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wpwrakand now, let's unveil the truth ... is the oled dead or is it something else ...00:03
wpwrakof course, it would be great if the oled was still good as that would prove that it's nearly indestructible :) (i.e., i didn't treat it gently after it started failing)00:04
wpwrakwell, it's not indestructible. the new one works, though (#4, six left in stock). and the pcb is holding up very nicely. 3rd display on that board, and the pads are still healthy.00:53
Action: wpwrak loves dirty makefile tricks: https://gitorious.org/anelok/anelok/commit/2f63622570c8e10919c8c5b5219a1db1f1f8a6c701:27
nicksydneywpwrak: bought a copper board and also found an old laptop lying around that i'm going to install windows xp on and install the printer driver to test it from there05:35
wpwrakif all else fails, you could also try scaling the PDF by a factor of 2.13. but maybe it's a portrait/landscape problem.06:50
nicksydneywpwrak: you mean scaling PDF via File --> Print or using File --> Plot ?09:58
nicksydneywpwrak: I did Plot again and this time stored it in .PS file and also changed the scaling from 'Auto' to '2:1' and then using Document Viewer(libspectre ) open 11:21
nicksydneythe file and print it out and this is what I get..what you think ?  http://ctrlv.in/267701 and http://ctrlv.in/26770211:21
nicksydneyI did Plot again and this time stored it in .PS file and also changed the scaling from 'Auto' to '2:1' and then using Document Viewer(libspectre ) open the file and print it out and this is what I get..what you think ?  http://ctrlv.in/267701 and http://ctrlv.in/26770211:21
nicksydneywpwrak: I printed anelok to the HP photo paper and tried using iron to trasnfer it to the board but it was total failure, tried 3 times same problem. Seems like the paper was too thick..so I used a paper from a junk mail (from Vodafone) and print the PCB into that and was able to transfer it to the board but as you can see from the pictures there are residue of paper (whitish in colour) that still stick to the board..11:25
nicksydney..did I do anything wrong or the paper I'm using is not the right one ? http://ctrlv.in/267704 and http://ctrlv.in/26770511:25
wpwraknicksydney: i meant scaling in Plot. Forget Print. it doesn't work. never did, probably never will.13:21
wpwrak(scaled plot) getting closer. what happens if you turn off "Plot sheet reference on all layers" ?13:23
wpwrak(paper) seems that the junk mail paper disintegrated. so you got toner sticking to the PCB and paper being torn off the paper sheet13:26
wpwrakwhat did the results with the HP paper look like ?13:26
wpwrakregarding the scrubbing of the pcb: the scratches look a little coarse. are you using a fine steel wool ? something like this: http://www.ofi-z.com/2264-virulana-de-acero13:43
wpwrakand not like this: http://www.ofi-z.com/2262-esponja-plateada13:43
nicksydneywpwrak: reprinted again this time turning off all "Plot sheet references" in Plot dialog .... http://ctrlv.in/267950 and http://ctrlv.in/26795122:55
nicksydneywpwrak: plot using .PS and using Okular to view and print it22:55
nicksydneywpwrak: what you think ? 22:55
wpwraklet's see ...22:57
wpwrakstill a little bit off22:58
wpwraklemme print and measure one here22:59
nicksydneywpwrak: this is my setting http://ctrlv.in/26796023:01
wpwrakhmm. easier said that done ... where the heck did i put that meter ?23:01
wpwrakprecisely 80 mm here23:05
wpwrakyour is about 2% too short. but that's probably good enough for such small components.23:06
wpwrakmaybe your ruler is a little off. now that would be fun ;-)23:08
nicksydneywpwrak: let me see if i can find other ruler23:09
nicksydneywpwrak: what is your measurement for the length ?23:09
wpwrak80 mm23:10
wpwraknominal length it exactly 80.000... mm23:10
nicksydneyyeah mine came to 7.8mm23:13
nicksydneyyeah even using other ruler it still says 78mm23:14
nicksydney2mm does that make different in terms of component positioning ?23:16
nicksydneywpwrak: without scaling it ..printing it on 1:1 ..the original measurement is 39mm .. which make sense it become 78mm .. which you measured to be 2.1 something 23:17
nicksydneybut how can i set 2.1 something inside the plot ?23:17
wpwrakyou'd begin to notice small problems with things larger than ~2 cm. so for this small stuff it's okay. the oled may be a little bit hairy but probably still good.23:18
wpwrakit's very weird that 1:1 would be 39 mm23:18
wpwrakwhen you draw something with, say, xfig, does it come out all wrong, too ?23:19
nicksydneylet me see23:20
nicksydneysorry xfig ?23:20
nicksydneyin plot there is no xfig23:20
wpwrakxfig is a drawing program23:21
nicksydneyok let me try :)23:28
nicksydneyxfig looks very ancient23:32
nicksydneygeezz..need to learn new trick now :)23:32
wpwrak(xfig) yeah. old and reliable :)23:34
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