:17
DocScrutinizer51eventually (next month or the one after) I gonna pay myself a monthly "salary"16:18
wpwrakvery good16:18
DocScrutinizer51any revenue coming in at end of project is a bonus16:19
wpwrakdo you plan to share this bonus with anyone ? nik, dos1, maybe others ?16:20
DocScrutinizer51othersw, no. Nik. unclear (though I'd prefer to share with him), Dos yes16:21
wpwrakgood. you may have to have to consider such information when you get things started in earnest. dunno if you have to explicitly declare it somehow/somewhere. but your lawyer will tell you that.16:23
DocScrutinizer51no need to declare anything16:24
DocScrutinizer51this is a UG no AG16:25
wpwrakfrom nik's concerns i get the vibe that it may help to have such things clearly stated. not for shareholders but for tax audits (or their avoidance)16:25
wpwrakdo you know how to do the bookkeeping and such ?16:26
DocScrutinizer51meh, that's my tax adviser's job16:26
wpwrakso you'll see him quite often :)16:26
wpwrakwell, or mail16:27
DocScrutinizer51well, I take all invoices and bills to tax adviser once per month16:27
wpwraksounds reasonable16:27
wpwrakwhen will you meed that lawyer ?16:28
DocScrutinizer51I wouldn't have cosnidered starting Neo900 when it wouldn't sound reasonable. I'm allergic to that stuff16:29
DocScrutinizer51too late today to give him a call16:29
wpwrak(alergic) welcome to the club ;-)16:29
DocScrutinizer51initially the idea been that GDC does the accounting, but we forgot that this  also means full responsibility16:31
wpwrakwhat's the plan for the rights and ownership of the gta04 side of neo900 ? i.e., nik's stuff. as far as i understand it, a lot is basically the same, isn't it ?16:31
DocScrutinizer51well, yes, I dunno yet. Doesn't matter too much16:32
wpwrak(fully responsibility) well, for the accounting. you could still screw up anything else on your own responsibility :)16:32
wpwrak(gta04) not ? will there be so little left of it ?16:33
DocScrutinizer51obviously when UG pays for hw developmewnt then UG holds the rights in the derived work16:33
wpwrakwell, in the "delta". not in the original work that underlies it.16:34
DocScrutinizer51I don't care too much if those are exclusive rights16:34
DocScrutinizer51no, since we can't build devices from delta16:34
wpwrakthat's one part. the other are publishing rights and such16:34
wpwrakstill, without any other agreement, you can only "own" the delta. so you need to discuss this. doens't have to be complex, but you have to have clarity.16:35
DocScrutinizer51delta to what?16:36
DocScrutinizer51UG orders schematics, layout, and even CE et al approval for a device at GDC16:36
DocScrutinizer51meant to get produced and published16:37
DocScrutinizer51GDC can't deliver any 'delta'16:37
wpwrakyou basically have the following rights that should matter: 1) use for production, 2) publication (schematics, layout, EDA files), whole or in part, 3) preventing others from using it (that's the "exclusive" right - to exclude others), 4) grant/transfer/license any of your rights to others16:37
wpwrak(delta) i mean the changes that you make/made to the gta04 design16:38
wpwrakoh, and 5) credits (mentioning of original authorship)16:38
DocScrutinizer51from that pov there's no gta0416:39
wpwrakso it's a complete redesign from reference designs et al. ?16:39
DocScrutinizer51but 1..5 is something that's pretty clear for 1 2 3 and not important for 4 516:39
DocScrutinizer51(redesign) UG doesn't care16:40
wpwrakwell, if it's a new work by the UG, then GDC holds no rights. if neo900 is an enhanced gta04 design, GDC does hold rights.16:41
wpwrakof course GDC can just you have them (well, most of them)16:41
DocScrutinizer51look, GTA04 is a baegleboard redesign16:42
DocScrutinizer51there is no copyright in schematics16:43
DocScrutinizer51there's maybe IP in footprints, and that's sth to get sorted between GDC and UG16:45
wpwraknot sure about schematics. they do have an element of graphical "art", so that may very well protected. the netlist, the distilled technical information, may be a different story, though16:45
wpwrakand yes, anything layout is almost certainly copyrightable16:46
wpwrakand yes, you have to sort that out. just checking that it's on your agenda ;-)16:46
whitequarknot "almost". layout ~ artwork16:46
whitequarkcopyright is funny, it treats schematics like artwork and code like novels16:46
wpwrakwhitequark: with law, there's never any total certainty :)16:47
whitequarkfine :)16:47
wpwrak(novels) you'd see why if you used a language that lets you freely express yourself ;-)16:48
DocScrutinizer51that's the tax approach as well16:48
wpwrak(tax) heh, indeed :)16:48
whitequarkDocScrutinizer51: ... treating code like novels? or never any total certainty?16:48
whitequarkif former, I'm afraid to even ask what unimaginable horror it results in16:48
DocScrutinizer51see the bitvhing of estel about eagle project files. I told him there are GDC assets in layout, but for now we don't care about that detail. Initially I suggested Nik should sell the IP to UG so it could get published. We never finished that discussion16:51
DocScrutinizer51well, sell the right to publish16:52
DocScrutinizer51he will need to sell the right to use anyway16:52
whitequarkwell, the question of layouts is largely academic anyway16:52
DocScrutinizer51otherwise UG can't build devices16:53
whitequarkI mean, layouts being open-source. it's a philosophical point more than a practical one16:53
wpwrakwhitequark: as far as i know, none of this is open in neo90016:53
DocScrutinizer51(academic) not when it comes to publishing the leayout files16:53
whitequarkwpwrak: I know16:53
wpwrakand also things that are open sometimes need enforcing. see gpl-violations.org16:54
whitequarkI mean, we can hardly set up one company to produce the boards. I wouldn't worry about being able to set up another in some unknown future16:54
whitequarksince in five years most of the chips will be EOL anyway16:54
whitequarkor even earlier than chips, those funky connectors DocScrutinizer51 had immense trouble sourcing16:55
DocScrutinizer51it's just for fools like estel and friends who think "it MUST be OPEN"16:55
whitequarkhence "philosophical"16:55
wpwrakconnectors are always fun. but creating a company can also be done to protect assets. e.g., if there was a "galaxy inc.", apple couldn't sue samsung16:56
DocScrutinizer51starts to become a PITA when those suckers accuse you to abuse the term 'open device'16:56
wpwraki wouldn't call a strong desire for openness foolish16:57
whitequarkwpwrak: but Samsung *did* copy Apple's design, right? not sure what you're arguing for16:57
DocScrutinizer51openness of gerber?16:57
whitequark(even if Apple selected a method of enforcing their point of view that couldn't be more evil)16:57
wpwrakDocScrutinizer51: open source, so the design files. gerber is already an output16:58
DocScrutinizer51openness of silicon purification process?16:58
whitequarkthat's probably already open16:58
whitequarkdescribed in academic papers. go and DIY!16:58
DocScrutinizer51layout is trivial, go and DIY16:58
wpwrakwhitequark: what i mean is that, if samsung had set up a company specifically for that product, apple would have a harder time getting gazillions out of this16:59
whitequarkwpwrak: that's really hard to say, apple has a lot of power. they'd apply it in some other way16:59
whitequarkbribe the right guy? (they call it 'lobbying')17:00
wpwrakschematics and layout are useful when you want to add things, when you want to fix things, when you want to learn how to do things, when you want to make new devices when joerg retires to some pacific island, and so on17:00
DocScrutinizer51ok, afk, since too OT for my tiny screen and kbd17:00
whitequarkI thought schematics would be accessible?17:01
whitequark(although "accessible" may not always mean "can be reused in a successor device"17:01
DocScrutinizer51schematics yes, component placement yes. Layout? NO17:01
wpwrakDocScrutinizer51: i'll nag you more about this later, when things are calmer ;-)17:01
wpwrakwhitequark: (bribe) perhaps. but they'd have to spend a fair bit of time on that first obstacle. win a first lawsuit to let them draw samsung into it, then go through the appeals and revision process, and only then, years layer, they could proceed to the actual case17:03
whitequarkI think it went on for some years either way17:03
wpwrakerr, years laTer17:03
DocScrutinizer51anyway Neo900 never promised to be free hw project, we promised to provide an open device17:03
wpwrakyes, but you could easily double that17:03
whitequarkand even then, samsung updates their lineage so fast, any past decisions quickly get outdated17:03
DocScrutinizer51and we clearly specified what we will provide17:04
DocScrutinizer51I'm not going to defend the not-yet decision about publishing layout of Neo900 against a sucker who calls me names17:05
DocScrutinizer51"not arduino style? no layout? forget it!"  ok, piss off sucker17:06
wpwrakDocScrutinizer51: you know that it's a bad idea to go shopping when you're hungry, because you'll buy a lot more than you need. given that the human mind works like this, now isn't the best time to discuss proper openness.17:06
DocScrutinizer51tell that estel17:07
wpwrakand yes, WHERE ARE THE CONNECTORS FOR MY A-R-D-U-I-N-O SHIELDS ? 5 V !?17:07
wpwrakalso estel may calm down :)17:07
DocScrutinizer51even my promise to consider that later was no good for him17:08
wpwrakin that line of work it helps to grow a reasonably thick skin :)17:08
DocScrutinizer51in that context it helps to kick17:09
whitequark... physically17:09
wpwraktoo much effort17:09
DocScrutinizer51you don't want suckers like him badmouthing you and the project17:09
DocScrutinizer51because you didn't explain to him already what IS layout and why he doesn't need it17:11
DocScrutinizer51"dunno whats gerber files but you disclose them or you're rogue"17:11
wpwraki'd be interested in the layout. well, in a form i can read. eagle wouldn't do me much good.17:12
DocScrutinizer51and you can get all 8 layers as pdf any time17:12
wpwrakpublishing all the stuff also enables you to get external reviews17:13
DocScrutinizer51but NOOOOO, estel insists in eagle .brd17:13
wpwrakwell, .brd is the most complete form. so that makes sense, if he's able to process it. but then, even if he isn't, someone else could produce the kind of extracts he'd find useful. (that is, if he's really interested ... i'm always a bit suspicious of the types who mention FSF approval)17:15
DocScrutinizer51check out tmo neo900 subtread "is it fair to call 100% open..."17:15
DocScrutinizer51swalking, afk17:16
DocScrutinizer51waking even17:16
wpwraki think i spotted it but then decided that i didn't have to contribute to it at the moment (and you know my point of view on openness already)17:16
wpwrakheh, swaying ;-)17:16
DocScrutinizer05openness is ok when you can do it. Bitching wanna be customers who complain about not getting more than been promised are not ok17:35
DocScrutinizer05bitching jackass calling you names and sprading lies about you is absolutely not ok at all17:36
DocScrutinizer05http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?p=1425968#post1425968   http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?p=1426060#post1426060  ff17:44
Action: DocScrutinizer05 ponders trying the Estel way: go to next pub, pick one of the dudes sitting there and start bitching at him about he shall buy you a beer and a vodka. Calling him names and explaining that he's always been a stingy sucker and an antisocial hooligan who beats up every pub he visits. Then when he tells me to stop, spit in his face and wait for others to stand up and tell something like >>Everyone has there own problems in 17:52
DocScrutinizer05real life, and we come here to just relax and have some fun and do/make things that we like, not to fight!<<17:52
DocScrutinizer05will definitely make for a great evening17:54
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: modules/stdpass.fpd (xtal2-3.2mmx1.5mm): add crystal footprint (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/kicad-libs/bd3663717:54
paul_boddieWasn't the guy complaining the guy who was making aluminium cases for the N900 or was that someone else?18:11
wpwrakaluminium cases ? oh dear18:12
DocScrutinizer05yes, exactly18:13
paul_boddieHave you asked him for the CAD files? ;-)18:24
wpwrakthe complete chemical specifications of the plastics, please :)18:26
DocScrutinizer05paul_boddie: brilliant!18:30
CYB3R_ngI didn't know that kicad-libs repo is for fped files19:06
CYB3R_ngMaybe I can add my libs too19:07
nicksydneyDocScrutinizer05: well come back to the virtual reality :) been a while seeing you around23:46
nicksydneyadded Micrel chip for the 3.3v regulator23:48
nicksydneyfor the TPS board23:48
nicksydneyonce this board is complete got the power supply sorted out for the TFT and then the fun begin of soldering the BIG 100pin chip23:49
nicksydneythere must be some chip out there that can give you multiple output - eg: 24v, -24v and few output like 3.3 and 1.6/1.8v ?23:51
--- Wed May 21 201400:00

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