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nicksydneyguess so :)01:48
viricreading about mk802iv07:18
viricthey say: Create a RFS in NAND by entering "mkfs.ext4 /dev/mtdblock0"07:18
viricisn't this a bit crazy?07:18
viricso you agree on the ext4 on mtdblock being a bit crazy :)07:24
whitequarkwell, *maybe* it's ok if you have a NOR flash07:24
viricthese explain the same: http://linux-rockchip.info/mw/index.php?title=Linux_on_NAND07:25
whitequark(maybe because placing an ext4 fs on a nor flash seems a bit pointless)07:25
viricthe same, I mean, put ext4 on nand :)07:26
whitequarkahh, mtdblock has an underlying FTL: http://www.linux-mtd.infradead.org/faq/general.html07:27
virichm better than nothing07:28
viric"And don't try to use it on NAND flash as it is does not handle bad eraseblocks. "07:29
wpwrakhmm, to use Xn...Xnn component references or to use Xsnn, this is the question. where X is R, C, U, etc., s is the sheet number, and n the component's number.07:50
wpwrakpro Xsnn: you can tell by the component reference on which sheet to look. contra: references get long.07:51
nicksydneywpwrak: http://www.scorchworks.com/Blog/hot-glue-injection-molding/ 08:00
wpwrakbeat !08:08
larscviric: yea, you should probably put a ubi layer between the mtd device and ext408:10
wpwraknow ... hot glue guns seem to work with temperatures in the range 95-140 C. acrylic melts at 160 C. perhaps the mold doesn't even have to be metal then.08:12
viriclarsc: and an ubifs08:12
viricwhy would I want ext4?08:12
viricdoes ubifs scale well to 16GB?08:13
larscviric: if you want to use ext4 no ubifs08:13
whitequarkwpwrak: I'm afraid you'll have a hard time separating hot glue from acrylic08:13
viricno no, I don't care about the fs.08:13
whitequarkalthough... I can probably even test that08:13
viricI'm just surprised the instructions I've found suggest to use ext4 over mtdblock08:13
nicksydneyhopefully with Novena the days of cheaper oscilloscope is near :)http://hackaday.com/2014/05/09/bunnies-laptop-gets-a-900mhz-scope-addon/08:14
larscviric: To be honst I don't know if there are advantages by using ext4 rtaher than ubifs, but if I had to guess I'd say no08:14
wpwrakwhitequark: would be interesting. my hot glue experiments so far ended with the CCC glue gun overheating :-(08:14
wpwraki wonder how much longer we'll have to read about miracle scopes with sky-high analog bandwidth and ridiculous sample rates :-(08:16
wpwraki mean 1-2 GSPS is quite alright for a few hundred MHz, but 900 MHz analog bandwidth is just an absurd claim08:17
wpwrakthe concept is nice, though. also the way he does probes.08:21
wpwrakwhitequark: there are also all sorts of mold release that reduce stickiness. e.g., you could try olive oil. that should be good until about 190 C.08:22
wpwrakthe nozzle may get a bit too hot, so you'd have to plan on having some room on the acrylic that can be melted08:33
wpwrakplan B: use wood. that plays nicely even with molten lead. one drawback is its porosity. wood + glue could be a bit of a challenge for the mold release :)08:35
whitequarknope, just put it in water08:35
whitequark(but that makes mold essentially usable once)08:35
whitequarkhonestly at this point I'm not sure if that glue is good for anything at all08:35
wpwrakhave you tried it ?08:36
whitequarkit doesn't stick very well to anything and even if it sticks moderately well, water makes it just fall away08:36
whitequarkwell, not for molds, for fixing stuff08:36
wpwrakwell, that sounds perfect for molding ;-)08:36
whitequarkbut what would you use the molded parts for?08:36
wpwrakrussian anti-stick glue, designed for DIY molding ;-))08:36
wpwrakcases ? prototypes ?08:37
whitequarkuhh, cases? out of that rubbery shit?08:37
wpwrakdoesn't it get fairly hard after a while ? hard enough for not overly demanding things as least08:38
whitequarknot really, it's always kinda rubbery08:38
whitequarkthink very slightly harder than household silicone stuff08:38
whitequarkalthough you may conceivably do a case for something waterproof if you make two molded parts and then fuse them together with heat08:38
whitequarkbut that last part sounds quite error-prone and hard to get right reliably08:38
whitequarkperhaps if you get sticks out of something else than LDPE, say, I dunno, HDPE or PP, it would be much better08:39
whitequarkbut I'm unaware of where to get them08:39
whitequarkwhoa, there's like two dozen kinds of those sticks: http://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/translucent-hot-melt-glue-stick_549142428.html?s=p08:42
whitequarkhttp://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/strong-sticky-hot-melt-glue-for_878903737.html glue for WHAT?08:43
whitequark"hot melt adhesive to be used on Mouse, fly, mosquitos and insect caputuring. "08:44
whitequarkhow exactly they imagine this working?08:44
whitequarkwow, I could never imagine there are SO MUCH different hot melt glues08:47
whitequarkalso, it appears that the regular sticks are EVA and not LDPE, though I did find pics of some LDPE sticks and now I know what that *really horrible really low quality* stick set was made of08:50
wpwrak(mouse capturing) easy: locate mouse, trap mouse, heat up glue, hold down mouse and dispense glue over mouse08:58
wpwrakand yes, there seems to be a lot of choices. apparently, the most common ones around here are made of silicone. so they're quite flexible.08:59
whitequarkI mean, to me it looks like they just want to call it "silicone" for some reason, it's not the actual matierla09:00
whitequarke.g. I was so far unable to locate anything on alibaba that was *actually* made out of silicone09:01
whitequarkand not just "Silicone Hot Glue Stick / Material: EVA"09:01
whitequarklike this: http://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/hot-melt-silicone_905474047.html09:02
wpwrakcould be. though according to wikipedia, silicone exists in that role09:02
whitequarkMain Raw Material: EVA,Eva ,Resin, Paraffin09:02
whitequarkI'm sure it exists, I doubt it's actually sold in that form-factor09:02
whitequarkapparently the most common industrial application of EVA glue is... diapers?09:09
wpwrakand i felt bad for the hot-glued mice ...09:33
wpwrakbtw, i managed to unclog my "dead" gun. seems that some ait gap may have formed that prevents the bar from heating09:34
wpwrakbut ... i need to get larger bars. the ones they sold me where i bought the pistol aren't really compatible09:34
wpwrakthere are also completely clear ("crystal") ones in the local market. interesting.09:40
whitequarkany slightly blue-tinted ones? :D09:42
wpwrakmaybe if you melt them, mix in some paint, then extrude them back to bars :)09:45
nicksydneywpwrak: http://www.st.com/web/en/catalog/tools/PF259562?ecmp=pf259562_enews_stnews_may2014&sp_rid=NjkwODI0MTY0NjkS1&sp_mid=8865405 another "Bluetooth SMART" :)10:15
Action: whitequark salivates at http://www.ebay.com/itm/36083927229510:19
nicksydneywhitequark: nice indeed10:22
wpwrakwhitequark: cute :)12:43
wpwraknicksydney: and yet another closed architecture :)12:43
wpwraknicksydney: you need to apply that filter first. there's tons of chips but almost all of them unsuitable because of lack of documentation12:43
wpwrakwhitequark: did you try to make mold ? (of acrylic)13:04
viricwhitequark: this can hurt, if you bring it on your pockets13:38
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: modules/sod.fpd: added SOD-323 (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/kicad-libs/083e2b013:45
whitequarkwpwrak: not really, my CNC still doesn't work13:48
whitequark(I've been busy with the day job lately)13:48
wpwrak(cnc) oh, did it come up with new surprises ? how generous of it :)13:49
wpwrakwell, s/surprises/challenges/  :)13:49
whitequarkwpwrak: nothing cnc-specific, the ages old hard drive just died13:50
whitequarkI almost assembled together a replacement (had to use a SATA-IDE adapter), but I don't have a SATA data cable atm13:51
whitequarkneed to buy it13:51
wpwrakoh. time to make the DIY controller ?13:51
whitequarkno, time to buy a cable13:52
whitequarkI'm almost entirely satisfied with EMC213:52
wpwrakdamn :)13:52
whitequarkone thing at a time, wpwrak, one thing at a time :)13:53
wpwrakyeah, i was hoping to catch you at the moment when you hate everything EMC2 does simply because it's unfamiliar, and make a nice little controller solution13:53
whitequarkI never really hated any part of EMC2 except for the LPT port thingy13:54
wpwraknow that this moment has passed, i'll have to wait for someone else before i can try that again ...13:54
whitequarkit's a great little project13:54
whitequarkand far ahead any kickstarter shit that can't even interpret gcode properly13:54
rohlinuxcnc was bright enough to let the nist pay for developing the gcode interpreter ;)17:49
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