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rohDocScrutinizer05: ?03:50
DocScrutinizer05gehste hin?03:50
rohjo.. vmlt schon.. schliesslich planen um mich rum alle seit ~1-2 monaten in der heissen phase..03:51
DocScrutinizer05denk ich mir03:51
DocScrutinizer05ticket vorbestellen scheint unnoetig?03:51
rohsollte genug geben.. aber idr ist presales einfacher.. also fuer alle beteiligten...04:00
rohweil weniger bargeldhandling etc.04:01
rohaber ich hab letztes jahr tatsaechlich ein ticket am tresen geholt. geht wieder04:01
roham ende muss man eh reise und unterkunft vorher buchen, dann kann man auch das ticket gleich klaeren04:11
DocScrutinizer05staube grad r0ket ab04:17
DocScrutinizer05gibt's die immer noch, auf den veranstaltungen?04:19
DocScrutinizer05auf'm camp war's ja sozusagen die eintrittskarte04:20
rohgibt sicher leute die damit basteln. neulich fragte erst jemand wieder danach05:09
rohscheinen aber ausverkauft05:09
apeleteMorning all09:33
apeletelarsc: hi there09:48
apeletelarsc: pushed the patch to linux-usb yesterday, put you in cc to let you know how it goes10:09
apeletehad to rebase the qi-kernel patches on top of kernel 3.12 to test it and it went well, do you have any plan to publish a jz-3.12 branch ?10:11
apeleteI noticed that some things were fixed in 3.12, and the nanonote is now detected by the host as an ethernet adapter when using the musb glue layer -> http://paste.debian.net/66702/10:14
apeletethought it may be interesting to have a jz-3.12 in qi-kernel repo10:15
apeletelarsc: I know that's quite a work to do, I'm willing to help if you'd like me to :)10:18
apelete(as you can see on the pastebin there are still some issues to iron out in the glue layer, but 3.12 seems to bring some welcome changes)10:20
larscI wanted to look into it during the weekend10:31
larscbut if you've already done it, even better :)10:32
apeletelarsc: I have a local branch (not even published to my mirror yet) with qi patches on top of 3.12, but having this in the qi-kernel repo would be great10:38
larscI can give you commit access to the qi repo10:39
apeletelarsc: don't you fear anything at all ? :D10:40
larscIf you mess things up you should fear me ;)10:41
apeleteha ha, you're right, didn't think about it that way :)10:42
apeletelarsc: ok then, I would gladly help keeping qi-kernel.git up to date10:42
larscapelete: will add you once I'm home10:44
apeletelarsc: ok, thanks. 10:44
apeletejust to let you know, what I did exactly yesterday was cherry-picking the qi patches on top of 3.12, fixed two minor merge conflicts and voilĂ 10:45
apeletelarsc: is that how you used to proceed to keep the jz branches up-to-date ?10:46
larscwhat I would have done is; git checkout jz-3.11 -b jz-3.12; git rebase --onto v3.12 v3.1110:47
larscbut cherrypicking each commit should give you the same result10:48
larscgit rebase --onto v3.12 v3.11 takes all patches since v3.11 and applies them ontop of v3.1210:48
apeleteI see, you're using the v3.12 and v3.11 tags there10:51
thabersackAnyone have info on sharism.cc and why it's down?21:11
thabersackI am am a Nanonote stalker, have eyed it for over a year. I think it's an important step to the kind of mobile device I want.21:12
larscI think sharism.cc is dead21:13
larscif you are in europe I think pulster.de still has some21:24
larscapelete: do you have an projects.qi-hardware.com account?21:25
apeletelarsc: never had such an account21:27
larscyou need one for commit access21:27
DocScrutinizer05thabersack: maybe you are interested in neo900.org as well, maybe it's one step further towards the mobile device you want?21:28
thabersackDocScrutinizer05: I will check that you, thanks!21:29
thabersackDocScrutinizer05: er, check that out21:29
apeletelarsc: does login have to be an email address or just a name would do ?21:29
larscjust a name21:30
larscit should ask for both21:30
larsca name and an e-mail address21:30
apeleteyes, waiting for confirmation email now21:31
larscusername is apelete I guess?21:32
DocScrutinizer05thabersack: if you're interested in neo900, there's a irc channel too: surprisingly named #neo900 21:33
apeleteyou guess right :)21:33
larscadded you21:34
thabersackDocScrutinizer05: Ah thank you. :)21:34
apeletelarsc: thanks, still waiting for confirmation email to create the account21:42
larscI activeted your account21:45
larscyou should be able to login21:45
apeletewithout a password ?21:47
apeleteah yes, indeed21:47
apeletegotta change that immediately :)21:48
apeletelarsc: logged in and changed password, thanks a lot21:50
larscyou need to add your public ssh key and then you should be able to push to the repo21:53
apeleteokay, great21:56
apeletelarsc: ssh key added, will rebase the patches locally, test it and let you know before trying to push anything 22:16
apeletedo you have any testing scripts lying around by the way ?22:16
apeleteto know if anything went wrong when rebasing the patches on a new kernel version22:17
larscI usually just boot the kernel22:18
larscand check if audio and video still work22:18
apeleteI mean, besides running the kernel on the device and checking that it boots fine22:18
mthapelete: scripts/checkpatch.pl22:50
mthrun it on the patch when you think it's ready to submit22:50
apeletemth: nice tip, thanks23:04
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