#qi-hardware IRC log for Saturday, 2014-03-15

wpwrakzrafa: hmm, better than nothing ... though not much :(00:19
wpwrakzrafa: as a first test, you could look at VDD and nRESET. trigger on nRESET falling. then see if VDD is stable. pick a slow time basis, something like 10 ms/div or slower.00:20
wpwrakzrafa: if that looks okay, proceed with SWD_CLK vs. nRESET. see if the clock pulses appear and whether they have a good shape.00:21
wpwrakzrafa: finally, you'd go to SWD_DIO vs. SWD_CLK, triggering on SWD_CLK. that will show you a lot of things ... if they stay on the screen long enough00:22
wpwrakyou really need to get a DSO for such things :)00:22
zrafawpwrak: I will try and let you know how our experiments go ;)00:41
zrafathanks a lot btw00:44
wpwrakno problem :)00:52
whitequa1kDocScrutinizer05: (putin) true01:14
whitequa1k(mass media) no, they did better. they just destroyed whatever they could (all lenta.ru staff basically resigned) and then blocked everything else01:14
whitequa1kthere's a huge (government-known) protest scheduled tomorrow01:14
whitequa1ktoday actually01:14
whitequa1kI'm pondering going there but not quite sure. people were beaten and imprisoned for months before...01:15
nicksydneyDocScrutinizer05: might find this interesting http://gigaom.com/2014/03/14/holland-says-yes-to-the-network-agnostic-sim-card/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+jkOnTheRun+%28GigaOM:+Mobile%29 01:23
kyakDocScrutinizer05: so you have your own opinion on Ukraine subject? That's great!03:16
Action: whitequark tries not to cry while watching http://thedailyshow.cc.com/videos/gtb1g6/csi--crimea-scene-investigation07:21
whitequarkbefore you ask: I've checked and all the news fragments they're using are genuine07:22
whitequarkwpwrak: http://imgur.com/Cp2rUu6 any idea wtf is this?07:33
whitequarkalso: http://imgur.com/hUoqSnb,sU97KK4#107:47
whitequarkwpwrak: also, those cheap .2mm endmills are worthless08:46
whitequarkthe deflection is up to a millimeter. the head travels in a straight line at 10 or 20 mm/min, the end of the endmill travels in huge circles almost up to 1mm in dia08:47
Action: kyak doesn't cry at all while watching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iej-kuaN1Mg09:07
whitequarkDocScrutinizer05: you'll like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4mXLcQUixs&feature=youtu.be09:39
wpwrak(bonus pack) luxury toothpicks ?09:52
wpwraktry going MUCH slower ?09:53
wpwraki'm amazed that they survive 1 mm deflection. are they made of rubber ?09:53
whitequarkwpwrak: well, they were sold as HSS10:06
whitequarkkeep in mind they're 4mm long and 0.2mm thick10:06
whitequark5mm long even10:06
whitequarkI'm a bit at a loss to who thought this is a good idea10:06
whitequarkor perhaps, I now understand much better why are they so cheap10:07
wpwrakthese are drills, not endmills :)10:08
whitequarkwell, they were sold as endmills!10:08
wpwrakat 0.2 mm, plan on a length of 0.5 mm +/- 0.1 mm10:08
wpwrak(for an endmill)10:08
whitequarkit is possible that you are right10:09
whitequarkendmill should have a flat end, right?10:09
wpwrakdepends. most do, but it can have almost any shape10:09
whitequarkwell I mean, if it's conical, then it is certainly not an endmill, right?10:09
wpwrakit could still be an endmill. a conical one :)10:10
whitequarkwhat is a difference between a conical endmill and a drill then?10:10
wpwrakbut you probably know for sure that any drill will be conical :)10:10
wpwraknot sure how exactly they differ if they have similar shapes. the endmill cuts anywhere along the thread but maybe drills do, too10:11
whitequarkI'm faaaairly certain that it does have a conical end10:11
wpwrakendmills are designed for lateral loads while drills aren't. so they're shorter and usually harder10:12
whitequarkmy eyes don't quite have enough resolution to figure this out, even with a loupe10:12
whitequarklemme take a picture10:12
wpwrakat some size it gets hard to see the difference10:13
wpwrakbut anyway, they'e far too long to be normal endmills10:13
wpwraktypical diameter to height ratio at small sizes is in the order of 1:210:13
wpwrakwell, maybe a bit more. 1:4 seems more typical10:16
wpwrakthough some make them shorter10:16
wpwrakbelow 1 mm, it gets closer to 1:310:17
wpwrake.g., i see in a shop one for 0.3 mm -> 1 mm10:17
whitequarkgrr, not good enough10:19
whitequarkI'm at rigidity limit of my tripod...10:19
wpwrakabove diameters of about 2-3 mm, the length can considerably increase. seems that you're at a point there where the softer materials are hardly a burden anymore10:19
wpwrake.g., that same shop has one with 3 mm -> 52 mm10:19
wpwraklooks like a drill :)10:20
wpwraktry moving it sideways at 0.5 mm/s or slower, see if it still dances around10:21
wpwrakbtw, you're lucky that it's HSS. if it was tungsten, you'd have chopped it right off at 10 mm/s10:21
whitequarkcan't get a better pic10:29
whitequarktbh I'm not sure I even understand what is it at the end10:29
whitequarkor in fact I can10:31
whitequarkwpwrak: http://i.imgur.com/dHJPuPO.jpg10:32
whitequarkanother endmill/drill(?) though10:32
wpwraklooks like a drill10:34
wpwrakmaybe the cn->en dictionary has drill -> bit (they're synonymous after all) and the cn->en dictionary has bit -> endmill10:36
whitequarkwith less chromatic aberration: http://i.imgur.com/d2Rqemx.jpg10:36
whitequarkdefinitely does look like a drill10:36
whitequarkokay, time for more angry amazon reviews10:37
wpwrakgood picture. and yes, it's till a drill :)10:37
whitequark(picture) yeah, this camera's pretty amazing. quite a good microscope in fact!10:38
whitequarkhahaha lolwhat, it says "carbide" in description but "tungsten steel" below10:40
wpwrakdilithium-plastic :)10:41
DocScrutinizer05usual, tungsten steel with tungsten carbide finish or cutting stones10:43
wpwrakbut according to the amazon reviews, someone got it to work for pcbs. of course, running very slowly, but that's already clear from the shape10:43
DocScrutinizer05oops nope, they say tungsten steel BLADE10:46
whitequarkI bought two sets of endmills from different amazon vendors10:58
whitequarknow I look at them and there's exactly same handwriting on labels10:58
larscbless you!11:21
Action: whitequark giggles11:22
whitequarkI accidentally triggered yubikey, if you're curious11:25
whitequarkwpwrak: so I finally got some plywood for victim material11:33
whitequarkidea: mill out a grid of depressions on the bottom side. place nuts inside. wait for squirrels to appear11:33
whitequarker, I meant: use bolts to quickly move fixture on the top side without unscrewing the sheet completely11:34
whitequark6mm plywood... not very much headroom but should work11:34
whitequarksay, an M3 nut is 2.4mm thick. mill out a 3mm deep depression. use a 12mm screw. then actually use the remains of my 6mm sheet in this way:11:39
whitequarkcut out a small rectangular piece. drill hole for screw. mill off material off half the piece where the workpiece will be11:40
whitequarkwhat do you think?11:40
wpwrakwhitequark: for comparison, here's a 12 mil endmill, usable length 18 mil: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/werner/tmp/6mil-9mil.jpg12:56
wpwrakand here 12 mil, usable length 18 mil: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/werner/tmp/12mil-18mil.jpg12:57
wpwrak(wood) why not just: 1) put wood on mill, 2) put workpiece on top, 3) fix workpiece with clamps, making it push down on wood. i.e., keep things simple :)12:59
wpwraki also made some fancy fixtures (of aluminium, no less) at first but then never used them ...12:59
CYB3RHi all!13:37
DocScrutinizer05dang, Ukraina goes hot16:19
DocScrutinizer05and of course Russia is going "Oh, they gather tanks and weapons behind the frontier. This looks like a serious threat agianst our own troops' ability to move in there. So let's move in there before it is too late"16:21
DocScrutinizer05the Georgia model16:22
whitequarkwpwrak: well yes, that is exactly what I want to do17:28
whitequarkhow are you going to attach clamps to wood?17:28
wpwraknot to the wood but to the thing on top17:38
wpwrakwell, unless you have to glue it to the wood. depends on the use17:38
wpwrakif you have to glue, maybe take plastic-laminated wood. that would have a smooth surface. and then clamp the wood17:40
DocScrutinizer05glueing the PCB is probably never a really nice idea, unless it's only about drilling holes all way through17:46
DocScrutinizer05Z axis undefined when glueing17:46
DocScrutinizer05not that it would drift, once you glued it, but for sure you can't define beforehand where the PCB will be on Z-axis17:47
DocScrutinizer05which is particularly nasty since generally you want to make sure that PCB is parallel plane to your CNC table and thus the X/Y-plane17:48
DocScrutinizer05maybe your controller sw can cope with non-level non-"horizontal" surface of PCB, then all you need to do is taking values for 3 precise level measurepoints17:51
wpwrakglue, raise bit a little, then position the head in the "on pcb" position, release the bit, drop it on the pcb, then tighten again18:02
wpwrak(where "glue" = double-sided adhesive tape)18:11
DocScrutinizer05doesn't help18:59
DocScrutinizer05long live unicode:  ^\^19:37
DocScrutinizer05almost as weird as %coffee19:38
DocScrutinizer05meh! I thought I had %coffee like jk19:39
DocScrutinizer05W T 1F595 ?21:59
DocScrutinizer05dang, my system not even knows ýý22:11
wpwrakfor a bit of weekend relaxation, i found this nice rogue-like: http://www.zincland.com/7drl/kobold/22:26
DocScrutinizer05Oh my. what were those called? text adventures?22:43
wpwrakrogue-like :)22:48
wpwrakit's a pretty funny one. very tongue-in-cheek22:48
wpwrakto run it, if the binary doesn't work, you need ...22:48
DocScrutinizer05I wonder what happened to Elite (recent sequel). I think Braben(?) should have finally finished it.22:51
wpwrakand then these instructions: http://pastebin.com/Remq9bei (apply patch after unzipping)22:51
wpwrakelite ... that's from before the war, right ?22:52
wpwraki mean the one with napoleon22:52
DocScrutinizer05yes, that's from before the KT-impact23:15
DocScrutinizer05I wonder if they eventually will offer "Elite: Dangerous" for linux too23:26
DocScrutinizer05I mean, when they can offer for osx23:26
DocScrutinizer05((age)) this should answer it ;-) >>Elite © 1984 David Braben & Ian Bell. Frontier © 1993 David Braben, Frontier: First Encounters © 1995 David Braben and Elite: Dangerous © 2012, 2013 Frontier Developments plc.<<23:32
DocScrutinizer05I first played Elite on a Schneider CPC6423:35
DocScrutinizer05I admit it was much more fun on Amiga1000 with color monitor23:54
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