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DocScrutinizer05apelete: dunno if that's interesting for you: http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/OMAP35x_To_AM37x_Software_Migration_Guide#USB_Drivers01:27
DocScrutinizer05Mr Balbi might have missed on a few details there01:28
apeletegood morning09:07
apeleteDocScrutinizer05: interesting indeed, I guess I'll have to be aware of changes in the musb otg driver from now on09:08
apeletethanks for the link09:08
apeletelarsc: noticed something very strange yesterday in glue layer code09:09
apeletelarsc: if I enable debug messages with #define DEBUG, hnp bug still occurs -> http://paste.debian.net/66919/09:11
apeletelarsc: but without #define DEBUG, everything seem fine -> http://paste.debian.net/66917/09:11
apeleteany idea to explain this ?09:12
apeletelooked into it until very late last night, don't understand what's going on09:14
apeletemaybe I should try with kernel 3.12 instead of 3.1109:18
larscmost likely one of the debug printks does a NULL pointer dereference09:19
apeleteI really hope you're right, truth is I couldn't think straight past 2AM last night09:21
apeleteanyway, will try to look into it tonight09:22
apeletelarsc: on a brighter side, let's say it's a good reason for me to push jz-3.12 as soon as possible and continue hacking from there ;-)09:24
wpwraklarsc: do you know a bit about the ADF7242, a RF+MCU chip, apparently suitable for 802.15.4 and BT ?11:55
larscmy boss wrote the linux driver for it11:57
larscI think11:58
larscbut that's all I know11:58
wpwrakso it's one of those chips. very good :)11:58
larscit's the only one ;)11:58
wpwrakit came up as a potential BT solution for anelok: all the things that say "BT" tend to have their share of openness issues12:00
wpwrakbut there's a small number of RF chips that seem to be able to do BT-style modulation12:00
wpwrakand there's a project that's slowly working towards having an all-open BT stack: ubertooth12:00
wpwrakthey're currently using the TI CC2400. that one's about to EOL (not recommended for new designs)12:01
wpwrakand its successor(s) don't have the same capabilities12:01
wpwrakbut they do think the ADF7242 may be a potential future replacement. not sure how far they went with their evaluation, though.12:02
whitequarkwpwrak: have you considered a BLE-only device?12:04
whitequarkBLE is way simpler and there seem to be more devices supporting it, e.g. nRF24L01+ almost cuts it12:05
wpwraki'm not sure how the two are really related when it comes to RF12:05
wpwrakdo you know the modulation characteristics ?12:05
whitequarkBLE and BT share the name. that's about the only thing they share.12:05
wpwrakyeah :)12:05
whitequarklet me find an article12:05
whitequark. The frequency is 2.4GHz, chanels are 1MHz apart, modulation is GFSK, datarate is 1MBps, preamble is 10101010 or 01010101 based on first data byte, and addressing is done using a 32-bit address. 12:05
wpwrakBTLE seems to channel a lot of 802.15.4. they even happily went ahead and duplicated a good part of the linux kernel 802.15.4 stack, not realizing that it what they copied was LOADED with bugs (but they took enough care to edit the headers to change the authorship ;-)12:07
wpwrakwell, all of this has been corrected now ...12:07
wpwrak2.4 GHz band, 1 MHz spacing, GFSK at 1 Mbps sounds like regular BT 1.212:08
whitequarkdmitry says this might work better: http://www.elecfreaks.com/wiki/index.php?title=2.4G_Wireless_easy_radio_A712512:10
wpwrakthat A7125 looks like a darling to source. not even octopart has heard of it.12:18
wpwrakand it's FSK, not GFSK12:20
wpwrakof course, if elecfreaks sell a whole module for USD 2.95, the chip can't be too expensive. i like that :)12:21
wpwrakA7105 looks better12:24
wpwraksourcing would be aliexpress. i shuold learn not to be surprised :)12:27
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