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Guest54638do you have noise from you NN spk or headphones?10:47
Guest54638background noise, hiss,fissile that's noticeable when listening to music?10:47
Guest54638I find it more noticeable when using ear pieces than big headphones10:47
Web-aptosid876_do you hear background noise when listening to music?14:32
Web-aptosid876_on the nano note?14:32
Web-aptosid876_I'm desperate to know, if my NN is damaged or it's a design fault.14:33
wpwraknot sure if a lot of people are a) using the ben to listen to music AND b) are around14:49
wpwrakyou may have better luck posting to the qi-hw mailing list14:49
DocScrutinizer05I wouldn't be surprised to find it's either a design flaw or a production defect where a filter/buffer capacitor got soldered in a defunct way15:10
DocScrutinizer05if it was the latter, it's at least easy to fix15:11
DocScrutinizer05sorry, I never seen a NN, so I can't help 15:12
Web-aptosid876_I believe I have ask on the mailing list before and didn't get a response, or maybe i didn't, I forget. but thanks15:37
Web-aptosid876_the noise is a fizz which goes up and down a bit. any hints on how to find out if that is the case?15:38
Web-aptosid876_....if it is the case of replacing a capacitor15:39
Web-aptosid876_but I can try again on the mailing list...15:40
DocScrutinizer05might be interference between two clocks mixing their noise on VDD16:52
DocScrutinizer05VDD-analog should be properly filtered16:52
DocScrutinizer05as mentioned I have no NN and no schematics at hand16:53
DocScrutinizer05adding a huge plus small low ESR RF enabled buffer capacitor directly to the VDD-ana and VSS-ana-GND pins will for sure not hurt16:54
Web-aptosid876_http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/hardware schematics soomewhere here?17:35
DocScrutinizer05Q6 WTF?!17:50
DocScrutinizer05but well, that's only built-in amp+speaker17:51
DocScrutinizer05anyway weiiiiiird17:51
DocScrutinizer05SW1 maxes so much sense ;-P17:53
DocScrutinizer05could use NN as a hearing aid without any CPU load X-P17:53
DocScrutinizer05or - without headphone plugged in - even for a nice acoustic theremin (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theremin), I guess17:55
Web-aptosid876_I had a opps on disabling the mic-to-spk bypass. opps. I had the levels maxed and got dreadful feedback. could that have damaged it?17:58
Action: whitequark recalls an early Chromebook whose speakers literally caught fire if you ran a stock ALSA on it18:01
Web-aptosid876_interesting whitequark18:08
Web-aptosid876_so might it be worth me getting a new NN? (I'll hope to find a good use for the old one, so don't worry. or maybe sell it if some needs it)18:10
whitequarknah, unlikely that you have damaged it18:10
Web-aptosid876_my one was 2rd hand in the first place.18:10
whitequarkand even if you did, it should be relatively easy to fix18:10
Web-aptosid876_well I did fry the charging IC. had to replace it :D18:11
Web-aptosid876_bloody surface mount ic's hehe :D18:11
whitequarka minute with a hot air gun and you're done18:11
Web-aptosid876_I was experimenting with alternative power supplys and opps18:12
Web-aptosid876_don't have a hot air gun.18:12
Web-aptosid876_I guess there is hacker spaces18:12
Web-aptosid876_but yea, I'll happily fix it if possible :D18:13
whitequarka hot air gun is cheaper than a new NN ;)18:13
whitequarkespecially if you buy it off craigslist18:13
Web-aptosid876_well I guess there is that18:13
Web-aptosid876_here's some recording noise recs I did last year: http://george.the-petries.co.uk/nanonote/rec/audiointerfer/18:15
wpwrakDocScrutinizer51: what is SW1 ? do you mean S1, "RESETK" ?20:49
DocScrutinizer51NN audio "SW1" A/D/A bypass20:50
DocScrutinizer51mic -> amp20:51
wpwraksomething in the SoC ? or an actual component ? i dno't see any switch there on page 6 of Lb60_schematic (except the one built into J3)20:54
wpwrakneither on page 2, for that matter20:57
Web-aptosid876_see http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Audio21:18
wpwrakaah, inside the chip. that explains it. thanks !21:49
wpwrakaha, the first goal22:43
wpwrakjudging by the noise level, it must have been by river ...22:43
wpwrak... yep, 22:43
wpwrakoh, no. that was before. in silence. now it was for boca, 1:1. interesting.22:46
wpwrakaha, another one. very noisy. 2:1 for boca ?23:01
wpwraknaw, river. damn, i'm getting the noise levels in my area wrong23:02
wpwrak(the two are the principal clubs in buenos aires, so it's a major event every time they meet)23:03
wpwraknever mind :)23:13
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