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nicksydneyseems like Germany is going to have a hard time with US trying to retrieve their 'assets'  http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-01-19/germany-has-recovered-paltry-5-tons-gold-ny-fed-after-one-year00:13
wpwraki see a bit of a conflict looming there00:23
nicksydneyGFC v2.0 coming for sure..can feel it in my bone00:34
nicksydneyanother Samsung Exynos 4412 board http://www.cnx-software.com/2014/01/20/69-nanopc-by-friendlyarm-features-samsung-exynos-4412-soc/ ... but adding shipping not much cheaper 00:51
nicksydneywpwrak: going to pick up the KL chip tomorrow :) ... a kind soul willing to take my order to combine our order together to save shipping :)07:20
CYB3R_Hi all!13:08
CYB3R_I found a description of boot process in ingenic-uboot. Here it is: https://gist.github.com/CYB3Rhuman/853984313:18
CYB3R_But few things are still not clear for me.13:18
CYB3R_How many bootloaders are there? Is U-Boot the SPL or is it launched after SPL?13:19
viricthe spl loads the nub into ram from nand13:19
CYB3R_Okay, so there are 3 bootloaders: IPL -> SPL -> NUB13:19
CYB3R_IPL is implemented in hardware, NUB is compiled and stored in NAND. So where do I have the SPL?13:21
viricit says that the IPL loads the SPL from nand13:22
CYB3R_Yes, but if I have clear NAND, should I write an SPL to it?13:23
viricI understand that.13:26
CYB3R_Where do I get SPL from?13:27
viricI have no idea. I only read that text:)13:28
CYB3R_There is also `nandboot` utility from Ingenic. This may be that magic SPL or an alternative to U-Boot.13:29
pcercueiCYB3R_: there are 4 loaders13:37
pcercueithe IPL which is in hardware13:37
pcercueithe SPL which is 8kB max,13:37
pcercueiand finally u-boot13:37
pcercueisorry, 313:37
pcercueithe SPL is a part of u-boot13:37
pcercueias u-boot is too big to fit in 8kB, it was cut in half13:38
pcercueithe first 8kB initialize the clocks and the RAM, then load the second part of u-boot from NAND13:38
CYB3R_pcercuei: Thank you! I found that U-Boot have both `u-boot-spl.bin` and `u-boot-nand.bin`13:44
CYB3R_So the IPL is part of JZ47XX chip and the other two loaders are two stages of U-Boot.13:45
CYB3R_Seems like we don't need any NAND configuration, because it just simply nowhere to store it.13:47
pcercueiwhat are you trying to do?13:47
CYB3R_We only use BOOTSEL0 and BOOTSEL1 combination to show that we need to boot SPL from NAND13:48
CYB3R_I'm just studying the xburst13:48
pcercueiwe have another bootloader for JZ47xx based chips, called ubiboot13:49
pcercueiit can boot from an UBI volume on a NAND or from a FAT filesystem on a SD card13:50
CYB3R_Wow, thank you. I was googling around, but only found nandboot and modified U-Boot13:50
pcercueiand it's less than 8kB13:50
CYB3R_Does UBIBoot only initialize SRAM? Or maybe it is capable of writting an image to framebuffer?13:52
pcercueiit doesn't initialize the video hardware13:55
pcercueithat was a design decision13:55
CYB3R_So it's better because there should be less steps.13:59
CYB3R_IPL -> U-Boot SPL -> U-Boot NUB -> Linux14:00
CYB3R_IPL -> UBIBoot SPL -> Linux14:00
viricthe ubiboot can load linux?14:02
pcercueiviric: yes14:04
pcercueiin raw format, not elf14:04
viricok, ready for ram14:04
CYB3R_pcercuei: what is raw format? I only know elf binaries.14:05
CYB3R_do you mean this bzImage?14:08
pcercueivmlinux.bin, vmlinuz.bin, bzImage.bin14:11
CYB3R_What tool do you use to put spl and kernel to nand? jzboot?14:19
pcercueijzboot yes14:22
CYB3R_pcercuei: I found three headers with different RAM configs for GCW0, where are Dingoo RAM config defined?15:53
pcercueidirectly in board-a320.c, I think15:54
CYB3R_Thank you. I have different sdram, so I should modify this15:55
viricI thought you said that you were simply curious. Now you have a different sdram15:56
CYB3R_I'm curious, so I'm trying to set it up15:57
CYB3R_I already have one jz47xx board (xz0032) and I aslo will try to create something of my own design16:00
pcercueiwhat version of the JZ?16:01
CYB3R_jz4725b and jz475516:02
CYB3R_all the others are bga so it's very tricky to solder it16:02
rjeffriesTom Cubie has his head screwed on right, me thinks. His new Rock chip based board is pretty nice, and reasonably open. But you tell me. http://radxa.com/download/20:42
CYB3R_pcercuei: could you please tell which toolchain are you using to build UBIBoot?22:30
pcercueithis one http://www.treewalker.org/opendingux/opendingux-toolchain.2012-06-16.tar.bz222:31
CYB3R_pcercuei: thank you, just downloaded it. I tried using Ingenic toolchain, but it lacks something and UBIBoot doesn't compile22:38
CYB3R_I don't like uClibc though, so I'll compile my own toolchain22:39
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