#qi-hardware IRC log for Wednesday, 2013-12-11

apeleteGood morning09:29
larsc_apelete: how are things, long time no read09:34
apeletelarsc_: yeah, been busy for the last few weeks, preempted by work mostly09:39
apeleteslowly hacking my wau back to life though :)09:40
apeletelarsc_: yesterday I booked my tickets for FOSDEM, are you going there too ?09:40
apeletelarsc_: would be great to meet you there, let me know if/when you plan to be there09:45
apeleteI will be going by train btw, from Paris to Brussels09:46
larsc_yea, I heard that the connection is so fast that some people commute between paris and brussels09:47
apeletetrue, it's a little less than 90min to go from paris to brussels09:49
apeletein fact, I will be traveling from Toulouse actually, so my route is Toulouse -> Paris -> Brussels09:54
apeletepart of my family is living in paris, will be taking the opportunity to stop by, two birds one stone :)09:56
apeletelarsc_: anyway, just let me know when the time comes09:57
larsc_I should probably also try to book the hotel this week10:06
larsc_It only gets more expensive10:06
apeletelarsc_: don't know where you were planning to stay, but Astrid Centre Hotel is 66 EUR for 1 night, with VAT and breakfast included10:11
apeletenot sure how expensive that is compared to other hotels, but this one is in the town centre, so it's easy to go from there to fosdem or any place near the centre to have lunch10:13
apeletelarsc_: oops, forgot the link to Astrid Centre Hotel in case you might be interested: http://www.astridhotel.be/index-en.html10:22
qi-bot[commit] Paul Cercueil: Do not try to change the permissions of the executables (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/gmenu2x/31ad27f11:34
qi-bot[commit] Paul Cercueil: Don't set called programs as group leaders (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/gmenu2x/53ba01c11:34
pcercueimth: I pushed an 'opkrun' branch of gmenu2x11:39
pcercueias the name suggests it uses 'opkrun' to execute OPKs11:39
lekernelwhitequark, would you like to log #m-labs? (the new milkymist channel)12:10
whitequarklekernel: sure12:33
mthpcercuei: any particular reason for not merging it into master yet?13:39
pcercueiit breaks some stuff13:39
pcercueiI also would like to add some more experimental changes, like move to .desktpo14:09
pcercueiso I'd rather not do that on the main branch14:09
zrafawpwrak: hey, long time ! :)14:41
zrafawpwrak: do you use libswd?14:41
wpwrakheya ! long time indeed :014:43
wpwraknaw, i just use the nasty firmware from P&E14:44
wpwrakthey provide a file-based interface. it's actually quite convenient14:44
zrafawpwrak: we got few samples from freescale, so now we want to program it some day :)14:47
wpwrakdo you have the FRDM-KL25Z board ?14:48
wpwrak(or something similar)14:48
wpwrakso you just have the chips ?14:52
zrafaso we are thinking in something like openocd or similar14:56
zrafaif that exists14:56
wpwrakyes, that should be possible. i found some descriptions that they mixed libswd and openocd. but it didn't look very nice. basically "work in progress"15:03
mthpcercuei: that's fine, it's just that non-master commits get fewer testing, so it only makes sense if there are known issues with it15:11
wpwrakzrafa: here are some things i collected about programming the chips: https://gitorious.org/anelok/anelok/source/pgm/README15:36
wpwraktowards the bottom i mention opensda and such. but i didn't actually try to make that stuff work.15:37
wpwrakwhat chips did you get ?15:37
zrafawpwrak: 5 x MKL26Z256VLH4  and  5 x MK20DX256VLH715:47
zrafawpwrak: great for the links15:47
nicksydneyhello all21:12
nicksydneywpwrak: how are you ?21:13
nicksydneywpwrak: windows didn't work out for my old PC something screwy happening and then i saw your link https://gitorious.org/anelok/anelok/source/2f63622570c8e10919c8c5b5219a1db1f1f8a6c7:pgm/README#L36 and read through it ... did you use Windows for flashing the new firmware ? ... most of the instructions mentioned Windows as the first step21:20
wpwrakof course i did NOT use windows :)21:21
wpwrakthere would be about a page of lamentation and cursing if i had had to stoop quite so low21:22
wpwrakno, it all worked fine with just linux21:23
wpwrakbut i think you have to update the P&E firmware (using the approach i described)21:23
nicksydneythe board itself is not identified at all in Linux .... i can even see in lsusb21:47
nicksydneyi meant i can't see it in lsusb 21:48
nicksydneywere you able to see yours before flashing the new firmware ?21:48
wpwrakyes ... are you using the correct usb connector ?22:10
wpwrakalso, you may have to follow the reset protocol before it will show up22:10
wpwraki.e., press and hold reset, then plug in usb, then release reset22:11
nicksydneyyeah there 2 connector SDA and KL25Z..i plug it to KL25Z and followed the reset step22:13
nicksydneyno luck22:13
nicksydneyeven just plugging in without doing the reset step it does not recognize22:13
wpwraktry plugging into the other one :)22:36
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