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ignatius_Question: How do I "activate" the video driver "GPM1040A0_320X240" ??05:26
ignatius_AFAIK, it's the video driver for the Ben.05:26
mthwhat kind of video driver?05:27
mththe framebuffer driver is called jz4740-lcd or something much like that05:27
ignatius_Well, when I try using any other driver, I get a white screen after several minutes.05:28
mththe LCD panel might have a driver IC that's controlled separately from the framebuffer05:28
mthI'm not that familiar with the Ben hardware though05:28
mthmaybe wait until larsc wakes up05:29
ignatius_Ok. Thanks.05:31
larscthe lcd panel has spi interface08:16
ignatius_Which is the proper driver for the LCD?08:26
ignatius_How do I access that through "make menuconfig" ?08:28
larscin newer kernels it is CONFIG_LCD_ILI896008:29
ignatius_OK. Thank you.08:30
ignatius_I'm having problems being able to select it. Are there any prerequisites?08:39
ignatius_I'm using kernel 3.3.808:40
larscnote that this driver is not in upstream08:43
ignatius_So, which kernel should I download?08:45
larscand choose one of the jz-... branches08:47
ignatius_I'm trying to compile KS7010 into the kernel... are there any kernels that have  CONFIG_LCD_ILI8960 that also have KS7010 support?09:04
larscprobably ;)09:18
ignatius_Any idea where?09:35
ignatius_Or, at least a kernel patch?09:35
larscnot sure10:13
larscthere is the javiroman/ks7010 branch10:13
ignatius_Yeah. I'm playing with that now.10:14
apeletelarsc: Hi there19:38
apeletecurrently testing jz-3.12 branch on device before pushing it to the qi-kernel repository19:40
apeletelarsc: does that look ok to you ? -> http://seketeli.fr/git/~apelete/qi-kernel.git/log/?h=jz-3.12-test19:41
larscapelete: 'regulator: of_get_regulation_constraints: Use node name as fallback' should be droped20:00
larscthat one has been rejected upstream20:00
larscif you say it works I otherwise trust you that it works20:01
larscI tested 3.13-rc1 the other day and it worked fine, so I assume 3.12 will work as well20:02
apeletelarsc: it works indeed, booting just fine -> http://paste.debian.net/67895/20:06
apeleteaudio ann video works fine too (tested with tuxracer)20:07
larscgood :)20:07
apeletewill drop the patch you mentionned and push it to qi-kernel repo after testing20:07
apeletelarsc: dropped the patch -> http://seketeli.fr/git/~apelete/qi-kernel.git/log/?h=jz-3.12-test20:22
larscgood :)20:22
apeletesuper tux still launching fine, sound and all :)20:23
apeletelarsc: ok for you if I publish jz-3.12 now ?20:24
apeletelarsc: push url is git://projects.qi-hardware.com/qi-kernel.git, right ?21:01
apeletehaving a "fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly" error here21:03
apeletelarsc: thanks, much better -> http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/qi-kernel/source/tree/jz-3.12/21:18
apeletewill continue working on the musb glue layer from there21:24
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