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pcercuei_larsc: I sent you my résumé13:43
pcercuei_to your metafoo address13:43
larscI'll forward it14:15
larsclooks fine to me14:16
larscsomebody might call you in the next days14:16
larscfor some informal chat14:16
ysionneaularsc: he, you're hiring ? :)14:18
larscMy company14:20
larscdo you need a job?14:22
pcercuei_he doesn't :o14:22
pcercuei_less people applying, more chances for me14:22
viriclarsc: does it accept remote work?14:44
viricfair :)14:44
ysionneaularsc: nop, I'm just switching from Parrot to Sequans Communications14:44
ysionneauwill start on january the 2nd14:45
larscysionneau: ah nice14:45
larscprobably also a customer of ours ;)14:46
ysionneauahah probably14:46
ysionneauI will be working as kernel engineer for LTE SoC14:46
ysionneauwith MIPS and LM32 cores14:47
larscdid they want to hire you after you talk to this one guy about their usage of lm32?14:48
ysionneauwell, first I was contacted by a head hunter14:48
ysionneauthen I copy pasted his email content on Google14:48
ysionneauI got the company name14:48
ysionneauI dropped his email and sent my CV directly to Sequans14:49
ysionneaujust to see what they had to propose exactly14:49
ysionneauand in the mean time a friend of mine told me he knew a Sequans engineer14:49
ysionneauI looked at his linkedin page, I saw "lm32" so I contacted him14:49
ysionneaubut I had already sent my resume :)14:49
larscI see14:50
ysionneauafter a little chat he proposed to send an email to his previous manager (cause he was no longer at sequans)14:50
ysionneauto recommand me :p14:50
larsclooks like an interesting company14:50
ysionneauI will basically be replacing him14:50
ysionneauyes it looks cool14:50
ysionneaua French company, doing nerdy LTE stuff14:50
ysionneauthe small David, fighting against goliat like Qualcomm and Broadcom :p14:51
ysionneauI hope it will be cool to have the opportunity to work with open source cores stuff (lm32) at a paid job :)14:52
larscare they going to use your bsd work?14:54
ysionneaularsc: I don't think so15:02
ysionneauthey use Linux15:02
ysionneauand eCos15:02
ysionneauand some non-OS code (on the lm32 i think)15:02
ysionneaudon't know yet the details15:02
rohsounds interresting. congrats15:09
ysionneaupcercuei_: yes, but it has offices in other countries19:44
ysionneaulike UK, israel19:44
ysionneaubut yes it's based in Paris (la défense)19:45
pcercuei_well I'm looking for a job but I don't want to work in Paris19:45
pcercuei_that reduces a lot my possibilities in France19:45
ysionneauUSA, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Taiwan as well19:46
ysionneauindeed, in France a lot of tech companies are in Paris19:46
ysionneauyou have Nice as well (sophia Antipolis)19:47
ysionneauand that's probably basically it :x19:47
ysionneaumaybe I'm being a bitch here19:47
wpwrakpcercuei_: there's also a bunch of companies on the cote d'azur19:49
wpwrakysionneau: yeah, the general nice area :)19:49
pcercuei_maybe, I don't have many contacts there19:49
pcercuei_if you have some to share...19:51
ysionneauhum sorry I don't (for Nice)20:06
ysionneaumaybe because I live in Paris ^^20:07
ysionneauI've been one in Nice, to visit Texas Instrument office20:07
ysionneauwhen it was still there20:07
ysionneauit was pretty cool!20:07
ysionneau21:49 < wpwrak> ysionneau: yeah, the general nice area :) < was a joke embedded in your sentence or not? :p20:08
Action: ysionneau is being paranoid about wpwrak's humor20:08
wpwraknaw :) well, i once got really sick when visiting la gaude and i had my car broken into while parked outside a hotel in sophie-antipolis, but i that's about all the bad memories i have of the area.20:12
wpwraknice has a pretty decent nightlife. food is good, too.20:13
wpwrakwell, at least that's how things were the last time i've been there. over a decade ago.20:16
pcercuei_I think it changed a bit since then20:41
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