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whitequarkhow's the inverse of frequency of arbitrary events called?01:37
whitequark(no, there cannot be a wavelength of http requests, although that'll make a good novelty function name)01:37
whitequarkI guess "period" works01:58
DocScrutinizer05(([2013-12-19 20:48:44] <whitequark> surprisingly, FSF just did something sane)) BWAHAAAHAAA They endorsed a closed undocumented firmware! in the HDD03:58
DocScrutinizer05ooh lekernel beats me to it04:00
DocScrutinizer05whitequark: that's "period" indeed04:04
DocScrutinizer05period = 1/f04:04
DocScrutinizer05f=10/s  period = 1/(10/s) = 0.1s04:05
DocScrutinizer05FFS a 2 weeks ago I at least had a sort of day/night rhythm that was like "go to sleep 1200, wake up 1700". Now it's totally damaged. Like sleep:1900, wake 050004:10
DocScrutinizer05and then a 48h awake04:10
DocScrutinizer05and a 2h sleep from 2300 to 010004:11
DocScrutinizer05and another 24h awake04:11
DocScrutinizer05then 48h sleep or so04:11
DocScrutinizer05i'm pondering to answer RMS' mails to me with a "Hello Mr Stallman! I wonder how you could reject endorsement of Neo900 while same time approving a laptop with a closed blob firmware in the HDD(!!)"04:14
DocScrutinizer05you guys elaborated above how HDD isn't a threat for privacy of user in that X60. I say the modem in Neo900 is even less of any potential threat to user's privacy than any HDD. after all you don't boot from HDD04:16
DocScrutinizer05and ANY data you send to or receive from the intarnet is considered 'unsafe' and tampered by definition, since it moves thru 2 bazillion possibly rogue devices, so your own modem is your least concern04:18
DocScrutinizer05so what remains of the potential privacy and security threat from modem? inadverted listening? moot on Neo900. inadverted GPS and cell tower based disclosing of your position? moot on Neo900. Anybody anything else?04:20
DocScrutinizer05on a sidenote: I found our subway has a very convenient single BTS distributed via pipe antenna in ~7km of the subway tube (with 1 or 2 dumb repeaters)04:22
DocScrutinizer05means they can't tell where in that subway tube you are04:22
whitequarkDocScrutinizer05: (sleep) how can you pull this at all? it's not like you're 1704:23
DocScrutinizer05exactly. maybe that's why I feel like a turd cone04:24
whitequarktry melatonin, it's nice for fixing the pattern04:24
DocScrutinizer05prolly restricted here in germany04:25
whitequarkseriously? why?04:25
DocScrutinizer05supposedly intended for medical use04:25
DocScrutinizer05you mustn't sell medicine here without approval04:26
whitequarkI'm not sure I understand... I'd buy it from a drugstore here04:26
DocScrutinizer05that doesn't apply for "nutritional additives" though, like vitamines etc04:26
DocScrutinizer05it's really complex nonsense04:27
whitequarkoh, seems like it's indeed prescription in germany, for some reason04:27
whitequarkand uk, france and canada. what the hell is up with them?04:27
DocScrutinizer05yeah, they are mad. they sell Ascorbin acid like nothing (sane) and mix Iron salts to popcorn and cornflakes and milk drinks and whatnot, so you get a 10 times overdose with "normal" eating, but same time they make ephedrine containing preparations non-sellable at all (even with prescription) while ephedra officialis tea is still freely available04:30
whitequarkit's really hard to overdose on water-soluble vitamins so I won't sweat it.but I see your point04:31
DocScrutinizer05but then they sell paracetamol as painkiller, and in the fineprint they tell you about "taking 200% of the recommended dosage is a sure killer"04:31
whitequarkI read that paracetamol overdose is a rather significant cause of death overall04:32
DocScrutinizer05you cough out your liver04:32
DocScrutinizer05particularly when taken together with alcohol04:33
whitequarknow that you say it, paracetamol-containing stuff is everywhere here, too. flu? take four 500g packets a day, that'll help04:33
DocScrutinizer05for good04:34
DocScrutinizer05never again flu ;-P04:34
whitequarknah it actually helps04:34
whitequarkbut I can easily see why people are overdosing04:34
DocScrutinizer05yeah it#s in wick medinight and 3 dozen other flu meds04:35
whitequarkit's called "teraflu" here04:35
whitequarkmainly that and its ripoffs04:35
whitequarkbut yeah04:35
DocScrutinizer05take two of them, and paracetamol tablets on top, and next day you're finally cured from flu04:35
whitequarkwe have a saying, "you can take meds and flu will be gone in 14 days, or not take them and it'll be gone in two weeks"04:36
DocScrutinizer05same here04:36
whitequarkoh and actual doctors recommending insanely expensive homeopathic shit04:36
DocScrutinizer05with sufficient paracetamol however you have a chance it will go away faster. like the latest when the doctors signs the decease-paper04:37
whitequarkboth literally homeopathic and just some drug which was tested once in 1970s in ukraine and usa04:37
whitequarkand only ukraine found it has any effect. guess which results the vendor uses for their 'medical' reasoning04:37
DocScrutinizer05sure, worlwide best common practice ;-P04:38
whitequarkthis shit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tilorone04:38
DocScrutinizer05test and make studies until one shows an effect, then sell04:38
DocScrutinizer05OMG interferon04:39
whitequarkwhat about it?04:39
DocScrutinizer05friends of mine had a hard time pondering and deciding if they want to really do a interferon therapy for their hepa-C04:40
DocScrutinizer05it has *severe* side effects04:40
DocScrutinizer05that usually don't go away ever04:40
whitequarkoh well, I guess that's a different drug. you know, the one which works04:40
DocScrutinizer05yeah, possubly04:41
whitequarktilorone is pretty much placebo04:41
whitequarklook at this: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=tilorone+antiviral04:41
DocScrutinizer05tamiflu same04:41
whitequark97 papers, most of them russian, most of them not even very relevant04:41
whitequarkafaik tamiflu actually shows some results04:41
DocScrutinizer05yeah, it used to, years ago. meanwhile it's as effective as tetracycline is for antibioticum04:42
whitequarkit's a neuraminidase inhibitor with an understood mechanism of action04:42
whitequarkoh, you mean flu adapted?04:42
DocScrutinizer05yep, particularly the virus understodd the way it works ;-P04:42
whitequarkfirst time I hear this, interesting04:42
whitequarkyes, this sounds believable. flu mutates like hell04:42
whitequarkfirst suggestion by pubmed to "oseltamivir" is "oseltamivir resistance" :S04:43
Action: DocScrutinizer05 is short on milk for coffee :-/04:45
DocScrutinizer05so my whole nutrition is at stake04:45
whitequarkcan't you just live off electrons?04:46
DocScrutinizer05well, the better half of it. other half is the 100g sugar per cup04:46
DocScrutinizer05the elctrons are needed by my peripherals, not by my central processing unit04:47
DocScrutinizer05I really wonder if RMS ever got my answers to the mails he sent me04:48
DocScrutinizer05and if so, them what a dude that is who doesn't answer back again04:48
whitequarkdepends on the meaning of "got" there04:48
DocScrutinizer05yeah, maybe he read it but didn't get it04:49
DocScrutinizer05but even then...04:49
DocScrutinizer05if you're not a too arrogant individula, you send a "please elaborate" answer04:50
DocScrutinizer05you seen the tmo post where I quoted my answers?04:50
Action: DocScrutinizer05 idly glares at JollaPhone, then at mixer in kitchen04:51
whitequarkDocScrutinizer05: (post) I don't think so04:53
whitequarkI've seen it scroll through the backlog, but I was busy at time04:53
whitequarklemme find it in the logs...04:53
whitequarkoh, thanks04:54
whitequark> If the modem firmware can't be changed, it is effectively in ROM, so04:55
whitequark> it might as well be a circuit. It doesn't need to be considered04:55
whitequark> as software. For instance, the FSF can disregard it when judging04:55
whitequark> whether to endorse a product.04:55
whitequarkwhat the fuck, how exactly does it change whether it's possible to add a backdoor04:55
whitequark(apart from the regular my-head-is-in-sand wrt/ mask rom and flash)04:55
DocScrutinizer05though, see http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?p=1397339#post139733904:57
DocScrutinizer05I think qwazix is about right regarding RMS' and FSF's intentions and motivations04:58
whitequarkyes, that makes sense04:58
whitequarkdoesn't make the whole affair seem less silly though04:59
DocScrutinizer05http://talk.maemo.org/showpost.php?p=1397401&postcount=1520  sorry for lazy link, clicking upper right post number returns you to full thread left-adjusted display05:01
DocScrutinizer05Thread: Neo900 - finally a successor of N90005:01
DocScrutinizer05is the link to click05:01
DocScrutinizer05points to http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?p=1397401#post139740105:02
DocScrutinizer05this vBuletin setup is a tad silly05:03
whitequarkyou could just have an option of a device without modem firmware05:04
whitequarkfor the one guy (RMS) who would actually buy it you can erase it manually or something05:05
whitequarkunrelated: google's robots.txt sure has a lot of weird entries05:08
whitequarkDisallow: /bsd?05:08
whitequarkDisallow: /linux?05:08
whitequarkDisallow: /mac?05:08
whitequarkDisallow: /microsoft?05:08
whitequarkDisallow: /unclesam?05:08
whitequarkdoes NSA follow robots.txt now?05:09
Action: DocScrutinizer05 idly googles for eten glofiish m80005:21
whitequarkoh, glofiish. familiar name.05:22
whitequarkwindows mobile 6... that's ancient05:23
DocScrutinizer05WTF it has a compass??!05:27
DocScrutinizer05never noticed05:27
DocScrutinizer05sure, the thing is like 4 or 5 years old05:37
whitequarkCoolnessfaktor ?05:37
DocScrutinizer05just a knockoff of GTA02, with better modem, hw qwerty, and cameras05:38
DocScrutinizer05I never managed to get to know about the whole true story beginf E-ten vs Openmoko05:39
whitequarka knockoff of GTA02, sure :p05:39
whitequarkwait, you're serious?05:39
DocScrutinizer05yes, I'm serious05:39
DocScrutinizer05same display/digitizer, same CPU05:40
whitequarka coincidence? you don't have too much of different parts accessible at the time05:40
DocScrutinizer05at some point in time early during OM somebody must have gone the spinoff path05:40
whitequarkor was there some other link between OM/E-ten05:41
DocScrutinizer05I honestly dunno. I never heard the full story, just every now and then somebody mentioning it. IIRC their office even been a few km from OM office even05:42
DocScrutinizer05Harald during one of his intercontinental flights to TPE RE'd the kbd driver of the glofiish M80005:43
DocScrutinizer05to port OM/SHR to that platform05:43
DocScrutinizer05wpwrak: ^^^ any coments regarding E-Ten glofiish M800/810?05:43
DocScrutinizer05and the OM vs E-ten story?05:44
DocScrutinizer05been before my time with OM05:44
DocScrutinizer05anyway the 4 capacitive "buttons" been a real pain in the ass05:45
DocScrutinizer05and the joystick not been much better05:45
DocScrutinizer05the battery been a terrible monster with a 5pin connector. Never seen anything similar05:46
DocScrutinizer05and I wonder where my klofish battery hides. I probably should recharge it05:47
whitequarkrelevant: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-2546135823:55
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