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wpwraknicksydney thanks ! what he's talking about is actually interesting00:23
nicksydneywhich part you find interesting ?00:23
wpwraktwo things: the broad range of mechanical options (from cnc to injection molding), and that they can provide basically the whole production and logistics process00:26
nicksydneywpwrak: suitable for Neo900 i presume :)03:38
wpwraki was thinking more of anelok03:46
nicksydneywpwrak: will be interesting if anelok casing is silver / aluminium kind of material05:17
larscapelete: just include <mach-jz4740/dma.h> and use JZ4740_DMA_TYPE_MMC_TRANSMIT/JZ4740_DMA_TYPE_MMC_RECEIVE06:21
apeletelarsc: nice, thank you very much06:54
nicksydneywpwrak: just put the order in to buy from taobao.com using taobaoring.com for the RA8875 chip ...let's see if i'm getting what i paid for :)10:04
nicksydneyoh and few FPC cable and connector too :)10:04
wpwraksb0: bah, so old-school. next time, neutrinos engraved with gravity waves, please !10:11
sb0challenge accepted10:11
sb0actually, I have a few leads for messing around with single-ion traps. if I'm motivated enough for another EHSM (unfortunately, most of the EHSM work I'm doing is filling paperwork, emailing people, booking transport/hotels, etc.), there might be something with that :-)10:14
larscso what do you do once you've trapped a ion?10:22
wpwrakcall the other ion and demand a ransom ? not sure what the going rate is ... maybe a photon ? or a whole neutron ?10:30
larscand what follows is a ion exchange?10:55
nicksydneyseems like kicad has problem when filled zones are overlap 12:54
wpwrakit should just refuse to create them12:56
wpwrakzones operations were once very crashy. i didn't have problems with them lately, but i still save often when doing things with zones.12:57
nicksydneyit does let me overlap the zone but once i have few of them ovelapping and you try to move the corners ..boom....it froze !13:21
wpwrakwell, then you know what to avoid :)13:22
nicksydneylooking at the datasheet and browsing around looks like should make isolated filled zones for few of the pins13:22
nicksydneynot very neat but will do for now http://postimg.org/image/7rcd0wzn7/ :)13:24
wpwrakdon't you want to make the ground traces a little fatter ?13:43
wpwrakand if you have a "T" junction, it's best to make it look like a T, not like a Y or K13:44
nicksydney(GND) hmmm...true...let me fix the GND trace13:45
nicksydney(T) ok13:45
wpwrak(T) e.g., the one next to the USB connector13:46
wpwrakor also the one between L1 and D113:46
apeletelarsc: added the slave_ids, but dma_complete() callback is still not called -> http://paste.debian.net/97683/22:06
apeleteadded the slave_ids -> http://git.seketeli.net/cgit/~apelete/qi-kernel.git/commit/?h=jz4740-dma&id=b8a33dac45cd501c5e5910ca41d73d20f6e0eccc22:06
apeletecan't figure out what I'm still missing here...22:07
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