#qi-hardware IRC log for Wednesday, 2013-11-06

apeleteGood morning09:00
apeletelarsc: tried calling musb_pullup() from within the musb glue code but it didn't help detecting the endpoints, just like you said09:02
apeleteso next step is to try to use ep_config_from_table() as you suggested. 09:05
apeletedon't know how it works yet, how to use it instead of relying on ep_config_from_hw() 09:05
apeletewill need to read some code to find out09:05
larscI think you need to setup a musb_fifo_cfg array in your glue code09:25
larscthis seems to configure the size and the direction of each ep09:25
larscor as a quick hack you could take the same approach as blackfin and overwrite musb_read_fifosize(), but that's nothing that will make it into upstream09:36
apeletelarsc: ok, will try the musb_fifo_cfg array solution then, since going upstream was the initial goal of the glue code :)09:46
apeletethanks for the advice09:46
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