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DocScrutinizer05I'm a bit worrid about our NFC01:13
DocScrutinizer05a) where to place the antenna, and b) the chip Nikolaus favors doesn't seem to be a great choice01:15
DocScrutinizer05then OTOH NFC seems to have pretty low priority on our customers' wishlist01:15
DocScrutinizer05I just wonder if a few threads/meanders of a PCB trace, all along the outer circumference of the PCB, might work as a NFC antenna01:17
wpwrakisn't NFC 99% vapour ? the only uses i see mentioned are some obscure payment schemes implemented in some ultra low scale pilot trials01:25
wpwrakso maybe if you find that right shop in Munich and Dubai, you can show off with your NFC, but besides that ...01:26
DocScrutinizer05yeah, quite that01:27
DocScrutinizer05my passport has a NFC chip I actually can *detect* (but not read out) with my N901:28
DocScrutinizer05never seen any other live NFC "usecase"01:28
DocScrutinizer05about DT: https://lwn.net/Articles/572692/01:29
wpwrakah, that's useful, thanks ! i'll have to wrestle with DT for atben, too01:32
DocScrutinizer05>>We found out the hard way with DT that it's not really possible to have a stable ABI while simultaneously trying to figure out how to describe things in the first place<<02:06
DocScrutinizer05and since things will not stop changing, the ABI will neither, I might add02:07
wpwrakwell, it will slow down. interfaces in linux never stop changing. that's a feature, not a bug.02:08
DocScrutinizer05there's always the N+1th hardware hack you didn't think of02:08
DocScrutinizer05I guess I'm just no fan of a "one size fits all" approach for kernels02:16
DocScrutinizer05while same time guys like Poettering pushing actively to "fork" away from a common unix base02:17
DocScrutinizer05in my book the kernel should be tailored to fit the particular hw platform, so a uniform unix userland can run on top of it02:18
DocScrutinizer05current movement seems to go the opposite direction02:18
DocScrutinizer05doesn't make sense to me02:19
Action: DocScrutinizer05 waits for Poettering: "Posix is EVIL and must die"02:21
DocScrutinizer05and coming up with a kernel that's some extensions to systemd02:22
wpwraki somehow don't think he'll find it easy to convince Linus to allow that to happen :)02:25
DocScrutinizer05I think poettering already ignores Linus02:26
DocScrutinizer05or has a dedicated notion about him02:26
DocScrutinizer05he for sure has a negative notion about LSB02:27
DocScrutinizer05and why bother Linus when we simply abolish the kernel all together and replace it by something that finally gives us localization and audio over ethernet in bootmenu02:28
DocScrutinizer05system calls only via dbus, and Qt is the only allowable toolkit to implement any binaries02:31
wpwrakthen let him make his PoetterOS and live happily ever after ... in a land far far away ;-)02:32
DocScrutinizer05on the dark side of the moon please02:32
wpwrakyou should encourage him. the faster he progresses, the sooner you'll be rid of him :)02:32
DocScrutinizer05that might be true, he's just not fast enough to piss everybody same time02:33
DocScrutinizer05we almost forgot already about avahi and PA02:33
DocScrutinizer05and fake /usr sneaks in to every distro already02:34
wpwrakmaybe he's one of those moles MS sent out. it worked for Nokia.02:34
DocScrutinizer05yeah, we suspected that for quite a while now02:35
DocScrutinizer05saturn:~ # ls /bin/systemd*02:38
DocScrutinizer05/bin/systemd               /bin/systemd-journalctl  /bin/systemd-machine-id-setup  /bin/systemd-tmpfiles02:38
DocScrutinizer05/bin/systemd-ask-password  /bin/systemd-loginctl    /bin/systemd-notify            /bin/systemd-tty-ask-password-agent02:38
DocScrutinizer05even better: systemctl --help02:41
DocScrutinizer05prolly doesn't work without PA and X1102:42
DocScrutinizer05I'm just waiting for the wizard02:42
wpwrakmaybe he can cast a spell and turn poettering into a frog02:43
DocScrutinizer05nah, the systemd-wizard02:44
DocScrutinizer05with a little animated penguin instead of that paperclip02:45
DocScrutinizer05Franz Klammer02:45
Action: DocScrutinizer05 goes bathroom, throwing up a bit02:45
wpwraknow you're insulting our national icons02:45
DocScrutinizer05honestly though, who needs console when the init process (systemd) needs to start up wayland anyway02:47
DocScrutinizer05soon linux won't run on anything that can't drive at least a 800*480 565RGB display02:48
wpwrakwho needs a keyboard to enter ASCII if you could do an interpretative dance on the touch screen ?02:49
DocScrutinizer05since systemd can't boot the system02:49
wpwrakno, that's PoetterOS that won't run on that old stuff. it'll only run on systems beyond the singularity02:49
DocScrutinizer05we already learned that udev is not needed anymore and /usr is vintage obsolete legacy since nowadays every system has at least 10GB on /02:50
wpwrakand / is best kept in a RAM disk02:51
wpwrakactually, why not store it in the GPU's copious memory02:51
DocScrutinizer05since otherwise you don't get decent response times on the screen reader that reads the kernel's console output for you02:52
DocScrutinizer05or do you hate blind people?? tell me do you hate blind people?02:52
DocScrutinizer05what a disgrace for mankind02:53
DocScrutinizer05it's FREEEEEE, you get it all for FREEEEEEE02:53
DocScrutinizer05I'd honestly not be surprised when actually somebody shoots him down one day02:54
wpwrakwould that somebody be called "joerg" ?02:56
wpwrak"arrest the usual joergs" ?02:56
DocScrutinizer05nah, I'm just hoping for somebody else doing it before I have to02:57
DocScrutinizer05(not really)02:59
wpwrakoops. too late. the drone is already on its way.03:00
DocScrutinizer05the poor NSA guys down over there in the lorry03:00
DocScrutinizer05their radio stuff mist have confused it03:01
ysionneauwpwrak: very interesting emails (about anelok and chosing the RF chip) 12:10
ysionneauI don't have anything interesting to say in reply, but it's nice to read :)12:10
wpwrakthanks :)12:43
wpwrakit's already good to know that someone is reading them :) they're a bit at risk of TL;DR12:44
ysionneauwpwrak: long but dense in informations14:33
wpwrakyeah, sorry about that :)14:43
DocScrutinizer05emails? any link to pipermail?16:30
wpwrakjust subscribing to the list, like everyone else does, would be way too easy :)16:32
wpwrak /execute-on-behalf-of DocScrutinizer05 /nick DocExtrawurst  :)16:34
wpwrakit's a whole series of mails, eight of them: http://lists.en.qi-hardware.com/pipermail/discussion/2013-November/thread.html16:34
wpwrakthey're the ones beginning with "anelok: revisiting Bluetooth,"16:34
wpwrakthis is the first one: http://lists.en.qi-hardware.com/pipermail/discussion/2013-November/010388.html16:35
wpwrakthey're not threaded so that each can have its own thread (otherwise things would get very messy if there's a significant number of responses)16:35
whitequarkwpwrak: extrawurst?17:38
whitequarka lot of sausage?17:38
lekernelhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extrawurst > German idiomatic expression17:40
whitequarkmmmmmm, looks tasty17:41
whitequarkdamn, now I need to eat something. :/17:42
DocScrutinizer05everyone else subscribed to that one ML? DANG your mailservers must be beefy to serve those 8(?) billion mails several times a day17:57
DocScrutinizer05btw I don't trust austrian meat products17:58
DocScrutinizer05particularly sausage17:58
whitequarkdid they betray you once ?18:00
DocScrutinizer05we seen quite some incidents with green meat from Austria IIRC18:09
DocScrutinizer05google "gammelfleischskandal"18:10
whitequarkgoogled "green meat". apart from some peta bullshit it brings up http://www.onegreenplanet.org/news/are-condoms-made-from-meat-the-future-of-sex/18:10
whitequarkyeah, found it18:11
mwcampbellIs the Ben NanoNote still available for purchase? Sharism.cc seems to have gone away.18:14
wpwrakpulster.eu should still have some bens18:31
wpwrakDocScrutinizer05: red is the color of food. green is the color of the food eaten by food :)18:32
lekernelwhitequark, they are already condoms made of goat intestine. also promising "better sensations" ...18:39
whitequarklekernel: I think this is the original way of making them18:40
whitequarkdating back to 1600 or something?18:40
wpwrakif you're going to put horns on some guy's head by bonking his wife, goat seems appropriate :)18:42
DocScrutinizer05yup, alongside with knitted ones ;-)18:43
wpwrakfaith-based anti-conception :)18:43
whitequarkwpwrak: I think they were mainly to prevent spread of STDs18:43
whitequarksyphilis iirc. and somewhat effective at that. not as good as latex, but pretty good18:44
DocScrutinizer05particularly when used with a gel of mercury salts, a very common practice a few hundred years ago18:50
DocScrutinizer05yeah, they been quite mordern back when ;-P18:50
paul_boddiemwcampbell: If no-one else replied yet (or even if they did), pulster.eu may have some NanoNotes left.18:52
DocScrutinizer05I just wonder how the topic came up18:52
Action: DocScrutinizer05 wonders if that's an immanent effect of IRC that users are leaving channel when highlighted18:53
DocScrutinizer05seen that so many times now18:53
paul_boddieWhat? The finger-point of expulsion?18:55
paul_boddieMaybe their IRC clients have a vulnerability in the "highlight" code.19:03
DocScrutinizer05yeah, sth like that19:23
paul_boddiehttp://www.crowdsupply.com/chibitronics/circuit-stickers - 2,059,800% funded: take that, Ubuntu Edge! ;-)22:33
paul_boddieA lot of interest in this kind of thing these days.22:34
paul_boddieIt's like the convergence of LilyPad and Bare Paint.22:39
whitequarkI wonder how soon the hype will subside22:39
paul_boddieNot so soon: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/863853574/touch-board-interactivity-everywhere22:48
DocScrutinizer05would any of you have a hint where to source Molex 5000246471 in low Qty of maybe 500?22:49
paul_boddieAlthough that looks quite like fun, and respect to them for not using stupid Flash videos with idiot "Yikes! Download Adobe Garbage!" messages from hipster sites.22:50
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