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DocScrutinizer05yes, it does (usually)00:16
DocScrutinizer05but you shouldn't rely on it. For 2 reasons: 1) it will terribly abuse the cell 2) it might make charging the battery really hard to start - thanks to battery detection not noticing a rudimentary voltage00:18
DocScrutinizer05and 3) of 2: there are fake chinese batteries that don't have any protective circuitry00:39
wpwrakheh, aiming for compatibility with the new "industry standard" :)00:39
DocScrutinizer05the problem with this chip is actually that it eats considerable quiescent current even when device is off00:40
DocScrutinizer05about ten to hundred times as much as twl4030 is supposed to use in power-down mode00:41
DocScrutinizer05a cell discharged to - say - 3.0V has maybe 30mAh left over til it  reaches 2.5V00:42
DocScrutinizer05those should suffice for several months of device siting in shelf in power-down mode00:42
DocScrutinizer05IQ VIN Quiescent Current Charger Off, Not Switching, VOUT = 3.3V, No l 60 120 215 ¬ľA00:45
wpwrakfor six months and 30 mAh, you could afford only 6 uA00:47
wpwrakbwahaha: http://electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/103941/why-do-i-have-to-solder-header-pins00:54
DocScrutinizer056uA seems about the quiescent current I'd accept without frowning00:58
DocScrutinizer05I start frowning at nn uA and gasping at nnn uA01:00
DocScrutinizer05but much worse that high quescent current is the fact that it doesn't stop at any voltage threshold01:02
wpwrakso it'll just suck the battery dry01:02
wpwrakinteresting: an open web rendering proxy: http://virtuallyfun.superglobalmegacorp.com/?p=386602:29
wpwraksome people in the security community are already salivating over it :)02:30
DocScrutinizer05virtuallyfun.superglobalmegacorp  C'MON04:12
DocScrutinizer05ok, another 4h for a bit of fun: http://projects.goldelico.com/p/neo900/issues/573/#ic170904:13
whitequarkDocScrutinizer05: c't hacks still hasn't arrived here :(10:37
whitequarkseems like they didn't send current issue at the end!10:40
wpwrakgive those poor postal workers a bit of time to read it ...10:43
Action: whitequark bought that acrylic, though it was more like $4517:00
whitequarknow I have more acrylic I could use in my whole life17:00
wpwraka few weeks later, whitequark buys a car, to make it easier to transport more of these sheets17:05
wpwrakto what size did they cut it for you ? and how thick is it ?17:06
whitequarkwpwrak: 1000x50017:11
whitequarkit is surprisingly heavy17:11
wpwrak3 mm ... so 2D cuts17:12
wpwrakyou'll be going back to them when you move into 3D :)17:12
whitequarkno sheets thicker than 4mm17:13
whitequarkhrm. no blades in the box with the jig saw.17:31
whitequarkdicks. their next model by cost has one. I thought they'll place one with this one too :/17:32
wpwrakwell, you want to get a nice bade anyway. nothing too coarse.18:05
whitequarkhmmm, any advice on that?18:06
whitequarkfor wood, acrylic, maybe aluminium profile, *maybe* very thin steel18:07
wpwrakif you can find something specifically for acrylic, you may try it18:13
wpwrakelse, just get the one with the smallest teeth. that would usually be one for metal.18:14
whitequarkI see... thanks!18:15
wpwraksmall teeth = smooth cuts and not a lot of kicking and bouncing of the machine18:15
wpwrakdrawback: heat could become an issue. but let's see how it goes.18:16
whitequarkhm... if you keep a sheet of acrylic in air and bounce it back and forth, it produces a funky noise18:17
wpwrakyes, you get this with many materials :)18:18
whitequarklemme cut something from it18:23
Action: whitequark sighs18:36
whitequarkI have 13 mains sockets right now, and I need at least two more18:36
whitequarkstarting to wonder whether I will fry something in the walls18:36
whitequarkthat would be unfortunate. and reminds me, I should probably get a fire extunguisher18:37
wpwrakmaybe time to install smoke detectors inside the walls :)18:43
whitequarkI have a blob of acrylic all over my endmill.18:43
whitequarkhow the fuck do I remove it.18:44
wpwrakremove endmill. then gently turn the acrylic along with the endmill's windings18:44
wpwraknext time, lower spindle speed :)18:45
whitequarkcan't turn18:45
whitequarkit's welded well18:45
wpwrakthen make a length-wise cut with a cutter18:45
wpwrakwhat size endmill did you use ?18:46
wpwrakreasonable enough18:46
wpwrakah, that's those 1x5 mm monsters18:46
wpwrakthat'll be a bit more difficult then. maybe try to dissolve it18:47
wpwrakacetone may do the trick18:47
wpwrakyou could also try to heat it gently and then try to spin it off18:48
wpwrakif all else fails, pyrolysis with a hot flame18:48
whitequarkoooooh, flame18:48
whitequarkthat I can make18:48
wpwrakwhy am i not surprised ...18:49
whitequarkworked really well18:51
whitequarkis it bad for endmills to become red hot?18:51
wpwrakwe'll see ...18:51
wpwraknext time, less hot flame ...18:52
whitequarkrussian flame not have "less hot" setting. russian flame burn like sun at all time.18:52
wpwrakat least it seems that your heat source was of a chemical nature18:53
whitequarkfilthy westerner, you not know that "sun" mean thermonuclear?!18:54
Action: whitequark ponders on the metaphysical consequences of wearing a fake russian accent while actually being russian18:54
whitequarkso. you say 18k rpm is too much18:54
wpwrak(sun) oops :)18:54
wpwrakthe acrylic seems to be of that opinion18:55
whitequarklet's try 8k18:55
wpwrakwhat's your feed rate ?18:55
whitequark100mm/min with 8k18:57
whitequarkcalculated by g-wizard, for which I paid $70 and therefore it is infallible18:57
whitequarkno, 8k results in mostly same18:58
wpwraki use 2 mm/s with a 3.175 mm endmill18:58
wpwrak6500 rpm here18:58
wpwrakhigher feed rate should actually make it less likely to melt18:59
wpwrakmaybe your "acrylic" isn't really acrylic ...19:00
whitequarkow. dropped that endmill and broke it.19:01
whitequarkI only have three left...19:01
whitequarkfortunately I already ordered 20 more :p19:01
wpwrakyeah, i can vividly imagine that these 1x5 mm mills break REALLY easily ;-)19:02
whitequarkthey do.19:02
wpwrakhopefully shorter ones19:02
whitequarkwell... my material is 3mm. so need at least 4mm of length.19:02
whitequarkok, S2000 F3019:02
wpwrakor a thicker mill19:02
wpwrakfor all those cases and fixtures, i use the 3.175 mm endmill. of course, i use acrylic for 3D, so my pieces are even thicker than yours19:05
whitequarkdamn, that just made it much worse19:07
whitequarkbasically the melted blob of acrylic on the endmill destroys everything on its path19:09
whitequarkokay... F500 S1300019:14
whitequarkagain recommended by gwizard19:14
whitequarkand with tool d=3.17519:14
whitequarkoh my god the screams19:15
whitequarkday 10: We are now practically covered in red-hot acrylic. I have never heard material scream this loud. All hope is gone.19:18
whitequarkokay... for "fine finish" it recommends S12350 F5219:20
whitequarkugh no.19:23
whitequarkoooooh got it19:26
whitequarkwrong direction.19:26
whitequarkif cutter is to the right of material, all the gross chips are left on the garbage side19:27
whitequarkfrankly, the sounds it produces while milling truly are horrifying19:29
wpwrak"chips" what on earth are you doing ?19:30
whitequarkchips = cut material, isn't it?19:30
wpwrak"chips" is usually large bits. what you should get is something like sawdust19:31
whitequarkno. I get huge melted acrylic strands19:31
wpwraki'm beginning to realize how things went wrong in chernobyl ...19:31
larscso what are your neighbors thinking about all the noises from your appartment?19:32
whitequarklarsc: if they come over, I'll tell them to fuck off19:32
whitequarkthis is a good retribution for 1 year of almost constant drilling of walls19:32
wpwrak"let's hope they kill each other before anyone of them gets out catches us" ?19:32
wpwrak#s/out/out/ and/19:33
wpwrakmaybe reducing the milling depth could lower the heat production (and also the screeching). i do 2 mm at a time. but you could also try less19:46
wpwrakstill puzzling, though19:46
whitequarkhmmm, that makes sense19:47
wpwrakand, how is it going ? are the neighbours already undusting their guns ?20:06
whitequarknah no one came20:08
whitequarkguns huh20:08
Action: whitequark plans to make a railgun sometimes20:08
whitequarkfun fact: it's not classified as a "weapon" under russian law20:08
wpwrakcause of death: "physics"20:10
whitequarkwell, you can write that for literally every case20:10
whitequark"life is a sexually-transmitted disease with 100% mortality"20:11
larscfor now20:12
wpwraknow we know what he's working on in his spare time20:24
larscmy personal clone army20:26
wpwrakhmm, first you make yourself immortal and invulnerable, and then you create competitors with the same characteristics ?20:27
larscI'm only working on the first problem20:28
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: atusb/fw/: DFU: support multiple sets of flash operations; support multiple alt settings (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-wpan/8f2f13c20:28
wpwrakan eternal life, scared of attackers and accidents ? hmm20:29
larscI once wondered if you wouldn't die of natural causes if there was a threshold where the chance of having been in a life ending accident basically becomes 99.9999% so that it is impossible to live beyound that age20:34
whitequarkwell... it will never become 100%20:35
whitequarkthen you just have to decide where to cut off20:35
larsce.g. lets say there is a one in a million chance you get run over by a car, how long would you have to live that you were eventually run over by a car20:35
whitequarkthat also all assumes a typical life20:36
whitequarkif you don't walk on roads, you're not going to get hit by a car20:36
wpwrakwhitequark: sometimes cars and up on sidewalks or in houses ...20:37
wpwrakseems that his neighbours got him in the end. or maybe it was the acrylic.22:30
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