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wpwrakphase I: a hot day with menacing clouds. phase II: the storm (just a few gusts for now). phase III: the rain (just one or two drops so far_. phase IV is where it gets interesting ...00:14
nicksydneywpwrak: tried printing a box inside xfig original measurement from the screen is 12cm something...it printed out 6cm something00:17
nicksydneyso it's printing 1/2 of what is in the screen..:(00:17
wpwraktime to take a good hard look at the printer driver00:17
wpwrakmaybe it thinks it's being told to print A4 on A5 paper or something00:18
nicksydneylet me see printer setting00:19
whitequarktry evince for printing pdf/ps00:23
whitequarkit produced the best results for me00:24
nicksydneyable to find the setting..it print 10cm now :)02:01
nicksydneynow back to printing anelok02:01
nicksydneywpwrak: i like what i see...http://ctrlv.in/268054 and http://ctrlv.in/26805602:16
nicksydneywpwrak: what you think ?02:16
wpwrakthat looks quite good :)02:20
wpwraknext: make it happen with copper :)02:21
nicksydneyfirst need to find the proper paper..the current one that i have is not working as i want it to be :(02:26
nicksydneyseems like finding the proper paper is the headache now02:26
whitequarknicksydney: just buy the photo paper?03:15
whitequarkI've had something like this: http://h30094.www3.hp.com/product/sku/3544557/mfg_partno/Q8723A03:16
whitequark(probably not this particular SKU, but close)03:16
nicksydneywhitequark: seems like that same photo paper is quite successfull here also http://australianrobotics.com.au/news/pc-to-pcb-in-under-30-minutes-quick-n-easy-pcb-fabrication ...might go out and buy03:21
nicksydneywhitequark: is this the same as yours ... http://www.officeworks.com.au/retail/products/Office-Supplies/Paper/Photo-Paper/Gloss-Photo-Paper/INHPD5441A ?03:21
whitequarknicksydney: I really don't know, I suggest you try and use several of your local brands of photo paper03:23
whitequarkeven if it would be named the same, who knows whether HP actually delivers identical paper to RU and AU03:24
wpwrakwhitequark: "in russia, even paper is fake ?"03:51
wpwraknicksydney: ah, and when the time comes to remove the toner: you can use acetone but paint thinner/remover will do as well, is easy to get (acetone is often restricted), and likely safer than acetone03:53
wpwrakIF you get acetone, make sure it never gets near the peroxide. that is, unless you're interested in making effective but highly unstable bombs :)03:55
whitequarkwpwrak: that's not what I meant, though I won't be surprised either03:59
wpwraknow .. why the hell does anelok idle at 49 mA ... ?05:31
wpwrakafter reset, endless loop, 7.9 mA. okay. that's reasonable.05:35
wpwrakthen i initialize all the gpios. power should go DOWN ...05:35
wpwrakhmm. before display_init, 4.0 mA. after 49 mA. that's a dark screen. making those black photons must be very difficult.05:58
wpwrakhmm. nCS was shorted to ground. apparently by magic.06:36
larscdark magic07:48
wpwrakhmm, running from battery doesn't look good08:06
wpwrakeven at only 20 mA (display + MCU, no RF, no MMC), the CR2032 collapses quickly08:06
nicksydneywpwrak: have ever seen this kind of toner transfer paper http://www.ebay.com/itm/10PCS-A4-Sheets-Heat-Toner-Transfer-Paper-For-DIY-PCB-Electronic-Prototype-Mak-/400505239086?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5d3ff8f62e ?11:09
wpwraki've heard of "specialized" papers, yes. some people say they're great, some people say they're useless, some people have an opinion in between. so pick one ;-)11:59
nicksydneyvery hard to believe :12:13
nicksydneyi read in a number of blogs and most of them says that glossy magazine paper works12:13
wpwrakit may have a high risk of the paper disintegrating. also, if it has something printed on it, it'll be harder to see if toner stayed on the paper12:53
wpwraksee here: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/werner/tmp/paper/12:54
wpwrak3rd row: after the transfer, you can check that it's all white (except, if you CNC-drill before the transfer, for holes)12:55
nicksydneywpwrak: true13:04
nicksydneywpwrak: looks like it's trial and error for me....will buy the paper from officeworks.com.au tomorrow and try with that13:04
nicksydneywpwrak: as for PCB i've put an order through ebay to buy 10piece for $10...the one i bought locally double sided 1 piece for $10 13:05
rjeffrieswpwrak remind me what the URL is for anelok wiki, please.15:29
rjeffrieswpwrak what are your thoughts re battery life? is it something you can solve with more sophiticated software, or more fundamental hardware issues to solve?15:56
wpwrakdunno yet. but if already 20 mA are problem, that's bad.may need a different battery :(16:16
rjeffriescoin cell battery is cute but such low capacity. you could redesign with 2xAAA with tradeoff that the case is thicker. BFD16:21
wpwrakif AAA, then 1 x AAA. 2 x AAA is so 2000.16:23
wpwrakanyway, afk for a bit16:23
rjeffriesnicksydney I'm following your efforts to make an anelok PCB with interest.17:13
rjeffrieswpwrak (when you return) I thought Cortex M0+ have VERY low power consumption. or does the problem lie elsewhere in the circuit. Maybe with 1xAAA you can get 12 month battery life? "Replace batteries at Christmas" would be something one might remember to do.17:54
rohi dont like batteries. use a small li-something pack and recharge on usb18:03
lekernelhi roh18:05
rohhi lekernel 18:05
lekernelroh, could you hook me up with the vacuum guy? (forgot his name...) he was supposed to email me, but did not18:09
rohi see... i'll mail him and you18:11
rjeffriesroh wpwrak doesn't like li- because they self-discharge much faster than other battery chemistry.18:23
rjeffriesif wpwrak were to change his mind, a commodity small cellphone battery is very cost effective. 3rd party battery for Kyocera JAX phone are cheap and small 3.7 V 700 mAh 18:27
rjeffriesmy opinion is anelok need not be as tiny as the current design is. 18:28
rohrjeffries: if one uses it as much as i think needs to be done to make sense of having one, self-discharge shouldnt be an issue.18:33
rohjust have a few hundred mAh.. 200 should be plenty18:33
rohrecharge in 10-30 minutes on usb18:33
rohsame socket you plug it for 'playing out' a passphrase18:33
rohbut i can understand the shipping/whatever implications19:51
nicksydneymorning all21:37
nicksydneywpwrak: what's new ?21:37
nicksydneyrjeffries: cool..the more the merrier and we can exhchange ideas21:37
nicksydneywpwrak: collected quite a number of different magazines yesterday and now just have to wait on PCB :(21:38
nicksydneywpwrak: have you ever "reused" copper board that has been toner transferred ? would that be effective ? I was thinking of reusing the one that I have used with the toner transfer and clean it with acetone perhaps ?21:39
whitequarknicksydney: yes, acetone works23:47
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