#qi-hardware IRC log for Saturday, 2014-05-17

wpwrakhmm. you know that you've built a dual-voltage converter, don't you ? it outputs a high positive and a high negative voltage. they're roughly symmetric.00:13
nicksydneytrue...i was not sure in terms of whether i'm taking the measurement correctly as this is my first time building a complex circuit than a blinking led :)00:15
wpwrakand yes, the values you're observing are what you should get :)00:18
wpwrakwell, with a bit of tolerance00:19
nicksydneynice !...ok that means i've done everything correct (except for the botchy soldering work)00:21
nicksydneyyou said yesterday to test the resistor without any load and battery...is the reason for debugging that way to make sure that the resistor was soldered properly ? that is something useful that i've learned from you00:22
qi-bot[commit] Paul Cercueil: Don't consider *.dge files as being executables (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/gmenu2x/fe1a58612:00
Action: whitequark tries to figure out why did he dream about brutally murdering Kim Jong Un with... a lot of things in sequence, but eventually a spatula12:45
whitequarkwtf, brain12:46
viricspatula? brain? Kim Jong Un?12:56
viricremember that their minister of foreign affairs has access to internet12:57
whitequarkwoohoo, endmills!17:51
whitequarksixty this time17:51
whitequark(I learn on my mistakes)17:51
wpwrakseems you got the quantity figured out. how about the quality ? :)17:53
whitequarkthese endmills in particular worked pretty well for me17:54
wpwraknicksydney: (check resistor) yes, to check that it a) has contact, and b) isn't shorted. unfortunately, it's more difficult to predict the value you're supposed to get in a circuit, since there will usually be other current paths around the resistor. but you can almost always get the basics.17:55
whitequarkalso, I've got some UV [unintelligible symbols]17:56
whitequarkwhich *probably* translates to English as "UV curing silkscreen ink"17:57
whitequarkbut could be anything17:57
wpwrakso you now buy by the prettiness of the chinese squiggles ?18:16
whitequarkhow else?!18:21
Action: whitequark also got a slide rule18:22
whitequarkI think I now see why we all use calculators18:22
wpwrakbecause we've forgotten how to use slide rules ? :)19:16
whitequarkbecause it's a pain in the ass19:26
whitequarkI mean, I'll do multiplication quicker in my head than mechanically19:27
wpwrakone robot to another: "I'll do multiplication quicker in my head than mechanically"19:31
LumocolorLooking for a tiny 5v 2A min power supply & Li-* battery charger and if possible, that is suitable for charging from solar21:59
Lumocolorthis is for a diy handheld/pockect computer. 5inch (screen)21:59
LumocolorI allreadly know of the microups22:00
whitequarkLumocolor: there's plenty. look at sparkfun for example22:03
Lumocoloroh yea22:17
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