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nicksydney_wpwrak: switching to slider eh ? :)02:35
nicksydneywhen looking at the motion sensor yesterday was thinking what if anelok uses that kind of sensor for user interface....for eg:- one tap for acticvating, 2 tap for shutting down, mid air gesture for unlocking password , etc :)...too much use cases :)02:37
whitequark<does a complex gesture> "All data erased" "NOOO I WANTED MY DROPBOX PASSWORD"02:47
nicksydneywhitequark: surely wprak will come with a 'sophisticated algorithm' to avoid that :)03:53
wpwraknicksydney: you mean something like this ? http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/werner/anelok/tmp/touch.pdf04:05
nicksydneywpwrak: exactly ... something like that04:06
nicksydneyfor touch that is04:06
wpwrakmore details here: http://lists.en.qi-hardware.com/pipermail/discussion/2013-December/010426.html04:06
wpwraknote that it mentions a certain "nick" :)04:06
nicksydneyi really like this sensor  http://www.kionix.com/sites/default/files/AN029%20Getting%20Started%20with%20the%20KXCNL.pdf04:08
nicksydneyjust find time and use case to use them down the track...will be interesting 04:08
whitequarkwpwrak: hmm, what have you generated that pdf with?04:08
wpwrakxfig. that's what i use for almost everything04:10
wpwrakhere's the source: https://gitorious.org/anelok/anelok/source/doc/touch.fig04:13
whitequarknot bad04:13
wpwrakall very basic and manual. but i like the degree of control :)04:13
whitequarkI'm just really frustrated with Inkscape. whoever made it never ever heard of UI design04:13
whitequarkgranted, it's true for xfig, but I guess xfig could be slightly less braindead because of less XML04:14
wpwrakyeah, the FIG format is fairly easy to parse04:14
wpwraki sometimes write FIG-to-task-specific-whatever processors04:14
wpwrakfor example here: https://github.com/m-labs/flickernoise/tree/master/patches/demo/wheel/04:17
wpwrakgen and figfilt select items in wheel.fig by a number in its comment. so you can make animation sequences that way04:18
apeletehi there07:27
apeletelarsc: on the subject of debugging dma last night, didn't made much progress07:32
apeleteI was constantly losing connection from the serial line07:32
apeletesome of the joints may be damaged, will probably have to desolder & resolder again07:34
whitequarkI was thinking for a moment you've been talking about a living thing in your last message07:34
whitequark"some of the joints may be damaged..." yeah, that's sad, it's probably quite old... "have to desolder" WHAT07:35
apeletewhitequark: :D07:35
apeletetalking about nanonote, funny misunderstanding :)07:36
wpwrakwhitequark: been to the bioengineering morgue again ? :)07:37
apeleteanyway, that made me depressed last night (couldn't achieve anything) but on the bright side I've got better tools since last time07:38
wpwraki.e., a bigger hammer07:38
apeleteyes, should be easier and more robust this time (with a bigger hammer) ;-)07:41
larscif the nail to to fragile a bigger hammer wont do any good ;)08:06
whitequarkbut it shatters in such a satisfying way08:07
apeletecompared to ben, the serial line on gcw-zero seems to be much more robust (never dropped on me yet)08:11
larscnothing like capacitor acid fumes in the morning08:46
kyakwpwrak: what's the status of atusb support in upstream kernel? I remember last time i asked, there were still few patches required11:43
wpwrakstill the same. upstream is at the moment a big construction site. since alex (the one doing most of the breaking) uses atben and atusb, he never breaks compatibility for long :)11:59
kyakbut the patches are not upstream, what compatibility are you talking about?12:52
wpwrakdriver vs. the rest of the stack. and no, they're not upstream. a) still need some cleaning and fixing, and b) they're working on rearranging the driver API, which will be a major improvement. but i'm not sure i want to wait for that. it's been kinda "in the air" for a good while12:56
kyaksorry, if i missed somthing12:57
wpwraki waited until you came back :)12:57
kyakanyway, i think it would be absolutely great if two factors come together - atben/atusb goes into production (again) and the linux support is upstream12:59
kyakif i just could plug the beast into my openwrt router and it just worked12:59
wpwrakhehe, i hear you :)13:01
kyaki'm kinda doing a little project involving home sensors and my current idea is to use a separate microprocessor that would talk to router via uart, and act as a "hub" for wireless sensors13:01
kyaki was thinkinh about atben/atusb, but then i realized that i only have one pair of them13:02
kyakand they are no more13:02
kyakso, the use case would be - use router with atusb as a "hub" and a bunch of mcu's with sensors and atben to send data to the hub13:04
wpwrakyeah that sounds nice13:05
wpwrakquite a few boards have uSD or SD card holders that can be used with atben. sometimes you have other connectors in the way, though13:05
kyakthere are sd<->usd adaptors and then some boards have "kits" that provide sd slot13:07
kyaki'm still thinking to do this without soldering :))13:07
kyaki DESTROYED FURIOUSLY the last sd-usd adaptor13:07
kyakwhen trying to solder atben to its pins13:08
wpwrakaction ! ;-)13:08
wpwrakbut you could just have inserted atben, without destroying the adapter :)13:09
kyakmmm.. you are right, that's what i did. I meant when trying to solder the sd adaptor to the board13:10
kyakactually, i was trying to solder wires to sd adaptor pins 13:11
wpwrakoh :)13:11
kyakso that to solder other side to the board pin afterwards13:11
wpwraksolder a card holder (uSD or SD) to the board instead ?13:12
kyakor get a shield that would provide the card holder13:13
kyakso nobody gets damaged13:13
wpwrakbleh. get a board that comes with a card holder ? :) e.g., beaglebone is known to work with atben. and it runs linux :)13:14
kyaktoo big for the purpose :)13:16
kyakto powerfull, etc13:16
kyakthis thing, for example, just plugs into msp430 launchpad13:17
kyakfor end user convenience, even an LED is provided :)13:17
kyakthese days, one can really get without soldering.. with rational constraints. Have to pay more, that's for sure13:19
kyakyeah, don't talk to me anymore :)13:20
kyaki got two of these13:21
kyakshould plug directly into msp430 launchpad or will use connectors13:21
kyakthen i have wireless connectivity for 2.5USD13:22
kyakand without god damn soldering13:22
whitequarkwhy is soldering a problem?13:22
kyaklike in an old anecdote - "no hands, no cartoons"13:23
kyakor no legs?... anyway, i can't solder13:23
whitequarkum, "no legs, no cartoons"?..13:32
whitequarkno clue13:32
whitequarksoldering isn't something that requires a genius and a decade of work. it's just a technique13:33
whitequarkyou probably have shitty soldering iron and/or solder13:33
whitequarkand not enough flux13:33
wpwrakand maybe too much knowledge of grandpa's technique13:35
kyakwhitequark: the second one13:35
kyaki understand, it's just a matter of right tools and then someone experienced should show once how to do that13:36
whitequarkthere are like 10,000 guides on the internet13:37
whitequarkone of them will surely work for you13:37
wpwrakkyak: no hackspaces in your area where they have soldering courses ?13:38
kyaki would've done it, if i really needed13:38
kyakbut as you can see, it is not really necessary13:38
wpwrakwhitequark: sometimes one makes a mistake that's easy to spot for everyone but for the one making the mistake13:39
kyakwpwrak: i'm just not motivated enough to go for it. Again, if it was really necessary, i would13:40
wpwrakkyak: it's like the difference between being able to cook and the ability to order a meal at mcdonalds ...13:40
kyakor maybe cook yourself a sandwich in microwave and a fancy restaraunt? :)13:41
kyakhave to go now, see you!13:42
wpwrakeven if you can microwave your sandwich, you can still go to the fancy restaurant :) but if you don't know how to microwave your sandwich, you'll go hungry if you want to eat at night, when the restaurant is closed. (well, you could still eat your sandwich cold ...)13:44
sb0of course, just like it was illusory to expect the default kicad track width (1mil) to be reasonable, it's also illusory to expect that the default soldermask opening (zero) to be about right, too22:05
sb0they really put a lot of effort into designing the worst UX possible22:06
sb0well, at least it doesn't crash every 5 minutes22:19
nicksydneyinteresting ... https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/arduissimo-multicore-arduino-for-more-arduino-and-raspberry-pi-interfacing#home23:46
wpwraki'm beginning to wonder whether there may be a lucrative business to be made by kickstartering a campaign to produce "Arduino Must Die" t-shirts :)23:57
wpwrakthe FPGA approach is interesting, though. drives the concept a bit to absurdity, but oh well23:58
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