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wpwraknot a lot of ukrainian patriots/rebels/traitors (to be used synonymously) around here. and wasn't the apocalypse more than a year ago ?00:20
whitequarkthere is always an apocalypse within a year from now00:22
whitequarkDocScrutinizer51: http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/bild-967596-691742.html00:55
whitequarkWTF is Merkel doing00:55
wpwrakseems that members of a criminal organization in germany asked an adviser of a rivaling us-based criminal organization on advice concerning what his bosses would think if they talked to someone who had ratted on the us gang01:00
whitequarksounds about right01:10
nicksydneygot few of the components from element14 but the inductor is out of stock will be shipped later....crap! didn't mention that when i put the order in..01:42
nicksydneyawesome ! http://www.rollingstone.com/culture/news/high-times-meet-the-russian-kids-who-take-the-worlds-riskiest-photos-2014050602:31
nicksydneywonder anybody here can do the same :)02:31
kyakall russians can do that06:38
larscand anywhere06:40
kyaklike, on my chair. I can do it on my chair!06:40
ysionneau02:55 < whitequark> DocScrutinizer51: http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/bild-967596-691742.html < not sure I understand what this means06:53
ysionneaumeans a german diplomat could get emprisonned if he visits USA after talking with Snowden?06:54
larscanybody who talks to snowden can get prosecuted by the us government06:56
nicksydneykyak: should post the picture to rollingstone :)06:57
larscit's their lame excuse for not wanting to talk to him06:57
larscysionneau: there is the posibillity that the NSA and their contractors may have broken German law. Snowden may have evidence for this, but they don't want to have him testify as a witness because they fear there will be repercussions from the US07:00
larscit's a bit like with the mafia07:00
larscif you investigate the mafia your children will get abducted07:00
ysionneauthat's scary07:09
ysionneau09:00 < larsc> ysionneau: there is the posibillity that the NSA and their contractors may have broken German law. < well, I guess it has already been proven, no?07:10
ysionneaudidn't they listen to Merkel communications ?07:10
ysionneauqi-bot: spy on !07:10
apeletegood morning07:16
larscysionneau: well if there is no investigation, there is no crime07:20
ysionneaugot it07:31
kyaki wonder what is that NSA heard from those phone talks that makes european politics so submissive to USA?07:44
viricI love silent links with a hash in the url13:53
viricsomeone should introduce hashes in the hostname part13:53
viric(well, that's what shorteners end up doing)13:53
larsc"C is for Capacitor"13:53
viricI couldn't resist following the link, don't worry13:54
viricnice series? :)13:54
larscI don't know13:55
wpwrak(youtube links) indeed, especially if someone just posts a link without any hint why the poster thinks one would want to watch it13:56
viricwpwrak: because the poster may know enough about the human kind13:57
wpwrakthat seems awfully vague :)13:57
larscwpwrak: well obviously you should click the link because of that feeling that you might be missing out on something if you do not13:57
viricyou are given a passage to knowledge. You take it or leave it13:58
apeleteHi larsc 19:47
nicksydneywpwrak: if you look at this http://postimg.org/image/j0qm9lc2f/ can you tell me whether I place the diode component the correct way ? ... the diode datasheet http://postimg.org/image/eg4funsd3/ says that the 'stripe' on the diode is Cathode Band...not sure if this is correct ?21:17
wpwrakyes, that looks good. bar == bar :)21:20
nicksydneywpwrak: thanks...was not sure as this is my first time doing this..so before soldering thought of placing the component and see the + and - to avoid smoke :)22:08
nicksydneyi haven't got the inductor...but does inductor have + and - too ?22:09
wpwrakno, i couldn't think of anything you'd call an inductor that would be polarized or in any other way asymmetric (except maybe for weird packaging)22:13
wpwrakbtw, does anyone know if there's a way to avoid modulo bias in a random draw _without_ having to need more than one random number ?22:16
wpwrakexcept, of course, by making sure that max dom RNG = 0 (mod N)22:17
wpwraki would say that it's impossible. but i'd really like to be proven wrong on that ;-)22:18
nicksydneythanks wpwrak22:41
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