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whitequarkapparently the guys from the remailer consider the cnc machine "not for personal use"09:23
larscyou are only allowed to do altruistic work with it ;)09:32
whitequarki'm just going to check who is more stubborn09:33
whitequarklast time i had such a dispute (the isp guys told me they will fix the line in about a week), it took about five minutes of calm and quiet discussion. the service man arrived in less than an hour.09:35
wpwrak_what's the implication of 'not for personal use" in the case of the remailer ?09:40
whitequarksome customs bullshit09:41
whitequarkactually they didn't even tell me which item was infringing, much less the reason they think it is09:42
whitequarkway to make an effort09:42
wpwrak_oh joy ...09:42
Action: wpwrak_ celebrates the arrival of new toys :)16:34
larscwith vodka?17:43
wpwrak_hmm, that sounds like a nice idea :) but maybe after i'm done with today's shopping ...17:58
nicksydneywhat's up people !21:36
nicksydneywpwrak_: you got your christmas gift :)21:37
wpwrak_yeah, a nice little parcel from santa-digi-claus :)21:40
nicksydneynice......share some pics :)21:43
nicksydneymade USB board myself last night21:43
nicksydneydidn't mirror the design so made a mistake of GND and VBUS :) but all good after switching the LED position :)21:44
nicksydneysimple USB and LED :)21:44
wpwrak_avoiding all the messy protocol stack ;)22:00
nicksydneynah...i'm obsessed with USB as power source :)22:00
nicksydneyi was think "why do we need brick power" when you have USB :)22:01
nicksydneyi proclaim from now on all my project will use USB as power jack22:01
nicksydneyanelok is using USB which i like :)22:01
wpwrak_yeah, usb power is good22:02
nicksydneyjust a tip to share if you have this kind of USB https://dlnmh9ip6v2uc.cloudfront.net//images/products/5/8/7/miniUSB-1.jpg and don't like drill hole for that 2 protuding black holder at the back you can clip it off using nail cutter and file it just a bit ..and you good to go :)22:05
wpwrak_my cnc [1] mill isn't afraid of making a few more holes :) [1] http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/werner/tmp/vialtray-mill.jpg22:09
wpwrak_not doing a PCB there but this: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/werner/tmp/vialtray.jpg22:09
nicksydney http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/werner/tmp/vialtray.jpg --> this is cool...are those components inside those vial ?22:15
nicksydneyyes it is..i can see ohm and uF :)22:15
nicksydneyhttp://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/werner/tmp/vialtray-mill.jpg --> look like a cheese cake from far (if you remove the CNC machine) : )22:16
wpwrak_yup. 0402 and 0603 components. the perfect place for putting them :)22:28
wpwrak_and yes, the production of sawdust is rather impressive :)22:29
DocScrutinizer05get a vacuum to clean it right away during CNC producing it22:31
wpwrak_naw, this i like my mill to run very silently. like 3 am silent :)22:32
wpwrak_it resides is a double-walled box with foam between the walls. so you can hardly hear the screaming and screeching that goes on inside.22:33
apeletelarsc: acquiriing dma channel seems to work well: line 110 -> http://paste.debian.net/76056/22:39
apeletelarsc: did it by calling dma_request_channel(mask, NULL, host);22:39
apeleteso I didn't write a filter function yet22:39
apeletelarsc: as you can see I haven't done much, should have tested and reported it yersterday but I was too busy slacking off :)22:41
apeletelarsc: is it normal that dmaengine is printing "dma0chan0 busy", "dma0chan1 busy" and then goes on to requesting dma0chan2 just after dma0chan1 and dma0chan0 have been successfully requested there ?22:48
apelete(intentionally built the kernel with dmaengine debugging enabled, I'm just asking how to read/understand those debug prints)22:50
wpwrak_are you sure that's what's happening there ? i haven't looked at the code in question but the messages look more like saying "tried to get 0/0 but found it occupied, then tried to get 0/1 which was also occupied, but then i finally had better look with 0/2"23:24
wpwrak_bah, s/look/luck/23:24
apeletewpwrak_: I think you're right, that would make more sense23:45
apeletewpwrak_ larsc: which means I probably should write a filter function to filter out the busy channels instead of letting the dmaengine driver go through each one by itself23:47
apeleteanyway, will look at it tomorrow, time to go to bed23:48
apeletethanks for the insight wpwrak_23:48
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