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apeletelarsc_: just to let you know, just fixed the issue where the kernel was crashing when device was connected to a usb host -> http://paste.debian.net/70453/00:00
apeletenext step: test if device is doing ethernet-over-usb as expected (ie, connecting the nanote to the internet via usb and see if it works)00:03
nicksydneywpwrak: nah still doesn't work....surprised that your was working 00:43
wpwrakhmm. nothing at all ? what does dmesg on linux say ?00:57
wpwraki read about problems with linux. i was thus pleasantly surprised that i could make the update without hitting them.01:06
wpwrakif you board is older than mine, maybe it has an older version of the bootloader as well. that could explain incompatibilities.01:06
nicksydneylooks like there is a problem with the cable...here is what i get01:11
nicksydneyi tried both SDA and non-SDA usb 01:12
nicksydneydmesg comes out with something01:13
nicksydneybut it is not mounting01:13
wpwrakthat looks pretty good01:22
wpwrakwhat happens if you try to mount it ?01:22
wpwrakah, the log is longer .. reading ...01:23
wpwrak"Using Reset button (connected to SDA)" is what you want01:23
wpwrakthen try to mount it01:23
nicksydneylet me try01:31
nicksydneysudo mount -L BOOTLOADER /mnt/tmp....it just waiting for something :)01:35
wpwrakgood. sometimes it can take a moment.01:36
nicksydneyok crossing fingers and toes :)01:36
nicksydneyhope this works01:36
nicksydneyif this works...that's one damn SLOW mounting 01:36
wpwrakdepending on your system mounting by label may also not work at all01:36
wpwrakwell, i think it tries all the block devices to see which one is the right one01:37
wpwraknot sure how smart it is about devices that don't want to respond01:37
wpwrakanything interesting on dmesg ?01:37
wpwrakif that mount doesn't work, just check the device name in dmesg and mount the /dev/sdc (or whatever it is) directly01:38
wpwrakmaybe try a different usb port, different cable, ... ?01:48
wpwrak... different pc :)01:48
nicksydneylet me see01:49
nicksydneytrying with /dev/sdc01:53
nicksydneywpwrak: no luck...using /dev/sdc getting Buffer I/O error on device sdc, logical block .....02:02
wpwrakmmh. the mess you got before kinda hinted at that. different port/cable/pc ?02:04
nicksydneytried another computer and cable .. no luck still the same03:21
nicksydneyBuffer I/O issues03:21
wpwrakhmm, i see an encounter with a window in your future then ...03:28
wpwrakafter updating the firmware of the board, the problem should disappear (i hope :)03:29
nicksydneyyeah looks like that...but now the sucky things...need a cd rom to boot windows from .. yuck03:30
nicksydneythe cd-rom is working in one laptop but it crashes when installing windows03:31
nicksydneywhile the other old pc cd rom is not working03:31
nicksydneyseems like you can see where you have gone thanks to Google you being tracker 03:42
wpwrakuseful if you lose something during a pub crawl that leaves with huge gaps in your memory :)03:55
nicksydneyhahaha...good one :)04:05
nicksydneywpwrak: let me guess that's what you do on weekends04:05
wpwraksometimes ;-)04:08
whitequarkyou need to enable it explicitly though04:34
nicksydneywhitequark: you mean the tracking ?04:45
nicksydneythink if you use gmail or one of their service that could be the trigger point as most probably they check your IP to get lat and long05:10
nicksydneywpwrak: got my shipment from buy-display.com05:16
nicksydney5inch baby !05:16
whitequarknicksydney: trigger point? it's an opt-in service05:28
nicksydneywhitequark: what you mean by opt-in service ?05:28
whitequarknicksydney: it asks me to opt in to enable collecting history05:28
nicksydneywhitequark: not familiar with that term sorry05:28
whitequarkwell, it's disabled by default05:28
nicksydneywhitequark: hmmm..where about is the setting ?05:29
whitequarkpage you linked to, upper right corner, cog icon05:29
whitequarkand when I went to "Dashboard": Google Location History is not yet enabled for your Google Account. Please enable Location History and check back in a few days to allow for enough location history to be collected.05:30
nicksydneyoh ok i understand .. i mean it is able to track and keep history based on your location through using their services on your devices...that's why it's able to know where you were before...if i looked at mine it shows on the weekend i went somewhere and the only thing i carry was an android device that have got Google apps05:31
nicksydneyso i assume that every check ins using their service they are tracking that05:32
whitequarkI guess so05:32
apeleteGood morning08:44
apeletelarsc_: hi there10:32
apeletelarsc_: was thinking about the state of the non-upstream qi kernel patches, since musb glue layer is porgressing fine10:43
apeleteit still needs more testing, but fixed an issue for eth-over-usb feature yesterday night -> www.seketeli.fr/git/~apelete/qi-kernel.git/commit/?h=jz4740-musb&id=6371122ffc97a1e40e250c0daf3606d4c1772e4710:45
apeleteif everyhting goes fine, glue layer might finally be ready for release in its current state10:47
larsc_that's awsome10:47
apeletelarsc_: but it relies on some non-upstream patches in qi-kernel I think10:48
apeletehow should we proceed to get all of this upstream ?10:48
apeletelarsc_: finding out which patches are mandatory is a first step I guess, but it's the actual submission process I'm thinking about10:50
larsc_the usual way, send the patch to the maintainer :)10:51
apeleteyou mean sending the patches on behalf of the authors if needed ?10:52
apeletelarsc_: I can take care of it if that's ok, just need to know if it is10:53
larsc_which patches exactly do you mean?10:54
larsc_-> lunch, be back later10:55
apeletelarsc_: hmmm, not sure which, there's alot of them in the qi-kernel tree and I remember needing them to test the fix I sent upstream for musb host negatiation protocol10:56
apelete<larsc_> -> lunch, be back later10:57
apeleteno problem, we'll discuss this after lunch if you have time10:57
apeletebon appétit ;-)10:57
apeletelarsc_: looking at the list of patches on jz-3.12, can't really tell which is needed in order to build & use the musb glue layer code -> http://lists.en.qi-hardware.com/pipermail/discussion/2013-November/010406.html11:05
larsc_I don't think you should actually need any of the for musb11:30
whitequarkvery fascinating thread about Li-Ion batteries: http://www.reddit.com/r/askscience/comments/1snzg1/is_it_actually_bad_for_the_battery_of_a_laptop_to/12:06
whitequarksee replies from SketchBoard12:06
apeletelarsc_: ok, will try to rebase the musb glue layer code onto upstream 3.12 and see how it goes12:08
apeletelarsc_: will keep you posted, thanks for your time :)12:08
nicksydneywpwrak: another day another ironing with anelok to copper board....this time not good 12:26
wpwrakwhat kind of paper are you trying ? and where are the problems ?12:54
nicksydneytried different brochure and magazine paper13:11
nicksydneyhaven't bought the new photo paper13:12
wpwraki'd stick with photo paper. magazine paper seems to be a high risk for disintegration. and getting that paper off the board is a pain.13:12
wpwrakbetter find out how to make some nice solid glossy printer paper work13:13
nicksydneycame across this http://www.ebay.com/itm/10-Sheets-A4-Size-Transparent-Film-Paper-for-PCB-Prototype-Making-/161121631309?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item258398fc4d which logically should work13:15
wpwrakwell, if it makes you feel better when it says on the box that it's for toner transfer ;)13:32
wpwrakah wait. is it ...?13:32
wpwrakah no, that's for the photochemical process again13:33
wpwrakwell, you have to choose. if you keep on hopping between the two you'll never get anywhere13:33
nicksydneywill try again on the weekend with different paper hope have better luck13:36
wpwrakperfect :) if you only vary a small number of parameters, it's easier to debug your process. there are typical categories of problems that can sometimes be solved with process variations.13:37
wpwraksomething else you can try is to make more than one test board at once. that way, you can see the effect of variations of the ironing (e.g., how long you keep the iron on the board, how hard you press, and so on)13:38
wpwrakwith manual ironing, i had a fair amount of variation. sometimes a board was perfect and the next one all wrong. takes some patience.13:40
nicksydney_the other idea that i was suggested by my wife was to heat up a teflon and use the heated part on the board as the heat are consistent when 13:49
nicksydney_press the teflon heated part to the board :)13:49
wpwrakhmmm. not sure if this wouldn't get a) too hot, and b) you'd have trouble applying enough pressure.13:57
wpwrakbut you can try it and see what happens :) maybe cut a number of small boards, maybe the size of atusb, and transfer that design. then you can try a lot of process variations in parallel. the difficulty of atusb is about the same as of anelok.13:58
pcercueilarsc_, from that list, what are the best places to live? http://pastebin.com/p9JKx6Ej19:38
larsc_hm, maybe schwabing or bogenhausen, but it really depends on what you are looking for19:48
pcercueia WG19:49
larsc_I live in Milbertshofen, which is quite close to the office19:51
larsc_schwabing is also quite close19:51
pcercueiI'd rather be close to the center19:52
larsc_schwabing is close to the center and close to the office19:52
larsc_kind of in between19:52
larsc_maxvorstadt is a bit closer to the center19:53
pcercueiany good website to find WGs?19:53
larsc_I only know wg-gesucht.de19:54
larsc_half of the places in your list I've never heard before, which means they are probably more outside19:54
pcercueiI was looking on http://www.easywg.de19:55
pcercueiat least yours has an English version :p19:56
pcercueiwhat the20:04
pcercuei1000¬ of deposit20:04
larsc_yea, it's crazy20:04
larsc_btw. do you want to go to fosdem?20:04
pcercueithat's like 1000 times the money I have left20:04
pcercueiI don't feel 100% comfortable with presenting something there20:06
pcercueibut I can, if you want me to20:06
larsc_it's to late to present anyway20:06
larsc_deadlines are already over20:07
pcercueiso you mean go there to attend comferences?20:07
pcercueisure then20:07
larsc_it's on the 1&2 of februrary20:07
larsc_not sure how this fits with your plans for moving20:07
larsc_but if you have time and want to go I'll try to get some funding for it20:11
pcercueihonestly I can go only if I don't have to pay for it, I'm too short of money right now20:16
larsc_that's why I'm asking so I can try to get funding for you20:17
pcercueithe prices are depressing20:22
pcercueiin Chile I was living in the capital for 150¬/month20:22
pcercueieven in France the prices are not that high20:23
wpwrakpcercuei: you should visit london. then you won't complain about prices anywhere else. well, maybe in the emirates :)20:33
larsc_yea, I was quite supprised, those prices seem pretty high for a WG20:44
pcercueithat one is cheap20:55
larsc_"students only"21:03
pcercueiI'm a student :p21:04
larsc_oh and its a bruschenschaft...21:08
larsc_except that they are very conservative21:08
larsc_you wouldn't be allowed to bring a girl home or something21:09
lekernelbecause that would make the other frat boys jealous?21:10
apeletelarsc_: internet-over-usb working on the NanoNote with musb driver -> http://paste.debian.net/70587/21:11
larsc_very nice21:11
larsc_pretty awsome actually21:12
apeletelarsc_: yeah, thanks. took me a while but it's finally ready :)21:12
apeletelet's clean up some code and prepare some patches now21:13
pcercueiah, crap21:14
pcercueithat's why it's so cheap :o21:14
pcercueiapelete: good job!21:14
larsc_yea, otherwise nobody would want to move in with them21:17
apeletelarsc_: are you living in Munich ?21:18
apeletelarsc_: didn't know that, I was visiting some friends there a few ago, at the end of november :)21:19
apeletes/a few/a few weeks/21:20
wpwrakin those US movies about college life, aren't the fraternities the places with all the excessive parties and orgies ?21:22
larsc_apelete: ah, too bad :/21:22
larsc_wpwrak: but you know what a burschenschaft is right?21:22
apeletelarsc_: yeah, let's hope we meet at fosdem anyway21:24
wpwraklarsc_: only vaguely. what little i heard of them sounded sufficiently suspicious to me to douse any further curiosity21:25
apeletepcercuei: prices in Munich seem a lot cheaper than in Toulouse to me, except for renting an apartment21:26
pcercueioh, you're in Toulouse?21:26
larsc_wpwrak: yea, definitly not the crowed you'd want to hang out with21:26
apeletepcercuei: yeah, where do you live right now ?21:27
pcercueinear Cherbourg, Normandy21:27
pcercueifun story, I had the choice to go in Munich or Toulouse21:27
pcercueiI eventually chose Munich21:27
wpwraktoulouse needs to invest more into beer advertizing21:29
apeletepcercuei: fun indeed. what are going there for if I may ask ?21:29
apeletewpwrak: :D21:29
pcercueifor an internship21:29
apeleteoh, great21:29
pcercueiwpwrak: advertize which beer? There's no good beer in France21:29
apeletepcercuei: what company did you chose between then ?21:30
pcercueiAnalog Devices Inc. in Munich, where larsc_ works21:30
pcercueiversus Free Electrons in Toulouse21:31
apeleteboth great choices, I know the guys at Free Electrons, a happy bunch21:32
apeleteMunich is probably a good choice since you're still a student. different culture, opportunity to travel abroad and working on interesting things of course ;)21:33
pcercueionly problem, I don't speek german21:34
apeleteyeah well, I know someone who lives there and learned only after coming there21:35
apeletepcercuei: you'll work it out probably, don't worry :)21:35
pcercueiyeah, I don't worry about it21:36
apeletein the end I was very impressed with the city overall, it was my first time in Munich and I enjoyed it. will probably go back when I get the chance :)21:38
pcercueisure, come and say hi21:38
pcercueiwe'll take a beer21:38
apeletepcercuei: let's hope you can come too fosdem with larsc_, that would be really great21:39
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