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nicksydneywpwrak: going to experiment with different paper and also ironing time to see if i can have better success...wish me luck :000:16
wpwrakluck ! :)00:18
larsc_apelete: the patch is upstream now08:57
apeletelarsc_: you submitted it recently ? doesn't show up in the upstream tree nor in lkml10:20
apeletelarsc_: found it -> http://mailman.alsa-project.org/pipermail/alsa-devel/2013-December/069720.html10:34
apeletethanks for pushing it upstream, without it building the kernel for the nanonote fails10:36
wpwrakhmm, the drawback of living in a tall building: if electricity fails for the elevators, going down to get groceries gets kinda inconvenient.11:06
whitequarkdrawback of living: it's kinda inconvenient :p11:49
wpwrakah, i forgot: russian winter :)11:49
wpwrakand there's only so far the spirits can lift the spirits ...11:50
wpwrakah no, "... can lift the spirit"11:53
wpwrakstill short of my morning caffeine dose11:54
whitequarkupside of global warming: it'll be warmer in moscow11:54
whitequarkdownside of global warning: I'd rather have a nice city above the water11:55
wpwrakah yes, it kinda sucks when the permafrost thaws, doesn't it ? :)11:55
wpwrakrecently found this one: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salekhard%E2%80%93Igarka_Railway11:57
wpwrakinterestingly, the article in the german wikipedia is a bit more detailed: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polarkreiseisenbahn11:57
wpwrakand then we have of course this: http://www.stalinbahn-trilogie.de/11:58
wpwrakthis is kinda cute, too: http://englishrussia.com/2007/08/22/stalins-lost-railway/11:59
wpwrakactually, the pictures look like the average railroad in argentina12:00
wpwraka few days ago, a train derailed some 100 m before the major train station i have right next door. it reportedly went at the blazing speed of 5 km/h at the time ...12:01
wpwrakoh, i see one inching into the station right now12:03
wpwrakif i keep very still, i can actually see it move :)12:03
whitequarkI always wondered, why do you live in argentina?12:05
wpwrakgood meat and wine ;-)12:06
whitequarkthat's an excellent answer :p12:06
wpwrakweather is also nice most of the time. and i have a car. no need to risk my life on the train.12:06
wpwrakthe trains may now be going so slow because of another accident a couple of months ago. last year, we had the big one with > 50 people dead: http://www.argentinaindependent.com/currentaffairs/newsfromargentina/dozens-of-people-dead-from-once-train-crash/12:11
wpwrakthat one crashed into a completely jammed bumper. so the train didn't look all that badly damaged afterwards, but it had telescoped since all the kinetic energy was absorbed by the train itself12:12
wpwraknow let me find some pictures of the october 2013 crash ...12:12
wpwrakand here are some videos: http://tn.com.ar/sociedad/asi-fue-el-choque-del-tren-Sarmiento-en-once_41678412:15
wpwrakthis time the bumper did its job. the train was actually going quite fast (20 km/h or maybe a bit faster), too fast for the bumper to stop it properly. so it climbed up on the platform. luckily, nobody was in its path at the time.12:17
wpwrakhere's a picture of the bumper they had installed in 2013: http://www.clarin.com/ciudades/Choque-tren-Afirman-paragolpes-podido-detener-Once_0_1018698237.html12:18
viricwpwrak: I don't think they will increase much security measures, as long as train is "safer than cars", by some statistics.12:23
wpwraknaw, there's a lot of public pressure now. the train network is in a horrible state.12:24
wpwrakin fact, i've read that on this line, most people travel gratis because the government doesn't dare to enforce ticket controls12:25
wpwrakit's one of the major commuter lines that bring people from the metropolitan area into the city. so there's quite a lot of people on it. that's also why the 2012 crash was so deadly - the train was already bursting with people, so even a relatively small amount of compression did a lot of damage12:27
wpwrakgrmbl. still no power in the service sector. that's not only the elevators but also the water pump. well, if i'm lucky, the main pump is still working, so we have water but with low pressure. that's not a big problem. means i can't have a shower in my main bathroom but i have another one where the pressure is sufficient.13:03
wpwrakit's too low for the heater to engage, so the water will be "cold". but of course, with an ambient temperature above 30 C, that's not really an inconvenience :)13:05
wpwraka loong journey. i think i heard of their project already before 2000. but it's good that they saw it through.13:10
wpwraki've got the power (back) ! :)15:02
wpwrakwhitequark: hmm, your IRC logs aren't easily downloadable, are they ? with the transition of #m-labs, we'll lose the milkymist IRC statistics15:03
whitequarkwpwrak: I can write an API for you to download them in whatever format you want15:13
whitequarkwon't take much time15:13
wpwrakhow do you store them ? plain text log ?15:15
whitequarkwpwrak: mysql15:16
whitequarkI wanted full-text search and I wanted it to be fast15:16
whitequark(though in retrospect I should have used postgres. I'll migrate to it one day.)15:17
wpwrakbah, nothing faster than plain text :) well, if you could dump is in a log-like format by month, that would be ideal. e.g., http://irclog.whitequark.org/m-labs/2013-12.txt15:19
whitequarkwpwrak: indexes :p15:20
wpwrakdoesn't need anything fancy since all i do is compress is to see how much information is really in there15:20
whitequark(log-like) can you be more specific?15:20
wpwrakmaybe use whatever format you'd use if you wanted to print it15:21
whitequarkso 2013-13-13 13:13 <username> message15:21
whitequarkwpwrak: http://irclog.whitequark.org/m-labs/2013-12.txt15:50
whitequarkand http://irclog.whitequark.org/m-labs/2013-12-11.txt also works15:50
wpwrakperfect. thanks a lot !16:09
pcercueiis there a way to log a kernel panic?16:17
whitequarkpcercuei: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/CrashdumpRecipe16:19
pcercueilooks difficult16:25
wpwrakserial console ?16:25
pcercueiI don't have one :(16:26
pcercueioh well, I believe I can try on a device that has one16:27
whitequarkmaybe you can make the kernel write to a fixed memory area, and then tell it to not use that area otherwise16:28
pcercueithe kernel panic I'm hunting is in gpio-keys so it's not very hardware-specific16:28
whitequarkI think there's a combination of options that would do that16:28
whitequarkthen you could use dd if=/dev/mem16:28
wpwrakwhitequark: and pray that the BIOS won't erase that memory for you ...16:28
whitequarkwpwrak: they don't really erase entire RAM anymore16:28
whitequarkfor a long time16:29
whitequarkand definitely not on a warm boot16:29
whitequarkI mean, it's at least worth a try.16:29
wpwrakdunno. too many did back when i tried that. but that was < 2000 :)16:29
Action: whitequark nods16:29
wpwrakdos1: whoa ! neo900 *jumped* over the 50kEUR mark. congratulations !18:48
wpwrakand another power loss ...  this summer promises to be fun20:20
wpwraknicksydney_: how did the ironing go ? the morning sun must be rising over sydney now. that's usually the time when the "quick project" you started the day before begins to work :)20:34
nicksydney_wpwrak: morning....just got up .... the ironing didn't go well....i bought different kind of papers from art shop also and also few plastic-y kind of paper but no luck22:07
nicksydney_wpwrak: i have a feeling that it's the copper board as i was reusing the same part of the board...22:08
nicksydney_wpwrak: does acetone makes it harder for the toner to stick ?22:08
nicksydney_wpwrak: applied acetone 4 different times to remove the toner to reuse it22:09
wpwrakdid you also scrub it again with steel wool after removing the toner ?22:22
wpwrak(just made a little adapter board. if it hadn't forgotten one little - easy to fix - trace, it would have been flawless :)22:23
wpwrakhmm, the pen-eating monster seems to have switched its taste to USB cables. there should be half a ton of them in my lab. yet it's hard to find even one ...22:38
nicksydneyno i did not and i think that is the mistake23:15
nicksydneygoing to try again today and see how it goes23:15
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