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viriccde: I mean, are you related to CDE, the broadcom bootloader?10:01
viricoh, it's CFE. My fault. :)10:06
cdeyes. I'm his evil twin10:06
viricweird for the garbling, though. do you talk about the nanonote?10:07
viricI never saw that then, in my case.10:40
rjeffriesxiangfu do you know who has control of remaining n=1000 (approx) Ben Nanonotes? where are they?14:32
rohrjeffries: wanna buy em bulk?14:54
rjeffriesroh not me, but there must be an opportunity if they have not already been shredded14:57
xiangfurjeffries: wolfgang. :)15:14
rjeffriesthanks xiangfu for info that wolfgang aka wolfspraul still has a stash of Ben Nanonotes. He is a mystery man. Maybe the NSA bought remaining stock. It is a secure device. ;) 15:23
paul_boddierjeffries: I would guess that any undistributed Bens are still here: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/EcL15:45
rjeffriesit is obvious that Sharism the business has failed. Not sure why that fact has not been acknowledged. In any case, maybe teh assets were siezed. It happens.15:54
kyaktwenty years from now, there will be myths about "the lost lot" :)19:25
kyakpeople all around China will search warehouses, since the legend says that those Ben were made of gold!19:27
paul_boddieMaybe they're in a Moscow airport warehouse, too. ;-)19:31
paul_boddieBut I did notice that someone removed a "group sale" opportunity on the wiki recently, perhaps in connection with recent queries.19:32
wpwrakgold would actually be a nice material for the counterweights. higher density than lead and not toxic.volume is about 1 oz, so the cost is easy to look up :)19:34
virichigher than lead? I didn't know19:35
paul_boddieI guess that pulster.eu and maybe idasystems.net (not sure about this one) still have them.19:36
sanderrPulster still has a bunch yes.19:36
sanderrAt least, that's what he wrote on the list.19:36
wpwrakviric: i was surprised too when i just looked it up. 11.3 / cm^3 for lead, 19.3 for gold19:37
paul_boddieThe shipping page has qi-hardware.taobao.com as well, but it's impenetrable for me. :-)19:38
sanderrSo the alchemists are at work. Creating gold from lead. :)19:38
dos1Freerunner cheaper than Ben? :o19:41
wpwrakpaul_boddie: "parts (stock 1 pc)"19:41
paul_boddieWell, who knows what that's all about? Xiangfu, perhaps.19:42
dos1taobao is something like ebay19:42
dos1and looks like that's xiangfu2z account19:43
wpwrakyeah, "Issues relating to the purchase and use of e-mail can be sent to: xiangfu@openmobilefree.net "19:43
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