#qi-hardware IRC log for Thursday, 2014-03-13

nicksydneywpwrak: ping05:22
kyakviric: sorry :) will be able to try today in the evening if someone won't be faster08:30
kyakviric: if you give me the exact command, that would be easier, since i never used gpg directly08:30
viricahh :) ok08:31
viricI'll try to be online, don't worry08:31
paul_boddieviric: I've generated shorter keys with gpg on the Ben. Is there something special about the 4096 bit key length?08:55
paul_boddieYou'll get a lot of complaints about insufficient entropy, of course. Maybe I should make an accelerometer an entropy source via the 8:10 slot.08:58
viricah, about the entropy...09:05
paul_boddieWhy there isn't enough entropy?09:10
paul_boddieI get that warning on desktop machines these days.09:10
Action: paul_boddie will be back later on.09:34
wpwraknicksydney: mmh ? don't ping, just speak your mind :)09:54
nicksydneywpwrak: was wondering where everybody is...been really quite :)13:24
wpwrakprobably all busy watching mh370 rumors:)13:47
wpwrakwhich raises the question ... why aren't you ? what do you know that you're not telling ? :)13:48
kyakviric: gpg says "no valid OpenPGP data found" after i try to enter message14:45
Action: whitequark ponders at http://hackaday.com/2014/03/13/manual-pick-and-place/15:41
whitequarkseems like very simple design15:41
wpwrakad a few motors for semi-automation, and it could be pretty good16:49
DocScrutinizer05UG in Gruendung! \o/16:54
wpwrakis Gruen-dung an organic fertilizer or the name of a place ? and wo is UG ?17:05
larsc'umgangssprachlich als Mini-GmbH und 1-Euro-GmbH bezeichnet'17:20
virickyak: auhm18:06
nicksydneywpwrak: i know as much as others know :)21:20
nicksydneywpwrak: how's situation down there ?21:20
wpwraksunny, warm, dry. rather pleasant.21:27
whitequarkwpwrak: (a few motors) yeah, that's the idea21:41
whitequarkhahaha this CNC is awesome21:46
whitequarkfsvo awesome21:46
whitequarka guy writes me:21:46
whitequark> Hope you dont mind me emailing you I'm having the same problems as21:46
whitequark> you with the 3020 cnc it keeps blowing the L7812 and NE555 have21:46
whitequark> changed them 3 times now today it went again and took out the fuse too21:46
whitequark> the problem is I've got almost 1000 product names to engrave and I can21:46
whitequark> only run it for a day before it goes again :-(21:46
nicksydneywpwrak: time to head to the beach :) .... see all those smooth silky bikini clad :)21:46
whitequarkactually, I get surprising amount of email for the very few pageviews lab.wq.org attracts...21:47
whitequarkit averages at about 10 per day, and I receive at least a letter per week21:47
wpwrakwhitequark: i get about 1-2 "you saved my dishwasher !" mails per year for this one: http://www.almesberger.net/ld87/al03.html21:59
whitequark>After I started to run out of kitchen space for dirty dishes :D22:00
wpwrakpragmatism :) the pictures aren't very good. back then, i didn't fiddle with the color curves, and it shows :(22:02
whitequarkI find it that GIMP's Levels’Auto command usually does a very good job22:02
whitequarkrather, it does a good job with indoor lighting, and with sunlight it's OK to post them as they are22:03
wpwrakmmh, i often find that the interesting bits can be enhanced. but yes, with sunlight, much less tweaking is usually needed22:03
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