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whitequarkyeah, could work00:00
wpwrakflash-heat it so that the water/solvent evaporates instantly, forcing the paint onto the pcb :)00:21
DocScrutinizer05err, that's what I basically said, yes00:35
DocScrutinizer05of course you also could use a multilayer PCB and cut trenches at least through 2 copper layers, then you could apply high voltage to both layers to create a tiny spark in each trench that would "explode" the paint out ;-P00:39
wpwrakhah, i have the solution. take a thin copper sheet. apply etch mask leaving only the silk exposed. place copper sheet on PCB. then take paint, 35% HCl, and 50% peroxide, mix, and apply evenly to the copper. with so much peroxide, the acid will wolf down the copper in a second or so, which is very exothermic, so the acid will boil off, leaving only the paint. problem solved.01:10
wpwrakand, as always, don't forget the video for youtube :-)01:10
nicksydneyseems like things are going to get much cheaper from China http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-02-27/chinese-currency-plunges-most-over-5-years-biggest-weekly-loss-ever-yuan-carry-trade  :)11:47
whitequarknah, yuan is tightly controlled. Pretty sure this was planned11:52
nicksydneywhitequark: true it "can" be controlled and it will be but again at what cost to the govt as US is tapering11:54
whitequarkwell, perhaps11:56
nicksydneyMajor bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox, has lost nearly all the virtual currency held in its systems ... http://www.cnbc.com/id/101455170 ... as expected....now here comes the crash !12:06
whitequarkno, it does not12:07
whitequarkthe "crash" has already happened, and it was about... 12 hours long?12:07
whitequarkif by "crash" you mean "dropped from $550 to $400", of course.12:08
whitequarkmtgox is but one player, and not the most important one for sure12:08
nicksydneywhitequark: this will change the playing field and now the "authority" will have an excuse to "crush" bitcoins as they are waiting for the right reason to do this12:11
whitequark"authority" doesn't need an excuse. that's because it is authority.12:12
nicksydneyor at least they will be put under the microscope and they will start regulating the virtual currency12:12
whitequarkyou do realize mtgox was heavily regulated, don't you?12:13
nicksydneynow they have a "solid" excuse to do it so they cannot be blamed when it happens :)12:13
whitequarkbullshit. countries have banned bitcoin on a whim in the past. this doesn't change anything12:13
whitequarkand it's not like mtgox is the first bitcoin-related business to go broke12:14
wpwraki concur. mt. gox doesn't matter (except to those who had their coins there)12:14
whitequarksome didn't even have to ban it. e.g. after bank of russia issued an "advice" about bitcoin, all exchanges I know have self-regulated, where by "regulated" I mean "stopped doing any business in RU"12:16
wpwrakthe main problem with mt. gox is that many people - like nicksydney does - think it's important. of course, that's who currencies work - if nobody believes they'll get something for a given currency, it has no value. self-fulfilling prophecy at its finest :)12:16
wpwrakwhitequark: well, "russia", "advice", "self-regulation" ;-)12:17
whitequarkthe "advice" boiled down to "bitcoin is mainly an instrument of speculation", which is kinda even true, and it did not have any legal consequences for those operating. alas, that's how RU works.12:17
whitequark(mtgox is important) well, market doesn't consider it very important--see for yourself.12:17
wpwrakyes, it's mainly in the "man on the street"'s opinion12:18
whitequarkthe problem with mtgox always was lack of liquidity. you could withdraw USD two times a year.12:18
nicksydneywpwrak: changing a mindset that has been established for hundred of human years can't be done within few years same with regulation...no matter how much you want to go against it won't be able to alter it...probably it make a dent 12:19
whitequarkand only after jumping through absurd legal hoops12:20
whitequarknicksydney: bitcoin isn't fundamentally against regulation12:20
whitequarktake a look at US startups working with bitcoin. all of them invariably have to deal with taxes, regulation, identification and the like. this doesn't diminish usefulness of bitcoin.12:21
whitequarkit's very much like cash in that regard12:21
nicksydneygold, silver, copper and oil is the same like bitcoin which cannot be traded on physical level but it can be "transacted" and can be taxed however it takes a LONG time for people to accept that it can be "transacted" 12:23
nicksydneydon't see any productive value in Bitcoin...better off investing in farms :)12:24
whitequarkuntil about 1970, USD was literally transacting gold12:25
nicksydneyseems like the Chinese IC vendors are really kicking into high gears http://www.cnx-software.com/2014/02/28/mediatek-smartphone-soc-roadmap-until-2015/12:25
whitequarkit is already accepted12:25
whitequarkproductive value? take a look at paypal. try to accept money from someone. then come back and say bitcoin is useless :p12:25
nicksydneywell paypal is a means to "transfer" from one account to another not a currency that you can convert to :)12:26
whitequarkin other words, main value of bitcoin for a consumer is that they do actually keep their money themselves, not in hands of some third party which can freeze or forfeit their assets on a whim12:26
whitequarksure. it is however true that you cannot transfer dollars online without trusting them to some third party, who more often than not would be borderline hostile to you/12:28
whitequark(well, there are some experiments in that direction, e.g. Ripple. we'll see how they fare)12:29
ysionneauoops wrong window :)14:16
whitequarkgrmbl. the stencil thing doesn't really work out well.14:16
whitequarkeagle tends to arrange lines in pretty random ways, which really messes the output14:17
whitequarkadditionally, there's stuff like lines merging not at ends (think -|)14:18
whitequarkDocScrutinizer05: Walter got some Galden LS-230 from ASSCON \o/14:37
wpwrakMr. White, his dealer15:12
whitequarkhm... neither ruby nor ocaml nor rust have any gerber parsers15:20
whitequarkwpwrak: do you know of a sane gerber parser in C?15:20
whitequarkotoh. seems not that complex. http://fab.cba.mit.edu/classes/MIT/863.03/topics/machining/nc/cam.py15:21
wpwrakcaemo has a parser for kicad's gerber ... :)15:44
wpwrak... and it also has ways to access opencascade, in case some trickier geometric operations are needed. of course, opencascade, being C++, is a brspitawa to use ...15:45
DocScrutinizer05wpwrak: russian lessons?19:15
DocScrutinizer05hmmm   http://www.google.com/search?q=brspitawa  >Your search - brspitawa - did not match any documents.<19:16
whitequarkwpwrak: well, that's trivial enough I won't need to pull in caemo...20:32
wpwrakbrspitawa = Bloody Royal Screaming Pain In The Ass, With Afterburners. and ye,s i made that one up for the occasion :)20:50
rjeffriesvia Twitter [Tony Garnock-Jones @leastfixedpoint ] Broadcom have released full VideoCore IV documentation! http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/6299 21:10
rjeffrieswhitequark I am not an expert and IANAL but at first glace, it could be pretty interesting.21:14
rjeffriesyou open souce experts can quickly dampen my enthusiasm, one assume. LOL 21:14
wpwrakDocScrutinizer05: whee, 333 ! and crossed 70 kEUR. now you're rich AND legion !21:29
larscsoon facebook will buy the neo900 project for 20billion usd ;)21:31
wpwrakwe should the ask to have our "donations" converted from prepayment to shares :)21:32
DocScrutinizer05yeah, neo900 succeeds while maemo goes suicide22:32
whitequarkI'm really bothered by software for neo90022:35
whitequarkor lack thereof22:35
whitequarkoooh, replicant 4.222:35
whitequarkwpwrak: talking about scopes23:52
whitequark1102E vs 1074Z23:52
whitequarkboth 100MHz. 1102 is 2ch but with separate physical controls. 1074 is 4ch but multiplexed controls23:52
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