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nicksydneytrying to understand about touch controller...looking at product like this http://www.sis.com/products/product.aspx?m=588&region=en-global&rcsn=49&rssn=53&risn=186 ..it says "32bit RISC touch-screen panel processor " does this mean that this IC is only used for processing touch or it is also used to drive screen too ? 01:57
wpwrakapparently only touch02:10
nicksydneyinteresting.. so that means most x86 devices uses touch ic02:18
nicksydneywhile ARM based probably not (not 100% sure)02:18
nicksydneylet me see if imx6 has got a touch02:18
nicksydneylooking at the datasheet  http://cache.freescale.com/files/32bit/doc/fact_sheet/IMX6SRSFS.pdf?&Parent_nodeId=129226228141673454B24A&Parent_pageType=taxonomy apparently not02:20
nicksydneyso that means touch is a separate ic 02:20
nicksydneyeven in ARM02:20
wpwraknote that there are tricks to do touch in other ways. have a look at the app notes. sometimes there's one about that.02:26
nicksydneyoh really..ok i check it out02:26
nicksydneythe iMX solo lite single core cost $14 something buying direct from freescale (for low qty)02:27
nicksydneybut BGA :)02:27
wpwrakif you want tqfp, get an i.MX233 :)02:27
nicksydneycorrect me if i'm wrong with this kind of chip (for eg: MX233) the only way to "program" them is either it boots up from sdcard or flash ?02:29
nicksydneyit's not like programming the cortex-m series 02:29
nicksydneyuhhh...mx233 no longer manufactured according to freescale which means the price supposed to be cheaper but noooo...it's the same pricing as imx6 ...wth02:32
wpwrakoh, EOL ? crap02:40
wpwrakand no, prices go up then02:40
wpwrak(pgm) it doens't have internal flash, so you need to feed it from the outside. there's usually a ton of options for doing that02:40
whitequarkthe comments are full of people failing to understand what migen is06:08
nicksydneywhitequark: does migen with any FPGA ?06:14
nicksydneyinterested to get one of this http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/Papilio-One-250K-p-809.html?cPath=6_10 later on06:15
whitequarkafaik it does06:15
apeleteHi larsc09:14
apeletelarsc: still going to FOSDEM ?09:14
apeleteoh, too bad :-(09:21
apeleteI guess pcercuei isn't going either then09:23
larsche's moving to Munich this weekend09:25
apeletethat's a good news :)09:29
apeletetoo bad we won't be meeting this weekend though, maybe another time09:30
apeletelarsc: btw, I've been documenting the process of writing an musb glue layer (since I'm stuck on the mmc driver dma right now)09:54
apeletelarsc: it's still a draft, but do you still it would be useful enough to be submitted upstream ?09:55
larscmore and better documentation is always good09:56
apeletelarsc: okay, will try to do this thoroughly enough to be useful, then I'll show you the final result before trying to submit it09:58
qwebirc67069anybody here?11:42
larschello qwebirc6706911:42
qwebirc67069ii have some problem with the avalon miner, which i cannot connect into it, so i can configure and start mining11:43
qwebirc67069any idea how could i get into it11:43
qwebirc67069i tried to reset the button on the back side near the rj45 port11:44
larscno idea what that is, sorry11:44
qwebirc67069and still i cannot get into it11:45
wpwraki know what it is but don't know details either ...11:45
wpwrakqwebirc67069: xiangfu would know :) ... if he was here right now 11:45
wpwraklarsc: avalon miner is an ASIC-based bitcoin miner. xiangfu is working on that.11:46
qwebirc67069yes, would be glad if somebody can be of help11:46
whitequarkwpwrak: working on avalon? huh11:50
wpwrakwhitequark: he's doing the control software11:59
whitequarkthat's kind of a sad thing to work on12:00
whitequarksince bitcoin is explicitly designed to make any kind of miners useless shortly after they're introduced12:00
wpwraki guess the idea it to make as much dough as you can while you're leading the pack12:12
wpwraknot a bad idea. better than building a patent fortress you defend with an army of IP lawyers for the next 20 years, like some others do :)12:13
wpwraklive fast, get rich, move on :)12:13
whitequarkwpwrak: most other companies simply mine the hell out of it, while they can12:13
whitequarkand then they deliver on the verge of maximum acceptable date, and when people actually get the miners, the difficulty is up already12:14
whitequarkif you're lucky, you offset the cost of the miner. usually it's even less than that12:14
wpwrakthe shadier ones do that, yes12:14
nicksydneywpwrak: "live fast, get rich, move on :)" --> if ever there is a way like that i'm open to suggestion :)13:15
wpwrakthe second line is: "... or die trying" :)13:18
larscI though it was 'die young'13:19
nicksydneyit's amazing how much i can really abuse kicad when i turn off DRC..it's like heaven !13:20
larscbreak all the rules13:21
wpwrakno design, no rules, no check ;-)13:22
nicksydneylove when you can break rules :)13:23
wpwraknow if i could just remember where i put that bag with all those charmingly expensive pogo pins ...13:33
larscis that what comes after the "move on"?13:34
nicksydneywpwrak: moving up to very tiny MCU http://ctrlv.in/289105 :)13:40
wpwrakit may have been a misguided attempt to put some order into my messy lab. that always backfires ...13:55
nicksydneygoing to attempt using the right angled header pin that i have lying around ... http://ctrlv.in/289108...http://ctrlv.in/289109 ... let's see how it will turn out :)13:59
nicksydneywpwrak: our brain is 'programmed' to remember where we put things last...if we move things around it will take sometime before the brain readjust it's positioning again :))14:00
wpwraki'd say our brain is programmed to remember there it remembers we put things. so if we move them around that memory may be wrong afterwards ...14:01
DocScrutinizer05looks like mirrored14:06
DocScrutinizer05sorry  http://ctrlv.in/289108 normalizing URL14:07
nicksydneyDocScrutinizer05: yes it's mirrored so when it is ironed to the copper board it looks the same as the screen14:08
DocScrutinizer05don't you hold it the wrong way round then?14:09
DocScrutinizer05ooh, and the post connector could scratch your print14:10
DocScrutinizer05btw you probably shouldn't touch the print resp the toner. Some fat from fingerprints may defeat transfer to PCB14:11
nicksydneyyes, when it is on the copper board the pin will be soldered the other way round14:11
nicksydneythe printout is just to test the size of the pin ... not using this one..i have a separate print later on with another different paper14:11
DocScrutinizer05aah, ok14:12
nicksydneyi always print out the board on a  A4 normal paper to layout the components first to get a visual understanding whether i can solder and whether there will be enough spacing, etc ...once im happy than i will print on the transfer toner paper 14:12
nicksydneythe printer was the best investment i made....$29 :)14:14
nicksydneyand will last me at least for another 1-2 yrs 14:14
nicksydneyFuji Xerox Docuprint P205b  ... they had a clearance sale when i bought it..so bought it at the right time14:15
nicksydneywpwrak helped me to troubleshoot the printer when i bought it :)14:15
nicksydneyDocScrutinizer05: anything exciting happening on the Neo-land ?22:49
nicksydneythe madness keep on rolling on from media http://www.macrobusiness.com.au/2014/01/the-chinese-want-your-land-not-the-house/22:51
wpwraknicksydney: they actually want the tender meat of your children. to feed their dogs.22:55
nicksydneywpwrak: can't say much better than that22:55
wpwrakbut it's nice to see that propaganda hasn't changed all that much since the first tribes gathered outside the caves ;-)22:56
nicksydneyhuman apperance can changed but attitude/behaviour will never ever changed22:56
nicksydneyonce an animal will always be an animal :)22:56
nicksydneyhad a painful experience adding driver for android ... thought the ubuntu version will work but NOT!....so found another driver for jellybean and voila! it works :)22:57
nicksydneylove it when all things falls into the right places22:57
wpwraksaid the brick as it hit your head :)22:58
nicksydneymust be a heavy brick 23:14
nicksydneylesson learned :)23:14
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