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hellekinis Intel making free hardware SoC now?  http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/do-it-yourself/galileo-maker-quark-board.html 04:49
rohyes and no04:49
rohthe galileo seems cc-by-sa04:49
rohbut thats just like a 'reference design' for their quark soc04:49
rohso the soc itself isnt free, but the schems/source is.04:50
rohso far i am quite impressed. lets wait for pricing and availability ;)04:51
rohespecially the formfactor and the mini-pci-e slot seems nice. i would have some ideas for that04:51
hellekineh, that's pretty recent. I like the CERN OHL list :) https://communities.intel.com/community/makers/manuals--guides--etc./intel%28r%29-galileo-development-board-documents04:53
hellekinso the SoC design is free, but the chip isn't04:53
rohwell.. its still intel. so you get chips you can buy, specs, some documentation and foss drivers.04:54
rohthey will for sure not give out their chipmaking masks and asic designs04:54
hellekinso it's mostly to steal ARM's business, no much news for hardware freedom. Same game, different players.04:55
rohbut as long nobody gives me funding to have and run chipmaking fabs or rent some, i think i am happy with socs with proper docs04:57
hellekinall you need is $1 from each person on Earth roh. Don't desperate ;o)04:59
rohtoo bad only a small part of those even have access to clean water and eletric power they can afford04:59
hellekinI've heard there's a plan to make everyone equal, by burning all resources, polluting all drinkable water, and killing everyone.05:01
hellekinrms mentioned i.MX6 as a potentially acceptable platform for running 100% free software, saying that onyle the video decoder remains to be reverse engineered.05:13
hellekinit uses an ARM Cortex9 dual or quad proc05:15
hellekinuff. These gizmos get tinier every time I have a look. Next time I get a bug to enter my nose and lobotomize me to connect to Facebook and Google Maps.05:16
hellekinwell, time to sleep. TTYL05:17
rohhellekin: i dont usually take rms that seriously when deciding which hw to use ;905:17
rohwandboard would be imx605:17
sanderrPfff, finally time to blow off some steam.08:32
sanderr(free from work today)08:33
sanderrAnd time to catch up on reading about anelok. :)08:33
wpwrakvery good :)09:37
wpwrakfedex delivered the remaining toys. now anelok is unstoppable :)16:54
kristianpaulwee :)18:40
kristianpaulwpwrak: btw having the ben wpan modules is mandatory to get anelok to work? or anelok will have its own 208.15.14  link?18:42
whitequarkso... one hand of USG created tor, the other one tries to break it?19:30
wpwrakkristianpaul: use of 802.15.4 is optional. if you want to use it for HID and such, you'll need an atusb (or a yet to be designed atusb successor)19:46
viric"Terrorist with tor client installed"19:53
kristianpaulviric: ;)20:30
kristianpaulremenber that they protect us20:30
viricus meaning U.S.?20:30
viricthey protect very few people. The rest are at risk :)20:31
kristianpaulnop U.S20:31
kristianpaulindeed (few)20:31
wpwrakmore news from the USSR ? (United States Secure Republic)21:32
Action: eintopf took his nose into this channel and heard something about ieee802.15.421:46
viricheard? in an irc channel? with the nose??21:47
viricquite impressive.21:48
wpwrakeintopf: yeah, i'll use 802.15.4 for communication between a password safe and a PC (e.g., emulating a keyboard)21:52
wpwrakeintopf: the PC-side hardware will be or course atusb :) (or an updated variant of it)21:53
eintopfah, ok21:55
eintopfwpwrak: I try to work on the mac/6lowpan rework rfc...21:57
eintopfbut I don't get it running21:57
eintopfand I think I don't have/get time for this to make a whole rework of this21:57
wpwrakwell, sometimes it helps to take a break, have a few beers, than have a look at it again a couple of days later21:59
eintopfI don't drink beer22:02
eintopfgot some issue in a do { ... } while (read_seqretry(....))22:03
eintopffirst I need to understand what this means :)22:03
wpwrakwell, wine actually works better for this than beer :)22:05
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