#qi-hardware IRC log for Friday, 2013-12-13

paul_boddieEveryone went silent after talking about fraternies. A worrying sign! :-)00:02
wpwrakmakes you wonder what sort of fraternizing may go on in these channels, doesn't it ? :)00:21
paul_boddieI think with the whole "qi" thing, we're a bit too cutting edge for the triple-Greek-letter traditional fraternities.00:25
paul_boddieWhereas some German fraternities are a bit too cutting edge for us... literally. ;-)00:27
wpwrakhehe :)00:29
nicksydneywpwrak: normally when you start designing in kicad and once you are ready with the schematics how do you tell Pcbnew that you would like it to be laid out as 1 sided and not 2 sided ?04:16
wpwrakhmm, i think 2 sides is already the default. but what i really do it that i copy the *.pro from an existing project, then edit the libraries06:01
wpwraki don't use kicad to edit libraries. too painful.06:01
wpwrak(edit libraries) i mean the list of libraries.06:01
wpwraki do use kicad to edit new schematics symbols, e.g., new chips06:02
wpwrakand - later on - i use fped to edit new footprints06:02
apeletelarsc_: ben nenonote kernel build fails with current linux-usb master branch -> http://paste.debian.net/70796/22:41
apeleteusing this patch of yours fixes it -> http://seketeli.fr/git/~apelete/qi-kernel.git/commit/?h=jz4740-musb&id=654fa4606ec498505bac64ceb8c5ccffb18da55d 22:41
apeleteit seems we may have a dependency here for musb glue layer patches22:43
apeletelarsc_: shouldn't your patch "ASoC: jz4740: Use the generic dmaengine PCM driver" be submitted upstream ?22:44
--- Sat Dec 14 201300:00

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