#qi-hardware IRC log for Wednesday, 2014-04-09

DocScrutinizer05get a motor to move dat shite00:47
DocScrutinizer05honestly, rather one time ~40EUR than that hassle with the tape00:52
DocScrutinizer05and electrically operated blinds are as cool as it gets00:52
wpwrakheh, that's probably 10x the price here. you know, modern luxury stuff developed after the last ice age.00:58
wpwrakbesides, i'd probably have to replace the whole system, rails and blinds, too. naw, too messy.00:59
DocScrutinizer05seggelmann disaster20:27
wpwrakyou know him ?20:36
DocScrutinizer05but then, I don't know Poettering either ;-P21:04
DocScrutinizer05check out xkcd of today21:05
DocScrutinizer05I thought Y2K was worst I seen21:06
DocScrutinizer05*this* however could really hurt21:06
DocScrutinizer05I'm amazed the TV news are not even mentioning it yet21:06
wpwrakschneier has kinds words about it. i'm sure he'll be on the news before too long. https://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2014/04/heartbleed.html21:12
whitequarkDocScrutinizer05: not the worst21:19
whitequarkDebian openssl fuckup was much worse21:20
whitequarkI mean, the openssl fuckup pretty much meant you need to go and redeploy every single server from scratch.21:22
whitequarkthis one requires changing "just" all of the keying material21:22
wpwrakproject http://pics.nase-bohren.de/neighbour.jpg terminated (well, at half-way point, but that's good enough at the moment)21:57
Action: whitequark . o O ( http://pics.nase-bohren.de/god-hates-jedi.jpg )22:08
whitequarkhttp://pics.nase-bohren.de/fussgaenger-druecken.jpg � what's the joke?22:12
whitequarkohh, got it22:13
Action: whitequark . o O ( http://pics.nase-bohren.de/mattresses-clothes.jpg )23:07
whitequarkI can't believe someone spent time on *that*23:07
whitequarkalso, wtf wpwrak, I just lost a hour looking at that crap23:07
whitequarkstop doing it23:07
whitequarkI only have 1701 more picture to see23:17
wpwrakthat site is one of the best reasons for why we need internet censorship23:59
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