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JewFro297Is this the sort of place people would discuss things like Verilog and CPU design?03:49
wpwrakwe sometimes do03:54
wpwrakthough such discussions are more common over on #m-labs (ex #milkymist)03:54
JewFro297Thanks, I'll go check it out. I'm looking for a new IRC channel to frequent03:55
wpwrakboth are good places :) and there's a large overlap in the channel populations03:56
JewFro297What do you guys talk about here?03:56
wpwrakoh, many things. the two most talked about projects here are the anelok password safe and neo90004:00
wpwrakthere's also a lot of less focused discussion, e.g., making PCBs, CNC, ...04:01
JewFro297Cool, sounds like a fun place to hang around04:02
wpwrakyeah. a bit quiet at the moment, due to the holidays04:19
JewFro297All good, I used to hang out on a quakenet channel #sauerbraten, they were always dead half the time. 04:20
kyakhalf the time is not bad at all!06:27
kyaki watched several IRC channels die in my eyes through the years. This one definitely hasn't even reached its peak :)06:29
kyaki like talking about how IRC is dying, if anyone wants to join :)06:30
DocScrutinizer05I like ranting about Jolla shooting their own foot whenever they see a faint opportunity to do so09:19
DocScrutinizer05THANKS Jolla! This definitely will help Neo90009:20
DocScrutinizer05""<Stskeeps> some might speculate that we're only doing this to ensure neo900 gets enough funds""09:20
whitequarkdoing what?09:23
wpwrakyou're getting close to 2^8 :)10:45
nicksydneywpwrak: found a way to search for footprint and other package information for Freescale MCU 11:08
nicksydneyreplace <PARTNUMBER> with your MCU of choice...tried with MK20DX128VLF5 for Cortex-M4 11:09
wpwrakhmm, you did see   dsv kl25  section 7.1 (page 45), right ?11:59
wpwraki think that's how i found it :)11:59
nicksydneywpwrak: ahhh...interesting.....12:46
DocScrutinizer05wpwrak: 22:06
DocScrutinizer05[2013-12-27 20:00:42] <DocScrutinizer05> 254 to be precise. maybe we hit the 2^8 til 01-0122:06
DocScrutinizer05[2013-12-27 20:01:24] <DocScrutinizer05> I wonder if it ever will make it to the 2^1022:06
DocScrutinizer05whitequark: they updated their bootloader to a lockedup version22:08
DocScrutinizer05so much for "Jolla. We're unlike"22:10
wpwrakDocScrutinizer05: good prediction :) three days to go and you're already at 0xff.22:11
wpwrak(jolla) well, the world is generally moving towards more open smartphones. so jolla may be right there :)22:25
wpwrakin other news, a big fat smoke cloud over the city. well, seems to have stopped smoking now. i wonder what that was.22:26
wpwraklet's see how many helicopters they send to investigate. one was already there, then left. i hear another one somewhere.22:26
wpwrakwhee, more smoke.22:31
wpwrakthere's a big shopping center in that area. thinking of it, there are also two stands of fireworks right next to it. hmm :)22:34
DocScrutinizer05wpwrak: time to pack that 500W laser back to its box, eh? 22:56
wpwrakhehe ;-)23:10
wpwraknow .. what does that cloud formation try to tell us ? http://www.almesberger.net/misc/clouds-20131228.jpg23:19
wpwrakah, and this is smoke with helicopter: http://www.almesberger.net/misc/smoke-20131228.jpg23:20
nicksydneywpwrak:(cloud formation) something approaching earth 23:20
nicksydneywpwrak: black smoke normally means wood :)23:20
wpwrakwikipedia suggests it's cirrocumulus stratiformis23:21
wpwrakand, still according to wikipedia, it means rain, or maybe not, or thunderstorms. ah yes, that's roughly what i expected :)23:24
wpwraknothing on the online news about the black smoke. yet another of those mystery clouds then, i guess23:32
viricwpwrak: for clouds, we name it "cabretes". Small goats. Altocumulus.23:33
wpwrakhmm, could be Altocumulus perlucidus ... let's see what it does ...23:35
wpwrak"weakening warm front". hmm. the forecasts say we'll have no rain tonight. doesn't quite feel like raining either.23:37
wpwrakbut tomorrow then. and maybe a big one on the 31st, around midnight :-(23:37
wpwraktomorrow may be fun. accuweather predicts "A dangerous t-storm". in the last days they used terms and icons i've never seen there before.23:40
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