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arielenterHi I was wondering if there was a machine like the ubiquiti nanostation loco m2 which could be compatible with librewrt. I just need a unidireccional router that I could use in client mode.00:15
arielenterWell it seems like the only officially supported machines are the nanonote and Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH, but it also says something about Atheros chipset, so that's why I thought there could be a possibility.00:21
rohdunno.. should be possible from the chipset.. if there is enough flash/ram.. dunno about the board support state00:37
roharielenter: seems to be supported... dunno if explicitly or if you need to patch something00:56
arielenterReally that are great news :) thank you. But that was a lucky shot, I didn't knew it had the Atheros chipset, so yeih! me00:58
rohnothing specific in the source about the locos.. so i dunno if they have different device ids or something. but i guess its just a regular M hardware with one less antenna and no second ethernet socket01:23
rohNote: For the models with 1 ethernet (nanostation loco m, picostation m hp, bullet m) , use the bullet-m image.01:27
wpwrakroh: shipping, life-long sourcing, limited lifetime, messy logistics if you need an "instant" refill. self-discharge is the least of my worries.09:08
wpwraknicksydney: (reuse) yes, that's no problem. just was off the old toner with paint thinner/remover or acetone, then scrub it again with steel wool and it's good to go09:09
wpwraki've done this to boards at least twice, so the "wear" is low.09:11
wpwrak(librewrt) heh, i actually googled for that, hoping to find some library with reverse-engineered wifi drivers (lib-rewr(i)t(e))09:13
wpwrakamazingly smart observation: http://xkcd.com/1301/09:31
rohlibrewrt is as brain dead as stallmans ideas about hardware09:52
rohnot saying its not a 'idealistic' idead... just one very unpractical one.09:59
wpwrakroh; one of these "we take something that works, then spend a lot of effort removing the optional bits we could simply choose not to use, so that they won't tempt us" projects, no ?11:37
wpwrakor do they add something that actually has value ?11:42
rohwolfspraul: something like that. no, nothing i know of11:48
rohirgh. s/wolfspraul/wpwrak 11:49
wpwrakauto-completion should have configurable priorities ...12:04
sanderrThe people at hackaday are working on a password safe too in their Developed on HaD: http://hackaday.com/2013/12/06/developed-on-hackaday-lets-build-some-hardware/12:26
wpwrak("smart completion") heh, xchat actually has that. nice :)12:27
sanderrThough they're working with smartcards.12:28
nicksydneytoday slacking not doing any pcb design 12:37
nicksydneyhow are things wpwrak12:38
wpwraknicksydney: recovering from a lot of beer :)12:41
wpwraksanderr: good. the more different approaches are being tried, the merrier12:42
nicksydneywpwrak: i wish...too much paid work :)12:46
nicksydneywpwrak: need to buy acetone tomorrow to remove the pcb design from the copper board12:46
nicksydneywpwrak: what you think http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRcAhQN7U3M ?12:48
nicksydneywpwrak: perhaps we can do this at the same time with anelok ? :)12:48
wpwrakbah. i already have something a little more substantial. look at, in this order:12:54
wpwrak(the pictures are from different but similar devices)12:55
nicksydneywow...cool...very nice12:55
nicksydneyhttp://www.almesberger.net/misc/ant/proto2.jpg --> you look like you going to torture something with that :)12:56
wpwrakhehe, hot poker ;-)12:56
wpwrakyou can find all that stuff here: http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/antorcha/12:57
nicksydneyawesoem !12:58
wpwraki used the "antorcha" device in real life. that's the "stick" with 802.15.4 radio that has 32 LEDs organized in 16 pixels. "tonado" has 64 individually addressable LEDs and has uSD instead of radio. didn't use it outside the lab, though.13:02
wpwrak"tornado" is meant to be spun on a string. so it needs a bit of space. it's easier on the wielder's arm than the stick, though :)13:15
apeleteHello there21:30
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