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kristianpauldo you compile anelok firmware on nanonote?00:46
wpwrak_naw :)02:08
wpwrak_nanonote is not involved there02:08
wpwrak_i only used it briefly for the first OLED and wheel tests02:08
nicksydneywpwrak_: while having lunch i redid the top part of the design http://ctrlv.in/27584203:12
nicksydneywpwrak_: this is before peeling off the blue paper http://ctrlv.in/275843 03:14
nicksydneyjust need bit of touch up with sharpie...hope can get the ingredients today so i can etch it :)03:18
wpwrak_yeah. looks fairly reasonable. a bit more ironing and it would have been perfect.03:28
wpwrak_and yes, the remaining imperfections are fixable03:29
nicksydneythe question now is...what will happen after etching is done :)03:35
nicksydneyneed to find window$ machine first to flash the bootloader into the freedom board that i got03:37
nicksydneywpwrak_: i was looking through Freescale that anelok is using but i can't find any footprints information..how did you create the footprint in kicad ? 05:37
nicksydneywpwrak: got the peroxide but didn't get the hcl12:42
nicksydneywpwrak: looks like another weekend etching for me :)12:42
nicksydneywpwrak: the peroxide got 6% instead of 3%12:42
wpwrakvery good12:53
nicksydneyi was looking through Freescale that anelok is using but i can't find any footprints information..how did you create the footprint in kicad ? 13:12
wpwrakaka "dsv 48qfn" :)13:46
nicksydneyahhh.....didn't see that...i was looking through files that has got the word FRDM* or KL24* or KL2513:49
nicksydneyseems like Freescale does not include the footprint info with their normal datasheet ?13:49
nicksydneytime to hit the sack13:52
nicksydneygood nighit13:53
wpwrakback in power ...15:53
whitequarkthings you can do with a mill: http://habr.habrastorage.org/post_images/933/8da/56d/9338da56d29f148ee1575bd317c1b8a8.jpg16:07
wpwrakthese days of waiting will be hard on you ;-)16:08
whitequarkthe other thing that was hard was the realization that the remailer is going to charge me about $300 for that package16:09
whitequarkI suddenly feel like dealing with customs16:10
wpwrakhmm. mill is USD 500, shipping USD 400, remailing USD 300, ... so customs will be USD 200 ? :)16:11
whitequarkno, free shipping16:12
whitequarkand remailing is slightly more efficient since I could bundle packages from several other US-only vendors there as well16:13
whitequarkit still sucks...16:13
wpwrakah, so that's what you need the remailer for - to get that US-domestic free shipping16:14
whitequarknot quite (though that comes up as a bonus)16:15
whitequarkremailer does three things, mainly. first it allows me to work with vendors who only send to US16:15
whitequarksecond it ensures quick (compared to EMS) delivery of intact packages (unlike EMS)16:15
whitequarkthird they do the customs dance16:16
whitequark$300 is their complete price, there won't be anything on top of that16:16
wpwrakhmm, sounds like a courier service. except of course for the US domestic part16:18
whitequarkthat's pretty much it16:18
whitequarkwell, that's not only US. they have warehouses in US, UK, DE and CN16:25
wpwrakstill sounds a bit like a courier :) except that courier can't predict customs charges16:29
whitequarkI believe the charges for these kinds of packages (they explicitly disallow bulk ones) are based on a percentage of cost and a flat rate on weight16:36
whitequarkso it's trivial to predict them16:36
whitequarkso, yes, it's a specialized courier service for ecommerce16:36
wpwrakcost would still be the value your customs assess. they can decide not to believe the declared value.16:42
whitequarkhopefully that does not happen :]16:47
whitequarkDocScrutinizer05: btw, Chromium has the cookie blocking behavior you want, pretty much19:15
whitequarkyou can block all of them, it shows a tiny icon with a list of cookies, and you can click Allow for the ones you want.19:15
DocScrutinizer05now if only I knew why I feel nausea when reading Chromium20:31
DocScrutinizer05and God kill the Russian customs20:35
DocScrutinizer05ask PaulFertser20:35
DocScrutinizer05and those remailers or custom managers are even worse it seems, leagilzing bribery and charging twice for it being "legal"20:36
DocScrutinizer05legalizing even20:36
DocScrutinizer05iirc they asked 100..200EUR (equiv) from Paul for a N900 sent to him for a free development device, directly from Nokia20:37
wpwrakcustoms fees are a function of the value, not of how much you paid20:38
DocScrutinizer05in lime with the percentage of original goods value they try to charge you for handling that mill20:38
DocScrutinizer05in line*20:38
wpwrakbut if you're suggesting to simply abandon customs worldwide, them i'm all for it :)20:38
larschow about taxes on ip packets ;)20:42
larscwhenever you send a packet you have to declare its value20:43
wpwrakyou should propose that to ITU, that's where all the .gov folks hang out20:47
larscI should create an implementation first and then license the implementation for a minor percentage of the taxes ;)20:48
wpwraki think the insider term for this is "patent"20:50
larsc"A Method for Taxation of Digital Goods"20:52
whitequarkDocScrutinizer05: yes I'm slowly coming to same conclusion21:01
whitequarkreally the question is what I can do21:04
whitequark*can I21:04
wpwrakwhitequark: make some friends at the airlines21:05
DocScrutinizer05have it sent to some Poland friend and that friend transports it by train to Moscow21:05
DocScrutinizer05customs at train are so busy with searching for cigarettes and other weird stuff, and probably have NFC about such a weird machine21:06
whitequarkthat would really cost about the same, unless I know someone who travels often21:07
whitequarkand I don't think I do21:07
DocScrutinizer05anyway guess why Russia is missing on the dropdown for destinations in GTA04-Neo900 order page21:07
whitequarkI could also view this as universe motivating me to relocate in some nicer country21:08
DocScrutinizer05I really wonder how a single company in russia can operate and earn money21:08
whitequarkthat I can tell you21:09
whitequarkeveryone, and by that I mean literally everyone, if they're not a multinational corporation, evades taxes21:09
wpwrakwhitequark: and with all the money you save on takes, even you don't have any income, you get rich ?21:20
whitequarkwpwrak: I wouldn't say rich21:23
whitequarkI don't know anyone who would qualify as rich, and that would probably be more complex than that21:23
whitequarkit's more of a day-to-day business thing21:23
whitequarkeither you officially pay your employees minimum wage, or you pay taxes and immediately go broke 21:24
whitequarkfor reference, minimum wage here is about $100/month21:25
larscand the state makes its money by selling oil?21:25
whitequarkmainly a bunch of thieves ruling the state, but yes21:25
whitequarkquality of life of people in big cities improves quite a bit due to oil money, too21:26
whitequarkin relative terms that's an almost nonexistent slice of it, but in absolute ones it's a rather significant raise21:26
whitequarkcompared to what could be21:26
whitequarkfun fact: there's about eighty fracking companies drilling right now under europe21:27
larscfrom russia?21:28
whitequarkno, USA, Israel and others21:28
larscor a unrelated fun fact?21:28
whitequarkit's kinda related21:28
whitequarksee, the quantities of shale under europe are *enormous*21:28
whitequarkour biggest (and hardest to use) deposit under Barents Sea is a dwarf by comparison21:29
whitequark(it's not even mined because it's so hard to reach)21:29
whitequarkso there's an opinion that in very very near future, perhaps less than a year, europe's dependency on russian gas would significantly or completely disappear21:30
whitequark*quantities of shale gas under europe21:30
wpwrakjust wait for the more interesting returns of fracking ...21:30
whitequarkif that happens, and I'm inclined to believe that it will, the regime will topple. however that would mean much worse things to ordinary people21:31
whitequark(more interesting returns) from what I can see, fracking, when done right, is a sufficiently safe technology21:32
whitequarkso if europe gets their shit together and enforces regulations properly... good for them?21:32
whitequarkhere's an article, if you're interested: http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Flleo.me%2Fdnevnik%2F2013%2F07%2F31_gas.html21:34
whitequarkI can explain the parts Google screwed up...21:34
DocScrutinizer05fracking is like nuclear power. Instant ROI, infinite waste disposal to *eventually* surface inevitably21:35
wpwrakfrom what i've read, it's kinda impossible to "do right". you have to pump that hasty chemical cocktail down, and 1) you only have limited control over what comes up again, and 2) something like half your chemicals are simply lost21:36
wpwrakDocScrutinizer05: i'd like to think of it as the equivalent of dynamite fishing with nukes21:36
whitequarkwpwrak: what I gather is that currently fracking companies often just dump whatever they have extracted from the well on surface21:37
wpwrakof course. they're not there to hug trees  :)21:37
whitequarkwhich is NOT how it should be done. yes, cleaning several Mt of water sucks, but it's not even going to put a dent in your profit21:37
whitequarkmaybe Kt21:38
wpwrakoh, don't underestimate that. there's a lot that comes up and you also need to store it for treatment and such. there's a lot that can go wrong.21:38
whitequarkthat is true. what I mean is that the technology for doing it cleanly exists and can be applied21:38
whitequarkbut too often it is simply not21:38
DocScrutinizer05meh, that shit stays down there21:38
wpwrakand no everything comes up where you're ready to receive it21:38
DocScrutinizer05until it comes up with water or whatever21:39
whitequarkisn't the whole point of fracking to reach under a layer of water-impermeable rock?21:39
wpwrakas if there was such a thing ;-)21:40
whitequarkoften kilometers deep. all the aquifiers are waaaay above21:40
whitequarkwpwrak: geology says there is :p21:40
wpwrakif if it was as good as impermeable, by pinching it and worrying what's there out, you rupture that barrier21:42
wpwrak#s/if if/even if/21:43
wpwrakthe mixing will happen. don't worry about that :)21:43
whitequarkin 500 My photosynthesis will cease anyway21:57
whitequarkso we only need to ensure it stays there for next 500 My :p21:57
wpwraki was kinda wondering what "your photosynthesis" would be .. :)22:17
whitequarkmillions of years :p22:18
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