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qwebirc55571hi, i have avalon asic 2 module, @200 gh/s - I am unable to login thru ethernet. where can i go to read more about this issue, tl wr 703N and fpga controller?00:52
wpwraknow .. let's see what happens :)01:44
nicksydneywow ! Novena raised close to $700K initial target was $250K ....impressive03:35
whitequarkthat's not the first over-the-top funding we've seen; what's more important is how they would actually deliver03:40
nicksydneywhitequark: it's not the first that's true but this is the first for this kind of project where collaboration for open source software is involved too 03:43
wpwrakhmm, and they didn't use "arduino" in the project description even once03:44
whitequarkegrep -v '(arduino|IoT|maker|raspberry)'03:48
wpwrakthey use "maker" once04:01
whitequarkhm, I may actually buy that04:04
kyakthe price is on the front page, no?04:07
whitequarkobviously, I started by looking at the specs04:08
whitequarkI mean, I still sorta want to buy it, but I simply can't atm...04:08
kyaki don't know.. i'd rather buy what actually exists04:09
kyaklike in case of Neo90004:10
kyaknobody saw the end coming04:10
kyakor rather, someone saw, but the "future customers" didn't know about it. All they got was a sudden short "this is the end" note04:12
kyakthis also reminds me how Wolfgang disappered04:13
whitequarkyou're not either a customer or investor to neo90004:13
whitequarkwhich was very explicitly explained to you, specifically because of crap like this04:14
kyakyou don't actually know whether i'm a customer or investor for Neo900 :)04:14
whitequarkI don't know whether you are involved in neo900, but I know for sure you aren't either of those two ;)04:16
kyakthe risks were very clear from the beginning, but it's not fair someone claims "openness" and then suddenly a surpise...04:18
whitequarkwell, openness of the hardware and of the management are two different things. it's indeed best to have both, but also really hard04:19
wpwraki think it came as a surprise to most of those "in the know", too04:20
kyakmight as well be true, yes04:21
wpwrakbut let's see if they find a way to proceed ...04:21
kyakwho knows?04:21
wpwrakchecking their forum ...04:22
kyakseveral days have passed after the announcement, and nothing.. that's not even about management, that's about communication and openness at least in this area04:24
kyakfor example, i'd call Werner's regular updates in ML regarding Anelok "openness in communication"04:25
kyakthe progress is quite clear, including all the (interesting and educational) mischiefs04:26
wpwrakheh, thanks :)04:27
wpwrakof course, neo900 does not have an open development model. as far as i understand it, the hw isn't meant to be what we'd call "open hw".04:28
wpwrakalso, they use a proprietary EDA system (eagle), which amplified some organizational problems04:29
wpwrakbut i think the two key mistakes were that they didn't seem to have thought the organizational structure through at the beginning, and that they botched the very clever idea of their fundraising. i'd consider the latter less their fault that of inflexible german tax laws that essentially locked them into a modus operandi they didn't want anymore.04:32
wpwrakthat's probably also what is behind the "refund vs. send directly to joerg" issue04:32
kyaknext time only on cayman islands :)04:37
wpwrakthat may not be such a bad idea, given what poor local regulations can cost you in the end :)04:37
wpwrakwhat's happening now (telling by dos1's post from 05-16-2014, 07:58 AM) may be that they're trying to reset the "official" organizational structure and then restart with the structure they actually want04:41
wpwrakbut let's see. i'm sure there are still disagreements beyond merely the structure. also, one big problem i see is that don't think joerg can handle the bureaucracy that comes with "owning" the project. so he'll have to find/hire someone for this, and quickly.04:43
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