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nicksydneywpwrak: what's new04:43
whitequarkDocScrutinizer05: it's just the Wordssmashedtogether10:02
whitequarkCapitalizedwordssmashedtogether :p10:02
larscI don't get it either ;)11:08
whitequarksigh... DHL, FedEx, Pony Express, UPS and DPD don't work with individuals in Russia anymore12:04
whitequarkbecause customs12:05
viricthey don't want to deliver to individuals?12:05
whitequark(they) who?12:06
lekernelwhitequark, register a company then :)12:36
whitequarklekernel: unfortunately that's a very expensive pain in the ass12:41
whitequarkyou'd need to pay about $3k/year to the retirement fund (which will be stolen anyway; Olympics 2014 was financed from that), and on top of that there's a ton of paperwork12:41
whitequarksoon, it seems that the easiest way would be to deliver to some european country and then just fly there and pick it up as baggage.12:42
whitequark(or just buy it in EU, but for US it's not an option--too expensive to fly.)12:43
lekernelfor registering and paying taxes, it's better than Germany :) http://www.doingbusiness.org/data/exploreeconomies/germany http://www.doingbusiness.org/data/exploreeconomies/russia12:43
whitequarkthat website is hilarious. assumes you're going to actually pay all taxes.12:44
lekerneleven better then :)12:44
whitequarkI don't know how it's in Germany, but here I've yet to see (closely) a single company to pay all of them12:45
whitequarkI actually suspect it's economically impossible to bring in any profit while paying all taxes12:45
whitequark(unless you're a multinational conglomerate or something)12:45
lekernelthose conglomerates are sending the profits overseas, take them off their balance sheet, and avoid taxes that way12:46
lekernelmaybe we should start one together12:46
lekernelhaving a network of companies registered in different parts of the world also helps when you bid on certain contracts12:47
whitequarkbtw: https://cryptopayment.ru/ in Russia, you can pay for utilities in bitcoin now!12:49
whitequarkI will try them out the next time a bill arrives12:50
CYB3RI have got few more questions about UBIBoot and jzboot.14:32
CYB3RDoes anybody know how to set this option in jzboot config: PHMDIV # Define the frequency divider ratio of PLL=CCLK:PCLK=HCLK=MCLK14:33
whitequarktake a look: http://www.dragoninnovation.com/projects/32-pulsedlight-single-board-range-finder-minimodule15:16
whitequarkI want to believe, but... delivery at May 2014? with funding ending with Feb?15:17
whitequarktwo months?!15:17
CYB3Risn't it just IR sensor?15:19
CYB3Rlooks like on 1:2515:20
whitequarkhm, then how does it work?15:21
whitequarkthere's really no details, and what details there are, aren't clear15:25
whitequarkit's apparently not actually a LIDAR15:25
whitequark"signature correlation" is not a scientific term as well15:26
whitequarkor maybe it is, hmm. http://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-642-81693-2_52 seems relevant15:27
whitequarkit's also irritating that in order to discuss the project you need to back it (although common on crowdfunding sites)15:30
CYB3RNot sure, but may be a fraud15:34
Action: whitequark submitted it to HN: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=710874215:37
whitequarkperhaps that generates some more ideas15:37
CYB3Rwhitequark: does jzboot use the same config with proprietary usbboot?15:52
whitequarkCYB3R: I don't remember if the format is exactly same15:53
whitequarkbut the values should be15:53
CYB3RBecause I failed to find out what PHMDIV actually is, maybe I just should leave it as a magic number15:54
whitequarkPHMDIV   = 3        # Frequency divider ratio of PLL=CCLK:PCLK=HCLK=MCLK15:54
CYB3Ryes, I already got this line, but the datasheet only mentions that " ICLK, PCLK, SCLK, MCLK and LCLK frequency can be changed separately for software by setting division ratio "15:58
CYB3RIt doesn't say what CCLK, PCLK, HCLK, MCLK should be16:01
whitequarkhttps://twitter.com/dragoninnovate/status/426389208651943936 huh16:25
whitequarksimilar "LIDAR": a camera looking at the size of the laser dot: http://xv11hacking.wikispaces.com/LIDAR+Sensor16:47
whitequarknot really a LIDAR, of course16:47
whitequarkbut that pulsedlight thing doesn't appear to have a camera...16:47
lekernelthat's a lattice fpga on there16:56
lekernelwell, cpld16:56
whitequarkmmm, fascinating16:58
whitequarkand it's ECONNREFUSED16:59
lekernelthat's just US patent 8125620, you can find it elsewhere16:59
whitequarkhm, wait, that's the great russian firewall apparently... works via UK proxy17:00
whitequarkooo, I think I understand... it doesn't directly measure the time, it measures how far out of phase the emitted and received signals are, right?17:01
apeletelarsc: started testing dma on mmc driver, cannot mount filesystem on sdcard any longer:22:52
apeletedebugging ongoing, code is here: http://git.seketeli.net/cgit/~apelete/qi-kernel.git/log/?h=jz4740-dma22:55
apeleteso, dma breaks mounting the rootfs on sdcard but there's no data corruption: kernel boots just fine when dma is deactivated, what a relief23:04
apeleteanyway, back to reading mmc code23:06
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